Christofle modèle Perles - Rund maträtt - Försilvra

Christofle modèle Perles - Rund maträtt - Försilvra
Frankrike - Mitten av 1900-talet

Christofle round model platter with silvered metal beads.

Diameter: 30.5 cm

Beautiful shine (micro-scratches)

Sold with its anti-oxidant cover.

CHRISTOFLE is a French goldsmith and tableware company, established in Paris in 1830 by Charles Christofle.

The company is famous for having introduced electrolytic gold and silver plating in France in 1842. The company was acquired in 2012 by one of its shareholders, the luxury goods retailer the Chalhoub Group.

Christofle's products are entirely handmade according to traditional techniques. The precious trades of metal turning and embossing, levelling, carving and engraving, kept alive by master goldsmiths and winners of France's craftsmanship award (MOF), immortalise the qualities of elegance and excellence of all Christofle's pieces. This irreplaceable human know-how is carried on by highly qualified craftsmen.

Rund maträtt
Christofle modèle Perles
Estimated Period
Mitten av 1900-talet
Utmärkt skick - knappt använd med minimala tecken på åldrande och slitage
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