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Jumo - Desk lamp - Model 71 - Aluminium, Steel

The lampshade can be brought into different positions for better illumination. The foot has a heavy casting, which ensures a secure stand. *The cable of this item may be original and might need replacement, if not specified otherwise. Manufacturer Jumo. Design Period 1950 to


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Roberto Dagnino - Outdesign Italia - Planter - BIG BELL

Vase for flowers consisting of a base in natural split Ardesia stone from the Fontanabuona Valley with wax finish and a flower holder in mouth-blown glass. The bleached beech wood spacers allow the vase to be tilted in multiple directions to obtain the best floral compositions.


ProMaker3D Designer - ProMaker3D Designer - Desk lamp, Lamp, Table lamp - Crystal Oondah

ProMaker3D Designer has created "Oondah", a lovely table lamp designed and created with the utmost attention to detail, with the help of latest generation design and 3D printing software. “Love is like waves: you can't stop them from coming towards you, but you can choose which


ProMaker3D Designer ProMaker3D Designer - Desk lamp - Coning - Plastic

ProMaker3D Designer has created "Coning", a lovely table lamp designed and created with the utmost attention to detail, with the help of latest generation design and 3D printing software. Coning's idea is inspired by the pine cone, an armor full of perfume and mystery. Every


Ballarin Murano per Mariana Iskra Gio Ponti - Drinking set (6) - Glass

Spectacular set of glasses for water or juice in the "Gio Ponti" style. The "cane" technique, two colors: blue and pink. A beautiful example of the work of Murano artisans. The elegant colors create a refined atmosphere. They are suitable for every day and for the party table.


Jaroslav Marek - Optical glass object Unique - PYRAMIDE

Unique abstract glass sculpture “PYRAMID” by the Czech glass artist Jaroslav Marek. Made in sublime champagne-colored optical glass. ground and polished. With beautifully finished surface. Surprisingly different from every position, which is why it remains fascinating. In perfect


Argesti - Side table - Wood

Handcrafted custom table, meranti wood with oak accents. Built in summer 2023 in a personal workshop. 60.5 cm diameter, 58 cm height, ~3cm heavily tapered top. Easy to disassemble and reassemble. #dreamybedroom


Fish Design - Corsi Design Gaetano Pesce - Vase - Amazonia - Soft Resin

Refined vase made by the Corsi Design factory for the FishDesign collection, by Gaetano Pesce. Title of the work: Amazonia. One of the most iconic vases of this collection. Made entirely by hand, using layers of soft colored resin. The vase is a unique and unrepeatable creation


CristofaroLuce Cristofaro Tommaso - Floor lamp - Cornice - Aluminium

Cornice is a rectangular floor lamp made only to order with a highly artisanal method. For the construction, materials such as 1.5 mm thick aluminum are used, which after a cleaning and preparation phase using abrasive brushes of different grain is assembled and prepared for


Ballarin Murano per Mariana Iskra Maryana Iskra - Drinking set (6) - I pezzati - Glass

Spectacular set of "I pezzati" glasses for water or juice. The piera technique in red and transparent. A beautiful example of the work of Murano artisans. Elegant colors create a refined atmosphere. They are suitable for every day or for the party table. The production technique


Ionela Bellato - Christmas decoration Lea Studios (2) - Porcelain

Experience the future of holiday elegance with our 'Parametric Porcelain 3D Baubles' Collection. These 3D-printed porcelain baubles are a celebration of artistry and innovation, blending parametric design with timeless holiday charm. Each bauble is a unique masterpiece, bringing


Lea Studios Ionela Bellato - Vase - Gray Stoneware Vase - Ceramic, Stoneware

Within the embrace of the Ebony Collection's opulent elegance lies a hidden gem—a Gray Stoneware Vase that redefines the boundaries of beauty and simplicity. Raw Beauty Unveiled. Incorporating the essence of raw, this centrepiece carries the spirit of earth and stone, a timeless


neo Rodrigo Vairinhos - Table lamp - HALO square_concrete - Ceramic, mineral concrete

"HALO square_concrete" table lamp designed by Rodrigo Vairinhos. Are you looking for a unique and striking piece of home decor that will make a statement in any living space? This handmade lamp features a beautiful blend of materials, with a ceramic base and a mineral concrete


Max Modolo - Bowl - Ciotola in porcellana Coral Glaze. - Porcelain, enamels.

