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D. Croal Thomson / Edouard Cornely - The Paris Exhibition / Paris Exposition / Le Livre d'Or de l'Exposition de 1900 - 1900

Three books about the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900. 1) The Paris Exhibition 1900. Thomson, D. Croal (editor) Published by Art Journal Office, H. Virtue & co., London, 1901. The best overview of the arts, fine and decorative, at the Paris Exhibition of 1900, which was a real


Manuscript - Manuscript from a French Book of Hours - ca. 15th century - 1450

Original manuscript - 15th century - vellum - 15.5 × 11 cm. Condition: although more than 500 years old, the manuscript is still in good condition; the vellum is slightly browned. Elements that determine the value: its rarity, quality, age and attractiveness. This is a


Charles H. Ashdown/ Samuel Manning; S. G. Green/ Calthrop, Dion Clayton - British Castles/ English Pictures/ English Costume - 1883/1911

1. I have here for sale a book entitled British Castles by Charles H. Ashdown. Published by Adam and Charles Black, London, 1911. A beautifully illustrated first edition of this detailed study of British castles. DESCRIPTION. First edition. Illustrated with thirty-two colour


Louis Bretez - Le Plan de Paris de Louis Bretez dit Plan de Turgot 1734-1739 - 2005

Luxurious reproduction in in-plano format of Turgot's famous plan representing Paris in "cavalier perspective", complete with 20 plates and the assembly table. The plates are reproduced in a reduction of one third on Lana paper in 1/2 jesus format based on a print on the


Jean-Jacques Bourassé - Résidences royales et impériales de France. Histoire et monuments‎ - 1864

First edition of this excellent work taken from the notes of the French archaeologist Jean-Jacques Bourassé, author in particular of the "Dictionary of Sacred Archeology" 1851. Illustrated with a frontispiece & 31 VAT plates. engraved on wood. Contains 32 notices on the royal


Emile Monod & Jean Effel - Exposition Universelle de 1889 [Grand ouvrage illustré, historique, encyclopédique, descriptif] - 1890

First edition of this monumental, encyclopedic work, dedicated to the Universal Exhibition of 1889. Published under the direction of Monod and under the patronage of the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Colonies. On sale volumes 1,2 complete in themselves (out of 4 volume 3 and


Cherubinus Mayr - Recollectiones morales extemporaneae super theologiam moralem universam R. P. Patritii Sporer. - 1739

Recollectiones morales extemporaneae super theologiam moralem universam R. P. Patritii Sporer... a M.V.P. Cherubino Mayr,...


Monseigneur Le Dauphin - Nouvelles étrennes spirituelles, dédiées a monsieur le Dauphin - 1778

Brown French morocco ribbon around 1780 with rich gilding on the cover and back, inlaid center pieces made of red morocco, standing. and inner edge gilding, spine plate and gold trim. Contents: New Spiritual Separations, Dédiées to Monsieur le Dauphin. Printed in Paris in 1778.


Albert Einstein - The World as I See It - 1943

Scarce Title of Einstein's Work of 'The World as I See It' “The book is composed of assorted articles, addresses, letters, interviews and pronouncements, it includes Einstein's opinions on the meaning of life, ethics, science, society, religion, and politics”. Item Description.


Unknown - Muslim Book of Prayers - 1740

A fine bi-folio manuscript from around 1740 from a badly water damaged prayer book that fortunately had some salvageable pages at the front end. It is written in typical Indian Pakistani Persian script (IndoPak). The script is in 7 lines on each page, surrounded by wide margins


al-Busiri of Egypt - ‘The Celestial Lights in Praise of the Best of Creation - 1580

A very interesting opening bi-folio of the early poetic work of al-Busiri of Eqypt. It comes from a small volume of only 16 unbound pages. It is in quite fine naskh script, with bolder, but faded gold headings above the verses in Thuluth. It has a broad gold lined margin to the


Unknown - Safavid Quran folio - 1275

Rare folio from the remnants of a C13th illuminated Koran. It is of extra interest because of the commentary in another hand between the lines of Naskh script in which the Koranic verse is written. Not surprisingly the folio shows some ageing and some water damage (best seen on


Clemente XI - Bolla papale con sigillo originale - 1700

Pope Clement XI (Latin: Clemens PP. Beautiful papal bull of Clement XI in excellent condition with its original lead seal, also perfectly preserved, a true amateur piece. We guarantee accurate packaging and shipping.


