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Bolsey PH-324 / Olive \ Signal Corps US-Army

Very rare Bolsey PH 324 olive Signal Corps Us Army. 1949-1956. Military version of the B2. Contract no AF 33 038 7896 not serial 95025, clearly marked in red 12 P. Obj. Wolensak 44mm f3.2/f22. Shutter T.B 1/10th-1/200th works at all speeds. torque range finder. Sync flash.


Sony A300 Body (defect LCD) + Sony DT 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (werkend) *zie beschrijving* Digital camera

This set is in good condition, has some traces of use. The LCD screen on the back of the body is defective, making it impossible to read the menu or the settings. The lens works completely properly! Inclusive: - Battery charger. - Power cord. - Battery. - Sun hood. About this


Minolta AL-F met Rokkor 2,7/38mn

This Minolta AL-F camera was marketed by Minolta in 1967 and is in beautiful cosmetic and functional condition. It is a very user-friendly camera, with the added benefit of the so-called "Easy Flash" setting using the chrome ring to set the guide number of the flash. By setting


Voigtländer Bessa R 2

Voiglander Bessa R 2 telemetry camera with M mount in perfect condition, see photos. #JimmyNelsonCollection


FED 2L + Industar-61 2.8/52

Rare model!!! In working order! The FED-2 trigger was produced at the Kharkiv Production Machine-Building Association "FED" in 1969. The production volume of this modification was 110 thousand copies, which is not much compared to the total circulation of FED-2 of 1.6 million.


Leitz Elmar f=9cm 1:4 incl. zonnekap Telelens

Leitz Elmar f=9cm 1:4 lens incl. org. lens hood (12575N) incl. Leitz lens case. Lens is in good condition, with slight haze and "sneck" / focus is stuck (grease hardened). As mentioned, the lens is very neat. But needs service. Sell emphatically “as it is”


Zorki 4 + Jupiter 8 50-2

The Zorki 4 is a USSR rangefinder camera with a Jupiter 8 50-2 lens produced in 1971. is very similar to the Leica M cameras. Camera has few signs of use and functions properly, comes complete. with original leather bag. Weighs 750 grams.


Lowepro Nova 2 cameratas Blauw + Pyramid statief (7398) Camerabag

In this auction we offer: Lowepro Nova 2 camera bag Blue + Pyramid tripod. This tripod is in good condition. Maximum height: 101cm. Minimum height: 26 cm. The bag is in good condition and we offer it with a shoulder strap and the tripod with a leather bag, as shown in the


Manfrotto 058B/DJ18 Tripod

My Manfrotto 058B Triaut Camera professional photo tripod is for sale, which includes a built-in spirit level and a one-touch foot release system. What's more, you can adjust the legs independently of each other, making it great for use on stairs or hillsides. Exceptional 217 cm


Leitz Pradovit color 110 , zie tekst! Projector

A special projector from Leitz. The Pradovit Color 110. Suitable for 110 film. Together with four carousels. NB !! THE PROJECTOR IS NOT WORKING. (probably a fuse) No damage to the outside, normal signs of use. Complete as can be seen in the photos, these are part of the


Voigtländer Bessa T

Voigtlander model T boxed, together with Helios hot shoe viewfinder, body cap and M bayonet Adapter enabling use of LTM lenses. The camera is in full working order, no dings or dents, near mint, not tested with film, The Bessa T 35mm film camera was manufactured by Cosina


MOM Mometta

For a rare collection. In as found condition. Not serviced. Nice condition for its age. Must be cleaned. No guarantee. No buyback. I will document the operation before shipping. ------------------- The item in this auction is being sold "as is". If an item has not been tested,


Sony SEL 18-200 OSS Camera lens

Beautiful Sony E 18 200 f 3.5 6.3 super zoom lens produced in 2010. It focuses via an AF motor. The lens has image stabilization and is compatible with mirrorless APS C. Sony optical characteristics, focal length 18 200 mm, angle of view 77 3 8. 2 APSC format max diaphragm f 3 5


