Expert advice: how to collect Lalique glass

René Lalique (1860-1945) was a true glass poet. The vases, perfume bottles, jewels and other enchanting French glassware Lalique produced in his lifetime were truly exceptional, unique and masterful. As one of the greatest glassmakers of his time, his instantly recognisable creations had a huge impact on Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass styles. Today, Lalique glass is a highly sought-after collectible and takes centre stage in many collections around the world. Interested in starting a Lalique glass collection for yourself? Follow our collector’s guide here, created in collaboration with one of our in-house Art Nouveau and Art Deco expert, Marleen Deiters, who has over 15 years' experience in art gallery ownership. We invite you to scroll down to discover more about collecting Lalique glass and what you need to know.

Why Collect Lalique Glass?
As not only a master glassmaker but also a renowned jeweller, René Lalique was seamlessly able to adapt his designs and techniques to the fast changing world around him. Following Lalique’s intricate creation of numerous glass jewels and jewellery items, in 1907, the perfume house Coty commissioned Lalique for the design of perfume bottles. In this period Lalique developed himself more and more into a master glassmaker which resulted in a tremendous oeuvre of over 1,500 glass models. This included Lalique glass vases, lamps, motor mascots, pendants and a large variety of decorative and functional tableware. And so why collect them? “René Lalique’s glass is of the highest quality in every sense,” says Marleen. “When you buy Lalique you buy beautiful colours, virtuous design and such high artistic value that the objects will truly enrich your life.”

René Lalique’s glass is of the highest quality in every sense

Identifying Lalique Glass
The theme of nature always inspired Lalique’s designs. From woodland creatures to animals and from fish to the human form, look for ornamental and natural motifs to identify Lalique glass. Most of his designs were produced in clear glass, opalescent glass and beautiful coloured glass - notice the high quality workmanship and perfect finishing. Another way to identify Lalique glass? Lalique signed all his artworks, usually on the base of the object. This is the mark of authenticity.

The theme of nature always inspired Lalique’s designs - animals, plants, the human form and natural creations

Starting or Expanding a Lalique Collection
“The Lalique glass market is still very strong and stable,” Marleen comments. Whether you’re looking for your tenth Lalique or your first, now is a great time to buy. So where do you begin? Start by determining whether you want to collect a specific type of object - for example Lalique perfume bottles or perhaps statuettes. Lalique’s designs were vast and varied so there is a lot of choice. It’s also worth noting that after René Lalique’s death, high quality glass continued to be produced. Modern Lalique glasswork production has attracted new talented contemporary glass designers but has also reissued designs from René Lalique. Of course, it’s the original ‘R. Lalique’ glass made during the great glassmaker’s lifetime which is most rare, valuable and worth collecting.

Determine whether you want to collect a specific type of object - for example Lalique perfume bottles or perhaps statuettes 

Marleen’s Final Words of Advice
Marleen advises to be mindful of Lalique glass objects with any kind of damage or defect on it such as chips, cracks, missing parts or restorations, as this can lower the value of the glass. “And be aware of fakes” she warns. Buy from reputable, specialised sources like our Glass auctions where every Lalique glass has been approved by Marleen or one of the other in-house experts. And lastly? “Lalique glass will always keep its price, but more importantly, collecting this precious glassware means owning something truly beautiful.”

Lalique glass will always keep its value

Lalique glass often appears in our weekly Art Nouveau & Art Deco Glass auctions. The globally curated selection is always exciting, beautiful and exquisite. Discover the auction now to start or grow your Lalique glass collection.

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