I. Watts, D. D. - The Psalms of David - 1828

The psalms of David imitated in the language of a New Testament and applied to the Christian state and worship. By Isaac Watts, D. D. London: printed and sold by C. Corrall, 38 Charing Cross. Dimensions 9 x 5 x 2 cm, weight 65 g. Good storage conditions with traces of use,


Re Vittorio Emanuele III - Generale Pelloux - Documenti firmati - 1893

King Victor Emmanuel III. General Pelloix. Lot of two original period documents, with authentic signatures of King Vittorio Emanuele III, minister Sirianni and general Pelloux, minister of King Umberto I. Decree of King Vittorio Emanuele III, with handwritten signature, in


AA.VV. - (Manuscript on vellum, Venice - Noble Archive): Aloysius Contareno Dei Gratia Dux Venetiarum, … - 1677

In-4to, manuscript in Italian of 53 cards on parchment, different hands, the incipit of the 5 sections is dedicated to the Doge in office, réhaussés à la feuille d'or and with floral elements; Red velvet binding on wooden boards, worn and without plaques in the center of the


A Le Moine - Les témoins de la résurreciton de Jésus Christ examinés et jugés selon les règles du Barreau. - 1753

In Le Moine, The witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus Christ examined and judged according to the rules of the Bar. Paris, Tilliard, 1753. In-12, [4]-XX-367-[3]p. New, partly original edition of this interesting work, written by an Anglican pastor, and intended to be a


Handschrift und Miniatur-Malerei - Moghul-Kunst - Jaipur - Gemälde - kaiserliche Dynastie - Unikat mit vielen Goldverzierungen - 18. Jahrhundert - 1720/1750

Mughal art. Manuscript and Miniature Painting. imperial dynasty. Unique with many gold decorations. India, Jaipur- 1720-1750. Mughal miniatures. Original painting depicting the imperial dynasty - 18th century. Hunting scene and pleasure garden. Dimensions: 27cm x 18cm. Mughal


黒田 清輝, 4 Japanese original hand drawn and handwritten paintings/illustrator's signature - Japanese Artist Kuroda Seiki, Japanese HAIKU & HAIGA Paintings - NANGA, Imperial Academy of Fine - 1890

Imperial Academy of Fine Arts. 黒田 清輝 Kuroda Seiki. 4 JAPANESE HAIKU SEALS and 4 HAIGA PAINTINGS - NANGA. Watercolor - Hand signed - 1890. Beautiful illustrations drawn and colored entirely by hand by the artist. with poetic descriptive manuscripts. All paintings were made in the


Tripitaka Koreana - Chronik über die 3 Königreiche Goguryeo, Baekje und Silla - Mandschurei - Reichseinigung, König Taejo, Die 3 Reiche Koreas, Guri-si- Provinz Gyeonggi-do, Korea 15.Jahrhundert - 1450

TRIPITAKA KOREANA. Chronicle of the 3 kingdoms of Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla. Manchuria and Korean Peninsula. Empire unification, King Taejo. The 3 kingdoms of Korea. Guri-si Gyeonggi-do Province, Korea around 1450. 4 double sheets = 8 pages. Dimensions per double sheet 31cm x


Pierre Sonnerat - Voyage aux Indes orientales et à la Chine (Travel to the East Indies and China) - 1782

FIRST OCTAVO EDITION in three (3) volumes of this "celebrated classic of natural history exploration and discoveries in the Far East" (Hill). The author, SONNERAT Pierre (1748-1814) travelled to India, China, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea, Malaysia,


Pierre-Jean de Béranger - Important Manuscrit Des Dernières Chansons - 1834/1851

[Manuscrit] Pierre-Jean de Béranger, Manuscrit des chansons posthumes. Paris, 1834 to 1851. 198ff. Exceptionnel manuscrit, pièce maîtresse de Béranger, regroupant ses dernières chansons. En. 1833. il promet de ne plus publier de nouveauté. promises that he holds the exception of


Amilcare Ponchielli - Raro manoscritto musicale autografo e firmato della sua romanza “Dio Amore” - 1855

PONCHIELLI AMILCARE: (1834-1886) Italian Composer. Best remembered for his opera La Gioconda (1876) based on a play by Victor Hugo. An exceptional and rare M.S., `Ponchielli´, seven pages, oblong folio, stave paper, n.p., n.d. Signed by Ponchielli to the heading of the front


Le Corbusier [Charles Édouard Jeanneret-Gris] - Lettre autographe signée à Mr. Stefan Osusky - 1929

1 page, 4to, on Jeanneret Architecte letterhead. Le Corbusier sends the influential Czechoslovak ambassador to France photographs (not present) for two projects linked to the architectural competition organized in the 1920s to choose a project for the complex intended to house


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