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Shepard Fairey (OBEY) - "Reframe"12 poster pack by Amplifier

"Reframe": 12 poster pack. 2021. All 12 18"x24" (unsigned) AR activated posters in an open edition from the REFRAME series featuring each of the leaders. Featuring the work of Shepard Fairey, Ernesto Yerena, Noa Denmon and LMNOPI Download the app on and watch this


Eduardo Chillida (after) - Museum of Art Carneige - 1979

Original lithograph by Spanish artist Eduardo Chillida (*). This work was published on the occasion of the artist's individual exhibition in Pittsburg. Deluxe edition on cotton paper. Specifications: Dimensions: 32.5 x 65 cm. Year: 1979. Condition: Excellent (this work has


Anonymous - Pink Floyd – Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour – Barcelona

Promotional poster for Pink Floyd´s first concert in Spain on July 20, 1988 at RCD Español’s Estadi di Sarrià in Barcelona. This poster uses strong compositional techniques with the bold, contrasting colours of the flag of Barcelona and a stylized image of the city’s iconic La


John Pasche, (after) - THE ROLLING STONES AMERICAN TOUR - 1970s

Artist: John Pasche. Title: THE ROLLING STONES AMERICAN TOUR. #NathanaelKoffiCollection. Year: 1972. Original vintage advertising poster printed in offset lithography on sturdy paper. Size: 97 x 64 cm - 38.2 x 25.2 in. Copyright: Sunday Promotions Inc 1972. Printed by


Andy Warhol (after) - Campbell’s Soup I

Author : Andy Warhol. Title : Campbell’s Soup I. Size : 28 x 36 cm. Copyright : 2002 The Andy Warhol Foundation - Printed in the USA. Limited editions. High-quality paper. Fine art offset prints made on thick 200g. Shipping in a rigid tube via certified express mail.


Guillaume Lasveguix - Urban Jane - 2020s

Superb large poster signed by hand and produced by Guillaume LASVEGUIX in homage to Jeanne BIRKIN. Size 130*100 cm Edition N 5 out of 10. This poster is a replica of the painting by Guillaume Lasveguix sold during the Autour des Williams charity sale at the price of 50,000.00


Roy Lichtenstein (after) - Red Barn II - Serigraphie (105x130cm) - 1960s

ROY LICHTENSTEIN >Red Barn II< Screenprint. Super large format 130x105cm. Museum Ludwig Cologne, poster for the exhibition. Original screen print on heavy museum cardboard, based on the original from 1969, like new. Certificate with provenance. Shipping only insured in a roll.


Rolansky - I Love Life - (Litografía de Versión Graffiti) - Mural Big Size

Litografía Offset de serie limitada. Tamaño Big Size XL. Dibujo Graffiti en versión papel artístico - Arte Urbano Decorativo. Firmada a mano en el reverso. Estado Impecable - Mint Prueba de Taller. Sin continuidad de Edición. Tirada rara y exclusiva de sólo 20 unidades. Firma y


Aara - Aara, Op-Art

Aara. Lithographic print with a radiant color effect and therefore depth effect. Very vibrant, striking artwork. Variation of brown, gold, yellow colors. Great for anyone who loves vintage, pop and vintage culture and fond of geometric shapes and vivid colors. Color composition.


Helmut Newton - Sie Kommen (Dressed) - Helmut Newton - 2020s

Gallery poster advertising Helmut Newton's Private Property Collection openings in Paris, London and New York featuring one of Newton's most recognizable images title "See Kommen' with four models posed nude in one and dressed in the other. This is the dressed edition.


