Luxembourg Single stamp

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German Empire - Numbers in oval, 400 marks orange-brown, corner edge, rare color tested Öchsner BPP - Michel Nr. 222 b P OR

Rare color, deeply tested Öchsner BPP. Front and back are shown, see scans. Catalog value: € 130++ (Michel 2022) We generally ship by registered delivery/commodity post with tracking or DHL parcel. The Deutsche Post Letter option is no longer available. The buyer is responsible


Generalgouvernement 1944 - 5 years of the “Generalgouvernement” (German-administered part of Poland during WW II), perforated

Rare offer of a complete sheetlet with the form number 3 In flawless **/MNH condition Depicted from the front and back, see scans. We generally ship by registered mail/Warenpost including tracking or as a DHL parcel. A Deutsche Post letter is not possible. Any


France 1862 - No. 23, 40c orange, New*, sold with Brown certificate. Beautiful. See description. - Yvert

No. 23, 40c orange, New* sold with Brown certificate, Tiny rust spots on a few teeth. Slightly altered gum. Beautiful. Yvert Rating 2024: €3,100. See Photos to make your own impression


Germany, Federal Republic 1951 - Collection of plate errors Posthorn - Michel Nummer 125 - 137

Federal plate error Posthorn series, PF 125 I dent under the "E" checked, Michel 550 euros, PF 137 VI line between "D" and "E" checked, Michel 700 euros, all findings new, see pictures, they are part of the description . 5 Pfennig tooth defects on the lower edge, 80 Pfennig


United States of America 1857/1861 - George Washington stamp - Scott 32

Please observe stamp certificate details. Very nice and fresh stamp with two very superficial horizontal creases. Catalogue Value = 6400 USD as from market value prices 2023. Delivery via Maltapost registered mail


Switzerland 1934 - Portofrei SBK 12Bz Michel 12 IIz Rarität

One of the rarest stamps from Switzerland Flawlessly perforated original gum without hinge, without control number, rippled paper Perfect in every respect, you can't get any better Very cleanly cancelled Bern 1 29.XII.34.-12 letter receipt This stamp has almost no quoted


Italian Ancient States - Tuscany 1860 - 2,500 - Sass. N 20

Tuscany 1860, Provisional Government: 80 cents. fleshy, has wide margins and in excellent condition, with Raybaudi certificate. catalog €2500


France 1936 - Airmail 50f Burelage reversed - YT 15

certificate of authenticity, new original gum intact. see photos for your own impression


France 1853 - Empire issue 1853 40c orange Arts et Métiers print - YT 16 AM

Certificate of authenticity Superb condition. See photos for your own impression. Registered shipping


German Empire 1933 - "Musical works" the complete series used with several cancellations - Unif. n° 470/478

*check the images carefully for any strengths or weaknesses* Check serrations!! Unified catalog value €380+++


German Colonies - Marshall Islands 1916/1919 - Approved: Bothe BPP - Michel: 26/27

See scans for a good impression.


China - 1878-1949 - Temple of heaven 2cts strip

Good condition


Italian Ancient States - Sardinia 1859 - Use in the Modenese Oltreappennino period - Sassone n. C1 (13Ba)

Cent couple. 5 green yellow n. 13Ba with Carrara cancellation dated 9 August (1859) Slight thinning. Bolaffi stamp and Vaccari certificate. Catalog €13000++ Reported in the Vaccari catalog on page 101 as a single pair (see photo)


Netherlands 1920 - Clearance issue - NVPH 104-105

Netherlands unused clearance issue nvph 104-105. List value €325 (2023)


Netherlands - 6x 150 Luxury stamp storage album with cassette davo lx

Six as good as new Davo LX stamp albums with LX cassette, inscription Grenzeloos Nederland, empty. Can also be used for any other country or theme by means of a sticker.


France 1849/1852 - Lot of Ceres and Napoleon. - Yvert 2021

Ceres from 1849/1850 and Napoleon, numbers YT 1, 3x7, 4x12 and 10x14. Various cancellations. See the photos to form your own impression. YT21 rating >1700€. Sending by followed letter.


Italian Republic 1948 - Centenary of the Risorgimento complete series of 13 stamps. intact rubber. - Sassone n. 580-591, E32.

REF 57. Centenary of the Risorgimento complete series of 13 stamps. hence 12 val. Rubber sheet edge intact in excellent condition. Catalog value €700. The photographs are an integral part of the description of the lot and clearly indicate the conditions of what is proposed,


France 1929/1962 - Set of stamps representing the sites and monuments of France between 258 and 1337 including Pont du - Yvert 2021

Set of stamps representing the sites and monuments of France between 258 and 1337 including Pont du Gard X3. See the photos to form your own impression. Sending by registered mail R1 without return receipt.


Allied Occupation - Germany 1947 - Specialized collection of Worker and Dove of Peace with nuances, watermark deviations, plate errors, - Michel 943/962

See picture. List value: €5,840.00 (Michel 2017) Very specialized collection with nuances, watermark deviations, OR, vzrities, FDC and good letters including 5 times the 5 Mark Peace Dove. All better stamps approved Schlegel BPP. Registered shipping


Belgium 1952 - the complete volume with block - OBP/COB 876/907 + BL 30

complete year. MNH. please view the scans for the details. OBP/COB: €1,458. registered shipping


Netherlands 1951 - Airmail seagulls - NVPH LP12/LP13

See scans for a good impression. List value: €600 (NVPH 2024). Will be sent by registered mail.


France 1946/1995 - Complete collection of "Service Stamps" from 15A to 115, New**. Very nice quality - Yvert

Complete collection of "Service Stamps" from 15A to 115, New**. Very nice quality. See photos to form your own impression.


Italy Kingdom 1913/1924 - 1913/24 Italy Kingdom. Lot of service stamps. used. High catalog value.

1913/24 Italy Kingdom, lot of stamps for services. The first 4 MLH * the others used. High catalog value. unverified cancellations. Insured shipping.


Italy Kingdom 1874 - Postal reconnaissance 10 cent. orange ocher - sassone rp1

new example with intact rubber, very fresh, well centered, Sassone euro 1375.00. shipping by registered mail


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