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Spain. Carlos III (pretender). 2 Reales 1708 Barcelona

2 Reales 1708 CHARLES III Barcelona ..


Spain. Carlos III (pretender). 2 Reales 1712 Barcelona

2 Reales 1712 Barcelona. Charles III


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Italy, Italian Republic. 1 Lira 1946 "Arancia"

Beautiful 1 Lira coin from 1946 of the Italian Republic, first minting. Conditions as per photos and appraisal. High catalog value. Look carefully at the photos to get a correct impression.


Italy, Kingdom of Italy. Vittorio Emanuele III di Savoia (1900-1946). Lotto 4 monete serie Impero 1939/1943

Vittorio Emanuele III, lot of four beautiful "Empire" coins: - 2 lire 1939 XVII not magnetizable, uncommon. - 2 lire 1941 XIX not magnetizable, uncommon. - 1 lira 1941 XIX magnetic uncommon. - 50 cents 1943 rare magnet. Look at the images for a correct impression. Gigante SPL


Italy, Provisional Government of Lombardy. 5 Lire 1848

Italian coin provisional government of Lombardy.


Italy, Modena. Francesco I d'Este (1629-1658). Giorgino

Giorgino of Modena 1629/1658 in silver. Francesco d'Este in excellent condition, beautiful patina of time


Italy, Italian Republic. 10 Lire 1947 "Ulivo"

- 10 Lire of 1947 (OLIVE TREE) - Authenticated. - Rarity Index: R3. - Appraised and Rated as: BB. - For a correct impression, look at the photos. - Shipping with insurance at my expense. - Alternatively, hand delivery to Turin. - This coin was minted in 12000 pieces. These 12000


Austria, Italy, Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia. Francesco II d'Asburgo (1792-1805). Lotto 3 monete

Three Austrian Venetian Lire coins, minted by the Austrian Empire for the territories under its legislation and control in Northern Italy. 1 Lira, 1 and a half Lira, 20 Kreuzer


Italy, Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia. 20 Kreuzer 1843 Milano

Kingdom of Lombardy Veneto coin Svanzica 20 Kreuzer 1843 Milan, sealed FDC by Subalpine Numismatics.


Italy, Papal State. Paolo V (1605-1621). Testone

Look at the photos to get an idea and as an integral part of the description


Italy, Italian Republic. 100 Lire 1959

100 lire minerva first type 1959 fdc MS 62 minimum signs mont.12 27mm 8.03 g 7h R2 in fdc


Italy, Italian Republic. 100 Lire 1960

100 lire minerva 1 type 1960 fdc certificate MS 62 R in this conservation 27.00 mm 8.01 g 7 h


Italy, Kingdom of Italy. Vittorio Emanuele III di Savoia (1900-1946). Lotto 8 monete inclusi argenti 1911/1939

I am selling beautiful Vittorio Emanuele lll coins. Look at all the photos, no description needed, evaluate for yourself. What you see in the photo is what I ship. No reserve price.


Italy, Kingdom of Italy. Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia (1861-1878). 5 Lire 1869/1875 (2 monete)

Kingdom of Italy - Vittorio Emanuele II - 2 AG coins. 0.900. 5 lire 1869 Milan mint. 5 lire 1875 Rome mint


Italy, Italian Republic. Lotto 5 kg di monete - anni vari

Lot of 5+ kg Italian Republic coins in very high conservation, look at the images to get an evaluation of the lot!!! I don't send out a European Union.


Vatican. Serie divisionale 1990/2000/2012 (3 set)

Lot of 3 sets of Vatican City coins. In original UNC uncirculated packaging. Coins that have never circulated. Year 1990 with image of John Paul II. Holy year 2000 with 1000 silver lire and image of John Paul II. Year 2012 with image of Benedict XVI. Three sets of absolute


Italy, Kingdom of Italy. 1 Lira / 2 Lire 1863/1913 (15 monete)

Lot of 15 silver 1 lira and 2 lira coins. I took several photos so you can see the lot.


Vatican. Giovanni Paolo II (1978-2005). Serie divisionale 1979/1995 + 1983 "Anno Santo" (18 set)

Beautiful complete set Divisional Series Set 18 from 1979 to 1995. Year 1979 Year 1980 Year 1981 Year 1982 Year 1983 “Holy Year” Year 1983 Year 1984 Year 1985 Year 1986 Year 1987 Year 1988 Year 1989 Year 1990 Year 1991 Year 1992 Year 1993 Year 19 94 Year 1995. Complete series!


Italy, Kingdom of Two Sicilies. Ferdinando II di Borbone (1830-1859). Piastra da 120 Grana 1835

Kingdom of the Two Sicilies Ferdinand II plate 120 grain 2nd type 1835 coin, rare, sealed BB+ by Subalpine Numismatics.


Italy, Kingdom of Italy. Umberto I di Savoia (1878-1900). 5 Lire 1878

Kingdom of Italy Umberto I 5 Lire 1878 coin, very rare, sealed qBB by Subalpine Numismatics.


Italy, Italian Republic. 20 / 50 / 100 Lire 1958/1962/1964

Set of 3 coins of the Italian Republic in BU consisting of. 20 lire oak 1958 MS 63 mont.08 21.00 mm 3.58g 7h 30€ 50 lire volcano 1962 MS 61 24.00mm 6.27 g 5h nc in fdc 150€ 100 lire minerva 1964 MS 63 27.00mm 8.00d 7h 80€


Italy, Kingdom of Italy. 5 Centesimi 1895 / 5 Lire 1936

Without reserve. 5 Lire Fruitful Italy 1936. 5 cents 1895. Insured shipping with Italian post office. I don't ship to Russia. Any duties to be paid by the buyer


Italy, Italian Republic. 100 Lire 1957/1958 (2 monete)

2 100 lire Minerva coins minted in 1957 and 1958 which have a great numismatic value, as, although more recent than the 1956 minting, they were produced in a smaller circulation.


Italy, Kingdom of Italy. Vittorio Emanuele III di Savoia (1900-1946). 50 Centesimi 1924 "Leoni" contorno rigato

50 cent coin in conservation as described by the giant spl expert 2023 spl 500 euros please note that for foreign countries the shipment will be assessed by the destination

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