Anonymous - Futurism - Il Giorno dell'Ala - Reprint anniversary

magnificent lithograph poster cm. 70 x 47, very decorative, original in second edition, published by Aero Club of Rome in 1978, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Urbe Airport (see stamp on the back). (Magagnoli Giuseppe known as Maga 1878/ 1933 Italian school poster


Andy Warhol (after) - Four Multicoloured Marilyns - Te Neues licensed offset print

Offset lithograph after Andy Warhol (*) Reproduction of the work “Four Multicolored Marilyns” made by Warhol between 1979 and 1986. Published by teNeues Verlag (Kempen, Germany) Printed by permission of the Andy Warhol Foundation, New York, with copyright and Foundation seal on


Roy Lichtenstein (after) - Study for Prepardness

Screenprint after by Roy Liechtenstein (*) Reproduction of the work “Study for Prepardness”, a work made by Roy Lichtenstein in 1968 and which is part of the collection of the Museum Ludwig Köln. Published by Achenbach Art Edition, Düsseldorf. Authorized print with copyright and


Roy Lichtenstein (after) - (1923-1997), Spray, 1962, estate of Roy Lichtenstein NY, Made in France 2008

Great quality poster designed by Roy Lichtenstein, copyright Estate of Roy Lichtenstein NY. Shipping in safety cardboard tube.


Andy Warhol (after) - Marilyn Monroe (Shot Orange) - Te Neues licensed offset print

Offset lithograph after Andy Warhol (*) Reproduction of the work “Marilyn Monroe”, silkscreen made by Warhol in 1964. Published by teNeues Publishing Company, New York. Print authorized by the “Andy Warhol Foundation” in Holland, and “The Estate of Marilyn Monroe” with copyright


Andy Warhol (after) - 4$ - Te Neues licensed offset print

Offset lithograph after Andy Warhol (*) Reproduction of the work "$ (4) silkscreen made by Warhol in 1982. Published by teNeues Verlag (Kempen, Germany) Printed by permission of the Andy Warhol Foundation, New York, with copyright and Foundation seal on the lower right edge. -


A.R. Penck (after) - Die Zufunkt Des Emigranten - Offset Lithography - Achenbach licensed print

Offset lithograph after by A.R. Penck (*) Reproduction of the work “Die Zufunkt Des Emigranten 2” work made by A.R. Penck in 1983 and which is part of the collection of the Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz. National Gallery Berlin. Published by Achenbach Art Edition, Düsseldorf.


Roy Lichtenstein - AMERICA: The third century - 1976

Only a few Exemplares worldwide. The prices for these Exemplar increase every year. From Lichtenstein designed by the artist for the Mobil Oil Corporation commemorating the bicentenary of America Revolution. APC Edition, New York. Artist: Roy Lichtenstein. Year:


Andy Warhol, after - 10 statues of liberty, Lavignes - Bastille

Beautiful poster of one of Warhol's last exhibition, 8 april - 30 May 1986 in Paris Warhol exhibited 10 different paintings of the Statue of Liberty. Copyright Andy Warhol. Offset Lithography Size: 100 cm x 70 cm Galerie Lavignes-Bastille-Paris In excellent


Mel Ramos - Suzy Soup - Kunsthaus Hannover

Typical representation of Ramos: combination of a realistic representation of a woman and a magnified consumer product against a monochrome background. Poster on glossy paper for his exposition: 'Prints 1971-2015' in Hannover. Signed in the print. Condition: perfect condition.


Andy Warhol - Mercedes-Benz Formel 1 Rennwagen W 196 (red) 90x70cm

ANDY WARHOL: Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 Racing Car W 196. Art print on museum board after the original from 1982. Editor: Achenbach Düsseldorf. Dimensions: 90x70cm, very well preserved. Certificate. Insured rolled shipping only. Note regarding the photos: Please be aware that for


Christo - Isole circondate Progetto per Biscayne Bay Miami Florida - 1980s

Christo. Title: "Surrounded Islands Project for Biscayne Bay Miami Florida" Technique: Off Set on quality paper. Dimensions: 99 x 63.5 cm. 38.9" x 25" Printed in 1982. Condition: Very good. The work will be handled with care and packaged in a reinforced cardboard tube. All


Andy Warhol - Grace Kelly (1983) - 1980s

● Andy Warhol Estate Official Print ● Printing technique: offset lithograph. ● Printing in Germany (published by te Neues Publishing Company) ● printing year: 1989. ● size: 400×310mm. ● paper quality a bit thin and brilliant color, clear image. ● out of print. ● good condition.


Andy Warhol (after) - Chanel green original serigraphy

excellent vintage serigraphy by Andy Warhol shipped rolled up in cardboard tube


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