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About Catawiki's panini auction

Founded in Modena, Italy in 1961 by the Panini brothers - the Panini Group now produces a wide range of magazines, books, trading cards and other collectable items. The name Panini is perhaps best known for colourful, collectable, sports-based stickers, and accompanying sticker albums. Collectors of Panini stickers build their collections by swapping stickers with other collectors, and through the purchase of sticker packs - sealed envelopes containing an unknown assortment of stickers. Panini stickers were first popular with sports fans, especially football supporters, who would purchase them in order to populate a Panini album, relating to a particular football competition, such as the World Cup. Panini sticker albums now cover a wide range of subjects, including film franchises, comic book characters and celebrities.

Catawiki’s Panini auctions include complete sticker collections from historic sports competitions, loose stickers and highly sought after, vintage single-sticker lots. Whether you have a whole collection to sell, or a treasured single sticker, Catawiki’s Panini auctions are the best place to sell your special Panini objects. With thousands of lots each week, across hundreds of auction categories, listing your object on Catawiki will profile it to millions of potential bidders. Our expert auctioneers monitor our auctions, while our notary officials work to guarantee the validity of bids placed. Once the bidding has ended, our secure payment system keeps buyers and sellers happy.

Catawiki is the ideal place to sell your special Panini objects - start selling today!

How to sell through Catawiki

  1. 1. Seller registration

    Register for seller privileges free of charge. You can offer up as many objects as you wish with a minimum estimated value of 75 euro.

  2. 2. Submit items

    Once your items and descriptions have been approved by our auctioneers, they are scheduled for auction.

  3. 3. The thrill of auction

    Experience the excitement as bidders from all over the world place their bids on your submitted items!

  4. 4. Make money safely

    You won’t be asked to ship your items until the buyer has transferred payment. Catawiki manages payments between buyers and sellers.

The advantages of Catawiki’s auctions

  • High revenues

  • Swift sales

  • Secure payment format

  • International bidding audience

  • Auctioneer supervision

  • Optional reserve price for expensive items

  • Professional customer service

  • User friendly

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