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About Catawiki's classical art auction

Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring; Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa; Michelangelo’s The Creation Of Adam - the history of classical art is rich, important and varied. As a genre, Classicism can be found in literature, art and architecture, and has, at its source, the Roman and Ancient Greek civilisations. Continuing to be popular among artists well into the 19th century, the classical tradition once dominated art in the Western World. Generations of successive artists have trained in the Classical tradition, with notable and influential painters including Caravaggio; Holbein; Rembrandt; Titian and countless others. Often taking religious subjects as their focus, such as the birth and life of Jesus Christ, works of Classical art are diverse, beautiful and highly collectable today.

Catawiki’s classical art auctions include works of painting and illustration by artists from around the world. Notable lots to have sold in Catawiki’s classical art auctions include an oil painting - Village view with church, by Leon de Smet, which sold for £6,412. Whether you have a classical oil painting by your favourite artist, or drawings by Pablo Picasso, Catawiki’s classical art auctions are the best place to sell your classical art. Our expert auctioneers supervise our auctions, while our notary officials work to guarantee the validity of bids placed. Once your item has sold, our secure payment system offers peace of mind for sellers and buyers.

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