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Just a few of the many lots included in our Coin auction

Spain – Alfonso XIII – 20 pesetas gold coin – 1889 /* 89 – Madrid. MPM.

$ 603

United Kingdom - Crown 1818 LIX George III - silver

$ 142

Philip III - Macuquina of 2 gold escudos - Struck in Seville

$ 485

Spain - Carlos IV (First year of own bust) 8 Reales 1791, Mexico F.M. Silver (Ar)

$ 286

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    Catawiki is the fastest growing online auction platform in the world. Our website connects international bidders who want to buy and sell unique and extraordinary objects.

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    Starting each Friday, Catawiki hosts over 300 weekly auctions across 80 different categories from modern art to classic cars, from watches to jewellery and antiques.

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    More than 170 auctioneers curate and supervise our auctions, guaranteeing a varied selection of high quality lots.

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    Anyone with special objects, with an expected revenue of at least € 75, can easily offer them up for auction.

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  1. Specialist auctioneers

    Catawiki is one of the only online auction platforms in the world that works with a team of specialist auctioneers, who curate and supervise each and every auction. They are national and international experts in their field. All lots on our platform are assessed and valued by our auctioneers.

  2. International sales market

    Every month, Catawiki sees millions of visitors from all over the world. Our platform is available in more than 15 languages including English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.

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    Catawiki auctions off over 35,000 objects every week in over 300 auctions. Since we have new auctions every week, you can sell your items very quickly. Catawiki has no limit in the amount of lots that you can offer up for auction at any one time.

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'Catawiki reaches exactly the right target audience I'm looking for. This is extremely beneficial for me. I started out small, but now I can live from the sales I make on Catawiki.'
Seller: Anything Else
'Spanish art is appreciated much more than we thought it would be abroad. We really had no idea about the international market until we joined Catawiki.'
Seller: El Testamento de Baron
The global stage that Catawiki provides is extremely attractive as it cuts out the astronomical costs associated with traditional auction houses and art galleries and helps me promote and sell my work on a large scale.'
Seller: HaydenKaysHQ

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About Catawiki's Coin auction

First introduced as a method of payment in the 5th or 6th Century BC, the Greek provinces of Aegina, Samos, and Miletus are believed to have minted coins for the ancient Egyptians, while it is held that coins were introduced to Persia around 546 BC. Since their introduction, coins have been an important economic tool in countries around the world. Originally produced in precious metals such as Gold, the practice of debasement was used by rulers and governments to lower the value of currency. Debasement was achieved by reducing the quantity of precious metals in a coin, sometimes by removing a section from the coin itself. One reason for this practice was financial gain for the sovereign or government, at the expense of the population. Modern coins now hold a symbolic or representative value, as opposed to the value of the metal they contain.

Catawiki’s coin auctions have hosted some prestigious lots, including a gold double sovereign from 1639, which sold for £2,645 and a Dutch 5 guilder coin, from 1843, which sold for £3,609. Whether you have a collection of antique coins or rare modern coins, Catawiki’s coin auctions are the best place to sell your special objects. Our expert auctioneers monitor our auctions, to ensure they run without a hitch, while our notary officials work to guarantee the validity of bids placed. Once the auction has ended, our secure payment system ensures that all parties are satisfied.

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