Tokina CANON EF : TOKINA 100/2.8 MACRO 1/1 Macro lens

canon ef: tokina 100/2.8 ratio 1/1. lens in very good condition. clean lenses without scratches or scratches. no mushrooms. focus tok. diaphragm ok. supplied with caps and sun visor


UFP MAP2 STING 150mm Microscope Close-up 4x Kit Nikon F (no camera incl.) Macro lens

MAP2 STING Macro Probe. 150mm Close-up Microscope 4x Kit Nikon F. 3D Print Made in Italy. Macro photography kit, compatible with all Nikon F SLR cameras. Traditional probe technique for an economical approach to macro photography. Focus comes by getting closer to the subject,


Super Tele Zoom 600-800mm F1:11.9 - 15.9 Zoomlens

How you can see this Super Lens: Super Tele Zoom NO.Z505 600-800mm. 1:11.9 - 15.9 For F.P.35mm Camera, it is Perfect (unused), Only Used to confirm its operation (Checked on a Nikon D200). This Objective, although it is engraved in its name: 600-800mm. As you can see its range


Slik Pro 700DX super (7346) Tripod

In this auction we offer: Slik Pro 700DX super (New) Characteristics: Max height: 190 cm. Min height: 39.5 cm. Maximum load: 6.8 kg. Weight: 3.15 kg. Tripod bag included. Photos are stock photos.


Olympus E-420 - Zuiko Digital 14-42mm 3,5-5,6

Super goeie Olympus E-420 - Zuiko Digital 14-42mm 3,5-5,6 DSLR camera. Werkend en goeie staat de camera werkt erg goed en de lens is schoon en het glas is schoon gemaakt en in hele goeie conditie.


LAOWA 25mm F2.8 Ultra Macro 2.5-5.0X groothoeklens (voor Canon RF) Wide angle lens

LAOWA 25mm F2.8 2.5-5.0X lens. ultra macro Canon RF. * This is a wide-angle lens. * This lens is very clean and in very good condition. * This lens is in working condition. * This lens is suitable for Canon RF camera.


Leitz Viooh Universal Spiegelsucher für Leica Filter und Objektivkappe Analogue camera

You are bidding on a collection of Leica and Leitz accessories. These are two filters, one slightly yellow with a thread, the second is lighter but with a screw connection on the side. The mirror universal viewfinder from Ernst Leitz, brand Viooh, is in used but very good


Sigma EX 12-24mm D f4.5-5.6 DG HSM NIKON-F AF Wide angle lens

Sigma EX 12-24mm D f4.5-5.6 DG HSM. Super wide-angle zoom lens. as new. With connection for (digital) Nikon F Autofocus cameras (full frame FX, also DX). Filter size 82mm (filter fits in the supplied filter hood) Serial No. 1005211. Made in Japan. Beautiful lens for striking


Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Samsung, Sony Lot of 6 Cameras + accessoires - Selphy, PowerShot, FinePix, CyberShot Digital camera

SilverCrest USB Video Grabber. Canon PowerShot G15 Leather Case (in fair condition) Canon Selphy CP900. Nikon Belt. Canon PowerShot G1 (no charger) Canon PowerShot 600 (no charger) Fujifilm FinePix 1300 (no power) Samsung ES15 (no power) Sony DSC-S60 (no power) Most of them


Minolta AF ZOOM 70-210mm F/3.5-4.5 zwart Tele zoomlens voor SONY / Minolta Zoomlens

A nice high-quality telephoto lens in black for your Minolta / SONY SLR camera. There are a few but hardly any traces of use or age. Zoom runs smoothly, it has hardly been used. No scratches or fungus/haze in the lens. Inclusive: - Minolta Front and rear caps. This telephoto


Sony DSC-F77 Digital compact camera

Sony Cyber Shot DSC-FX77, 4 Mega Pixels, Carl Zeiss lens. Very particular object with the possibility of rotating the lens 180° with respect to the horizontal plane. Very good condition, fully functional. Charging base and USB connection included. Power cable and battery


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