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Why become a partner of Catawiki?

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  • You can earn high commissions based on the performance of a buyer or seller
  • Earn commission for attracting new and existing users
  • Earn commission based on each sold or won lot
  • A wide variety of ad materials, from banners to product data feeds and the ability to create your own links

How it works

Sign up for the Catawiki Partner Network

Place promotional materials on your website

Send your visitors to Catawiki with your generated links

Earn high commissions

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a business to join the Catawiki Partner Network?

No, it's not necessary. As a partner, you only need a bank account where Catawiki can pay you the benefits from the Partner Network.

How are the leads or registrations controlled?

All leads are controlled by tracking links. These tracking links are generated by Catawiki's Partner Network using your partner identification number.

When will I receive my payment?

We make the payment at the end of every month. The transfer will be put into the bank account you filled in in your Performance Horizon account.

What is your cookie lifetime?

The cookie lifetime is 30 days for bidders and lot submitters and 60 days for buyer and seller commissions.

Tools we offer


Deep links

Product feeds

Do you have a question or want more information?

Through the Catawiki Partner Network, you can earn commissions by promoting Catawiki on your website. If you have a question about payments, tracking or any other subject please check our dedicated Partner Network help centre. If you can't find the answer in our help centre, feel free to contact us.

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