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About Catawiki's coin auction

First introduced as a method of payment in the 5th or 6th Century BC, the Greek provinces of Aegina, Samos, and Miletus are believed to have minted coins for the ancient Egyptians, while it is held that coins were introduced to Persia around 546 BC. Since their introduction, coins have been an important economic tool in countries around the world. Originally produced in precious metals such as Gold, the practice of debasement was used by rulers and governments to lower the value of currency. Debasement was achieved by reducing the quantity of precious metals in a coin, sometimes by removing a section from the coin itself. One reason for this practice was financial gain for the sovereign or government, at the expense of the population. Modern coins now hold a symbolic or representative value, as opposed to the value of the metal they contain.

Catawiki’s coin auctions have hosted some prestigious lots, including a gold double sovereign from 1639, which sold for £2,645 and a Dutch 5 guilder coin, from 1843, which sold for £3,609. Whether you have a collection of antique coins or rare modern coins, Catawiki’s coin auctions are the best place to sell your special objects. Our expert auctioneers monitor our auctions, to ensure they run without a hitch, while our notary officials work to guarantee the validity of bids placed. Once the auction has ended, our secure payment system ensures that all parties are satisfied.

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How to sell through Catawiki

  1. 1. Seller registration

    Register for seller privileges free of charge. You can offer up as many objects as you wish with a minimum estimated value of 75 euro.

  2. 2. Submit items

    Once your items and descriptions have been approved by our auctioneers, they are scheduled for auction.

  3. 3. The thrill of auction

    Experience the excitement as bidders from all over the world place their bids on your submitted items!

  4. 4. Make money safely

    You won’t be asked to ship your items until the buyer has transferred payment. Catawiki manages payments between buyers and sellers.

The advantages of Catawiki’s auctions

  • High revenues

  • Swift sales

  • Secure payment format

  • International bidding audience

  • Auctioneer supervision

  • Optional reserve price for expensive items

  • Professional customer service

  • User friendly

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