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How does tracking work?

Smart shipping

When you use smart shipping, we create a tracked shipping label for you. Once you ship a package with a smart shipping label, you can track its progress on the order page or on the shipping company's website. 

Manual shipping

Make sure to use a shipping company that uses tracked shipping. Once you've bought the label, you'll need to mark the order as shipped and add the tracking code on the order page

If you use our app, you can scan the tracking code from the shipping label. This means you don't need to enter it manually.

It’s important to double check your tracking code when you enter it. If you enter an incorrect tracking code, we can’t track the order and payment to you will likely be delayed. If you enter an incorrect tracking code, you can update it on the order page.

Why you need a tracking code

We use the tracking code to update you and the buyer on where the package is. That way, we know when the package has arrived so we can pay you.

If there's an issue during shipping, we might use the tracking code as a reference when we contact the shipping company. This helps resolve the issue quicker.

If you no longer have the tracking code for a package you’ve shipped, contact the shipping company and ask them to send it to you again.

If you can’t get the tracking code from the shipping company, contact us so we can help.

How to track a package on the shipping company's website

  1. Copy the tracking code from the order page.
  2. Go to the shipping company's website.
  3. Find the track & trace section.
  4. Enter the tracking code in the applicable field. You might also need to enter the buyer's postal code.
  5. Use the 'track' button to see an overview of the package's journey so far.

Shipping delays

If it’s 5 days after the estimated delivery date shown on the order page and the order hasn’t been delivered, we’ll send the buyer an email or notification. At this point, the buyer can open a claim if the order hasn’t been delivered yet.

We recommend you message the buyer throughout the shipping process so you can both stay updated on shipping and customs.

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