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Sony DSR-250 DVCAM/miniDV - Digital Video Camera Video camera

Sony DSR-250 DVCAM/miniDV digital video camera. 2x sony bp-gl95 lithium ion battery pack. 1x sony battery charger bc-m50. The camera is in very good condition. It works right. the camera only works with electricity. it comes with a charger that only charges the batteries. both


Voigtländer Ultramatic + Voigtlander Zoomar F2.8/36-82mm + Septon 50mn F2.0

The whole thing is perfectly functional, the cell gives a consistent exposure time. The lenses are clean without scratches or fungus the mechanical operation is perfect for both the zoom and the septon. The case is nice and clean without shock. The zoom is the first in the world


Kodak EXR 50D 7245 + Kodak Ektachrome 7242

Monoperforated cinema film 16 mm (400 feet - 122 mt.) Kodak EXR 50D 7245 Color negative film. Production date 08/09 and single-perforated Ektachrome film (400 feet - 121.92 m) 7242 (3200K) reversible. Production date 2007. Sealed packages. Never opened. Keep cool.


Strumento di misura ottico Essilor instruments proiettore testi oftalmici funzionante vintage - Working tool

Optical measuring instrument Essilor instruments ophthalmic text projector working vintage. Dimensions see photos. For true collectors, unique and extremely rare piece. The signs of aging are present, but they do not diminish its value in the slightest, on the contrary it is


Bell & Howell : Filmo 70DR 16mm + 3 lenses

Bell & Howell 16mm Filmo Pro 70-DR, circa 1955. N. BJ86915. This Bell and Howell Filmo 70 D-R is a 16mm motion picture made by Bell & Howell. It has a rotating three lens turret, variable frame rates (8, 16, 32, and 64 frames per second), and a universal viewfinder. Lenses


Bolex H16 Reflex + Switar 10mm f1.6 -Switar 25mm f1.4 -Yvar 100mm f3.3

Bolex H16 Reflex for sale + 3 Lenses and original case. -Switar 10mm f1.6. -Switar 25mm f1.4. -Yvar 100mm f3.3. Camera runs good and smooth, I made around 15 rolls. All good with no problems. 10mm and 25mm lenses have a recent CLA.


Bolex H16 reflex + Kern 18-86mm + rexofader

Paillard Bolex H16 reflex camera from 1959 with Kern-Paillard SOM Berthiot f= 18-86 mm lens. Option: Rexofader 40.


Tiffen Filtri Tiffen 3"x3" Movie camera

Case containing 11 TIFFEN 3 inch x 3 inch cinema filters for complete control of brightness and BN. They can be mounted on the Arri Arriflex Eclair Aaton compendium and on any other 3x3 filter holder. 01-Tiffen ND 0.3. 02-Tiffen ND 0.6. 03-Tiffen ND 0.9. 04-Tiffen 3N5. 05-Tiffen


Microscope - Officine Galileo Microscopio 107462

Professional microscope "Officine Galileo n. 107462". The object is complete with all its accessories, which are visible from the photos, everything is placed in its original wooden case complete with key for opening and closing. Perfectly working. Lenses in good condition.


Nikon AF micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4D Macro lens

Nikon AF micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4D. in very good condition. Clear glass without any scratches or cleaning marks. No dust or mold either. Perfect aperture and smooth focus.


Helios 44-2 F2/58mm Anamorphic Cinema Mod | Anamorphic lens

The Soviet Helios 44-2 2/58mm Anamorphic Cinema Mod Camera Lens is a unique and versatile lens that delivers stunning cinematic quality with amazing image resolution. Its anamorphic look design gives filmmakers more creative freedom when capturing their movies. This lens has an


Cambo TWR 54 + 2x Schneider Tele Arton 270mm F1:5,5 (in Copal 1) + 2x Schneider Xenar 150mm F1:4,5 Large format camera

Comprehensive Cambo TWR54 set, 4x Schneider optics, handle and camera head for tripod mounting. Optics: 2x Schneider Tele Arton 270 1:5.5. 2x Schneider Xenar 150mm F1:4.5. Similar to Gowlandflex. Format 4x5 inches. A great camera that is rarely found anymore. Bellows is


Filotecnica Milano N° 92225 - Topographic theodolite - metal glass - 1940-1950

A very nice topographical theodolite in very good condition, everything is normal and the lenses are clear. 3,692 kilos. Overall dimensions: 24 x 21 x 13.5 cm. Metal glass. Colour: Grey. Will be carefully packaged and shipped insured from France.


