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Lineol - 3x German Grenadiers and 1x German Officer with saber - 1930-1939 - Germany

Lot of 3 German grenadiers in different positions and 1 officer with saber, complete original, brand "Lineol Germany". The bases are well marked (see photos). The stick grenades are present and intact. I invite you to take a good look at the photos to get a good idea of the


Airfix 1:180 - 1 - Model ship - Vintage 1965 Airfix bouwdoos "HMS Victory"

Rare vintage Airfix construction kit: 902 Series 9 (issued 1965) The H.M.S. Victory is known as Admiral Nelson's flagship. (launched in 1765, preserved and can still be viewed in Portsmouth). The scale is 1:180. Length model (hull) approx. 38 cm, measured without the bowsprit.


WW2 Blindés Panzer III 1:43 - 3 - Model military vehicle

3 miniatures of 19 cm German Vehicles


Different Brands - Model Kit Lot de 7 maquettes d'avion - Unknown

set of 7 airplane models. - ilyushin il-2m stormovik/airfix. - Arado 196a-3/encore. -KACKP-2/amodel. -Fokker D-XXI/pioneer2. -F-86F. - general motors fm-2 wildcat/ MPM. -anatra anal ds/emhar still sealed. models are no longer found in stores and are difficult to find. the photos


Frontline Figures - Group of 5 Mounted Medieval Knights - 1980-1989

Frontline Figures - Group of 5 Mounted Medieval Knights - 1980-1989. Near mint - Without original box - 1:32. Magnificent miniatures hand painted with vivid color and made of diecast metal. High quality finish and detail. Each is individually painted by hand. The uniforms, the


Tamiya - Tank Soldiers M5 STUART TANK U.S. ARMY WW2 per diorama - 1990-1999 - Japan

1/35 scale model of the US light tank STUART, widely used during the Second World War. Figure of the tank commander present. artfully colored with acrylics, oil paints and pigments. Shipping via Poste Italiane with tracked parcel


De Agostini Frontline - Knights - Figure 18x Cavalieri Medievali - 2000-present

18 DeAgostini Frontline medieval knights + 2 non-"played" displays. Lead material, painted by the manufacturer, intact, original. Excellent condition, not "played" only displayed in an exhibition. They are similar in style and appearance to those figures produced by King &


Timpo Toys - 8x English soldiers 1st version with red beret - 1970-1979 - U.K.

Timpo Toys 8 English soldiers 1st version with red beret. Good - unboxed - 1:32


Timpo Toys - 8 British soldiers with guns - 1970-1979 - U.K.

Timpo Toys - Timpo Toys 8 British soldiers with guns - 1970-1979 - U.K. Good - unboxed - 1:32


Timpo Toys - 5 Soldiers American Army + 2 sandbags - 1970-1979 - U.K.

Timpo Toys - Timpo Toys 5 Soldiers American Army + 2 sandbags - 1970-1979 - U.K. Good - unboxed - 1:32


King and Country - Toy WS058 - 4 Walking Waffen SS Soldiers "German Forces WWII" - 2000-2010 - China

Absolute new condition! , miniatures (1:30!) in the original, undamaged box of the brand: King and Country. Serial Number: WS058 (German Forces / WWII) "4 Walking Waffen SS Soldiers". Released in: 2004 - "Long Sold Out" item! Will be shipped with tracking and securely packaged in


Starlux - Toy soldier Cavalerie 1er Empire, 24 Cavaliers dont Napoléon - 2000-2010 - France

cavalry 1st Empire, 24 riders including Napoleon. manufacturer Starlux, 14 in very good condition. 10 whose riders have paint defects. All horses in very good condition


Mantic - Toy Kings of War, Ogrer Mega Army + Rulebook - 2010-2020

Kings of War - Ogre Mega Army (Mantic) New + Rulebook (143 pages) When Ogres unite into large War Parties, it is a rare thing indeed. There is no record of an army ever holding fast against them and scholars debate long into the night as to whether this is because Ogres have so


Zvezda - Military miniature figurine - Cavalry Samurai Hand Painted - (18) - Plastic

18 Samurai cavalry, 1:72. little parts are glued, during transport it is possible they detach, the can easily be re-glued again. will be packed with care and send with track & trace


Altaya - Toy 61x German Tanks and Military Vehicles (1/72) - 2000-2010 - Asia

ALTAYA Colection of Diecast German Tanks and Military Vehicles. - Complete collection of 61 items (1/72) - Total weight of the 61 items is 8 Kg + packing. Note: The photos shows 63 items, but two of them are repeated.


Corgi 1:72 - 1 - Model plane - Focke-Wulf Fw 190A–4 - Luftwaffe SG 2, Tunisia, 1943

Focke-Wulf Fw 190A–4 Diecast Model Luftwaffe SG 2, Tunisia, 1943. Designed by Kurt Tank, the Fw-190A was first flown on June 1st, 1939. This small, yet ferociously-powered aircraft was fast and maneuverable and packed a fierce armament package earning it the nickname "Butcher


Lupa Aircraft Models - Toy airplane F-16 Schaalmodel van de Pakistaanse Luchtmacht

F-16 Scale model of the Pakistan Air Force. Photos are part of the description. Will be shipped with Postnl.


King & Country - Tin toy FOB010 Char BI bis French vehicle - 2010-2020 - China

FoB010 Another combat vehicle that has sold its original series is our first French tank – the CHAR B 1bis (FOB009). We are producing 250 more models of this unique tank, but in a modified paint scheme with a new "name" This is a rework of FoB009 and a revised Tank Commander:


Elastolin - Toy figurine Deux soldats allemands de la faction chemises noires de la fanfare en marche - 1930-1940 - Germany

Featured are two handsome German soldiers from the Blackshirt faction of the marching band. Take a good look at the photos to get a good idea of the condition and also the value of these pieces.


Timpo Toys 1:32 - 12 - Model military vehicle - 6x Mexicanos

Mexicans, 6 Human figures. 6 Horses


Timpo Toys 1:32 - 36 - Model military vehicle - Final da guerra da sucessão nos EUA

End of the War of Succession in the USA, another episode that portrays a robbery of the Northern bank by Southerners, at the end of the war desperate Southerners try to raise money. Southern militias were formed that operated behind enemy lines, their equipment was already


Forces of Valor - Toy 1x U.S. Jeep Willys (Normandy 1944) + 1x German Kubelwagen Type 82 (Holland, 1944) - 2000-2010

- 1 x U.S. Jeep Willys (Normandy 1944) - 1 x German Kubelwagen Type 82 (Holland, 1944)


Dragon 1:35 - 1 - Model military vehicle - KING TIGER henschel production - s.Pz.Abt.506, Ardennes 1944

Very beautiful reproduction of the famous German tank (ROYAL TIGER). From the brand DRAGON 1/35, in very good condition, never taken out of its box except for the photos. The photos are part of the description. Sending by international colissimo with signature .


Airfix - Toy figure Zoo Animals 1 & 2 - 1960-1970 - U.K.

This lot consists of two original Airfix brand boxes (Set Nr. 1 and Nr.2) from 1966 in 1:72 scale, depicting various zoo animals. The cardboard boxes are marked by the weight of the years but their contents are complete and intact. The figures are in their raw state (as per


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