6 Reasons to Buy LEGO Collector Sets

Collecting LEGO products is for kids, right? Wrong. There are many reasons to own or start collecting LEGO sets, from their decorative function to the fact it can make you (a lot of) money. Are you ready to be convinced? Here are 6 reasons why you should buy LEGO collector sets and why they make a great investment.

1. LEGO Products are a Great Investment
Let us start with the first great reason to buy LEGO collector sets: LEGO products are a great investment. Some say buying LEGO products is a better financial bet than buying stocks. LEGO products are always very popular, mainly because the bricks and minifigures are pretty much indestructible, and buyers from all over the world are forever looking to expand their collection. A good example is that a €10 Batman’s Buggy set from 2008 can now sell for over €100. So if investing is your main reason to collect LEGO sets, what should you look out for?

Most LEGO sets become more valuable over the years, especially the ones in mint condition or sealed in their original boxes. Star Wars collector sets do very well right now thanks to the release of the new movies. A super hero set is almost always a good investment, as are limited edition sets and ones including a special and unique, rare minifigure. Really large sets are a solid investment too. One of the most profitable LEGO sets in history, the holy grail among collectors, is the 10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon from 2007. Once in store for €420; in 2015 one of these sets, still in its original packaging, sold for €4,700 on our LEGO auction. Is financial profit not enough for you to start collecting LEGO sets? There are plenty of other reasons why you should…

2. LEGO products are Timeless
The LEGO bricks you played with as a kid connect to the LEGO bricks produced today. That is part of the reason so many people are genuinely interested in vintage LEGO sets; even after thirty years you can still use the same as you did back then. Which brings us to the next reason…

3. They are Still Fun to Play With
Your inner child may just like to discover the endless possibilities of new LEGO collector sets. And if you are not buying LEGO sets for yourself, you might consider buying it for your children or grandchildren and have fun enjoying them together. Little ones will love it just as much as you did when you were young. Besides, it is a great tool for developing building skills and promoting fantasy play. And a great way to bond, if you build LEGO sets together!

4. Decorative Function
Do you remember the thrill when finishing a difficult LEGO set? You couldn’t stop proudly staring at your handiwork, right? Well, now you can not only enjoy the thrill of building, but you have a cool and unique way to decorate your home with the finished result! Buy yourself a Super Star Destroyer set or the Taj Mahal and you'll have a fantastic addition to your living room!

5. To Leave a Legacy
Considering LEGO products are a good investment and expected to become more valuable over the years, why not leave your kids or grandkids with a LEGO legacy? If not for the money, then it's a great way to create memories which they can always cherish. Everyone loves LEGO so it will provide a great sense of nostalgia later in their lives!

6. Because it is Fun to Collect
Last but not least, there is the thrill of collecting that makes buying LEGO collector sets worthwhile. Feel the excitement when a Sydney Opera House set pops up on a Catawiki auction. Enjoy the search for special minifigures. Find out which sets bring you joy and create your own, unique collection.

Collecting LEGO products can be fun, profitable and something really special to enjoy with your loved ones. So why not take a look at our LEGO auction for great sets and special editions, or become a seller if you already own a LEGO collector set and are ready to make a profit.

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