Intaglio - Legno massiccio - Mas, Bali, Indonesia

Intaglio - Legno massiccio - Mas, Bali, Indonesia
Prima metà XX secolo - Buone condizioni

Rare figurine of a Baru In ancient Bali, the Baru was the funny servant of a High Priest. In fact, he fulfilled the same role as a jester for monarchs in medieval Europe. Because balance is central to Hinduism, the strict, solemn and introverted High Priest had a Baru with him for cheerful notes In this case, a limping, funny dressed up old man with a sarong that he wears like a baby diaper. He provided cheerful notes with his tomfoolery. his deformed appearance. motor skills and comments. The figurine dates from the 30s of the last century, is carved from Shorea wood and art deco influences are visible. It has been painted black and cleaned again during its long existence. Remnants of that are still visible. In short: the almost 100 years of its existence have left traces. It will be carefully packaged and sent by registered mail.

Dettagli lotto
Mas, Bali, Indonesia
Legno massiccio
Prima metà XX secolo
Buone condizioni
Venduto con supporto
28×6×8 cm
250 g
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