Eugène Eechaut 1928-2019 - Dipinto, Paesaggio estivo della valle con un bel cielo nuvoloso

Eugène Eechaut 1928-2019 - Dipinto, Paesaggio estivo della valle con un bel cielo nuvoloso
Belgio - 1950-1999 - olio su tavola

Eugène Eechaut (1928-2019).

Work: A superb oil on panel of a delightful valley landscape in summer with a beautiful blue sky.

Period: 30/07/84

Total size with frame:

92.5 cm x 73 cm

Signed at the bottom left.

Eugène Eechaut (1928-2019).
E. Eechaut received his first distinctions as a painter at the ‘European Centre for Art and Aesthetics’ in 1958.

From 1968 onwards, he participated and organised with the ‘Tamara Pfeiffer Gallery’ and continued to do so throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

His style was initially described as ‘fantastic art’ with an elegance and finesse in his interpretations.
His colours, which seduce us instantly, make us discover the subject, this subject which subsequently seduces us for good.

He tried his hand at stained glass design, which he soon abandoned as it did not allow him to express himself fully.

‘Fantastic art’ was present throughout his career, and he created a series of ‘Industrial’ drawings imbued with the fantastic.

He produced numerous works, industrial or animal, extreme graphic, using clever dilutions of black ink where they were not expected.
These effects are reminiscent of the works of Rorchard #

Women being very present, they appear in his works throughout his life, rendering, through the beauty of his representations, a tribute to them, a hymn.

Throughout his career, E. Eechaut frequented and exhibited in the most important galleries and art exhibitions in Europe.
In the catalogues and invitations, we find artists such as Jean Cocteau, René Magritte, Dunoyer de Segonzac, Léon Navez, Félicien Rops, Paul Klee and many others.

E. Eechaut, a wealthy man whose works were impossible to sell, even within his own family.
He jealously guarded his productions, hence the lack of information and the lack of sales results of his work.

His recently rediscovered studio opens the doors to the entirety of his numerous works.

The archives of his path were found at the same time as his work, which add another dimension.

His complete archives are available and can be viewed at "Rosat Antiques"

Dettagli lotto
Dipinto, Paesaggio estivo della valle con un bel cielo nuvoloso
olio su tavola
Designer / Artista
Eugène Eechaut 1928-2019
Periodo stimato
Paese d’origine
In ottime condizioni - usato raramente e con lievi segni di usura e dell’età.
92.5×73×4 cm
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