Porcelain, firing temperature 1240°C. Weight 320 g. The coral enamel is a further accentuation of the "volcanic" style of the enamels. Large, dense and thick craters, almost a muscular structure that envelops the structural stoneware, they are accompanied by a network of


Stjepan Sasa P. - SSP Design - Space Color Vase - Trinity Vase - No. 47

An unique vase, from the Trinity series, made in silk space color that changes depending from the view angle. Each vase is printed in carefully selected color and post processed for extraordinary effect. Vase is hand signed at bottom with serial number. The vase is new and


Dominique DEZEN - Table lamp - Fracta-light - Wood

“Fractal-light” table lamp. Totally exclusive handcrafted wood. The piece of wood has been covered with Lichtemberg Fractals, which gives it this very particular surface condition. These Fractals are obtained by passing a high voltage electric current which has the effect of


neo - Rodrigo Vairinhos - Bookend - SOFT OBJECTS_mosaic_pearl honey - Ceramic, Textiles

bookends SOFT OBJECTS. designed by Rodrigo Vairinhos. Elevate your home decor and organize your book collection with the exquisite "SOFT OBJECTS" Bookend Set, a masterpiece of design by Rodrigo Vairinhos. These bookends are more than just functional; they are works of art that


Ribo the Art of Glass VESTIDELLO LUKE - Hanging lamp - Murano - Glass

Beautiful Venetian glass suspension produced in peach pulegoso glass so loved by Carlo Scarpa. E27 lamp holder. This lamp is in an opal and decorated pink by Venetian masters. I recommend a light bulb with 2700 degrees kelvin. ideal lamp for Bed & Breakfast. perfect in the


Colé Italia - Lorenz + Kaz - Chair - Tria Wood 4 Oak - Oak

Plywood shell in natural oak veneered and legs in solid oak, natural finishing. The chairs is pretty new and used only a few days for a fashion shooting. You can use it as a sculptural element in a living room, or as a chair for a desk or as a table leader. It is also


Swiss Design - Lamp - Glacier #1 Table lamp - Biopolymeer

An original Swiss Design table lamp from the first Glacier series - inspired by the organic shape of glacial ice layers - with certificate and International Lifetime Warranty. This high-quality lighting object is a real eye-catcher, even when switched off. The particularly


Morandi - Vase - set #1 Classic Collection 1/199 - Biopolymer

A celebration of the austere serenity of Giorgio Morandi's still life paintings, this limited edition (1/199) set of three vases is a unique and stunning addition to any home, where the pieces can be arranged in an endless variety of combinations to recreate the enchanting


Laura Francesca Locatelli - Bowl - Papier-mache

Bowl with rough effect spikes modeled by hand with recycled papier-mâché pulp, fossil style design, total white. Large bowl with two compartments, pocket emptier. Unique signed piece. It will be carefully packaged. 30x22 the measurements of the rectangle + irregular tips.


AMBIVALENZ - Malte Grieb - Desk - Fläpps Wall Desk/Secretary 100x60-1 - Black - Birch, Steel (stainless), Wood

A lot of work requires a lot of space. But only until it is done. That's why we now have the large Fläpps Secretary (100x60-1). After work, this fully-grown desk folds back up so discretely against the wall that you can no longer see anything of your work. But it's not just a


Catellani & Smith - Table lamp (2) - Miss Stick - Metal

Pair of Catellani and Smith table lamps called “Miss Stick”. They were among the first models in which LED technology was used, in the name of energy saving; the “Eco-Logic Light” collection developed gradually, after the market launch of the Atman lamp, the progenitor, in 2007.


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