Carl Zeiss HFT Distagon f3,5 60mm for Rolleiflex SLX/600x Camera lens

Carl Zeiss Distagon for Rollei system, I am using it on Rolleiflex 6006. Some signs of use, but overall very good condition. The glass is perfect, with no scratches, no mould, no haze, and no marks.. The shutter works flawlessly. Focus runs smoothly with adequate resistance.


Microscope - Leica Ottico Microscopio Leitz Wetzlar Standard 1/100 Reticolo + 2 obiettivi da microscopio Leica

for Microscope - Leica Optical Microscope Leitz Wetzlar Standard 1/100 Reticle + 2 Leica microscope objectives 0.65


Olympus XA 1 en flits A9M

Special camera with flash. Very powerful and sharp for the size. Many specifications and praise can be found on the internet. Tested, i.e. winding mechanism and click work. The flash doesn't seem to work


Voigtländer Bessa T

Voigtlander model T boxed, together with Helios hot shoe viewfinder, body cap and M bayonet Adapter enabling use of LTM lenses. The camera is in full working order, no dings or dents, near mint, not tested with film, The Bessa T 35mm film camera was manufactured by Cosina


Tokina CANON EF : TOKINA 100/2.8 MACRO 1/1 Macro lens

canon ef: tokina 100/2.8 ratio 1/1. lens in very good condition. clean lenses without scratches or scratches. no mushrooms. focus tok. diaphragm ok. supplied with caps and sun visor


Fuji Fuji GX680 body, 180mm 5.6, rolmfilmrug, polaroidrug, batterijhouder met batterijen, lader (2 types) Analogue camera

A fantastic roll film camera with all the advantages of a technical camera. Ideal for studio work, architecture and landscape photography. The Fuji GX680 is a series of single lens reflex system cameras for medium format film produced by Fujifilm with interchangeable camera


LAOWA 25mm F2.8 Ultra Macro 2.5-5.0X groothoeklens (voor Canon RF) Wide angle lens

LAOWA 25mm F2.8 2.5-5.0X lens. ultra macro Canon RF. * This is a wide-angle lens. * This lens is very clean and in very good condition. * This lens is in working condition. * This lens is suitable for Canon RF camera.


Zeiss Ikon Contax IIIa + Sonnar 5cm f2 Analogue camera

Zeiss IKON contax iiia with Carl Zeiss sonnar 5cm f2. Everything works perfectly ( all shutter speeds, self timer, focus, rangefinder, film advance etc. Work as they should). The lens is in superb condition too. No fungus, haze, dust or any other problems. An excellent high end


Sinar Sinaron digital 90mm 4.0 CMV Camera lens

This fantastic Rodenstock lens is a true gem for your digital Sinar P3 system. • Straight from 1st owner and working Sinar P3 camera. • Tested and all functions are working. • Aperture is easy to adjust, no oil on the blades. • Minimal marks on the housing. • Optics are clean and


Panasonic DMC-L1 + Leica D varia-Elmarit 1:2.8-3.5/14-50

I am selling a Panasonic DMC-L1 with a Leica D varia-Elmarit 1:2.8-3.5/14-50 lens. The device is in very good condition and has been little used. Only 13374 clicks. The device comes with 2 batteries and the charger.


other Mitsubishi CP-D707DW-S Dye-Sublimation Printer Instant camera

The CP-D707DW-S is a double-deck printer with dye sublimation technology. Both printing decks can work simultaneously, reducing printing time to up to 5.9 seconds. Or they can be operated separately to print up to three different formats, depending on the combination of paper


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