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Maurice Ravel - Scrap books by Edith Woodcock signed by Ravel - 1914/1930

3 scrap books of concert programs of many legendary performing artists form early 1900s. One program contains the autograph of the composer Ravel.


Félix Le Couppey, pianiste français - Lettre autographe signée - 1881

Signed autograph letter, dated October 5, 1881. With Archives Ménestrel stamp. "My dear friend, I am sending you 12 copies. of my new Collection and asks you to insert this announcement twice, fifteen days apart. If you want more, say the word. If, in addition, you could pass on


Félix Le Couppey, pianiste français - Lettre autographe signée - 1861

Autograph letter signed. "My dear friend, Since the article in question does not fit into your ideas, let's not talk about it any further. I wrote another with the title: Can a teacher, without inconvenience, abandon the study of the piano? I will let you know, in case the


Ignace Leybach, pianiste français - Lettre autographe signée, adressée à Heugel - 1883

Signed autograph letter addressed to Heugel, and dated August 28, 1883. With Archives Ménestrel stamp. “Dear Mr. Heugel! With these lines, you will receive my fantasy about Lakmé, I would be delighted if it had your approval. I deeply regretted not having been able to use the


Ignace Leybach, pianiste français - Lettre autographe signée, adressée à Heugel - 1876

Signed autograph letter addressed to Heugel, and dated July 11, 1876. With Archives Ménestrel stamp. “Dear Mr. Heugel. With this letter you will receive the manuscript of the brilliant waltz (The Nebulae) which I spoke to you about, I hope you will find it to your liking. I


Jean-de-Dieu Soult [Ancien président du Conseil des ministres de France] - Document de l'Armée d'Angleterre, certificat de blessure, avec apostille et signature autographe - 1798

Document from the Army of England, certificate of injury, with apostille and autograph signature of Jean-de-Dieu SOULT, dated August 17, 1798. Reminder dimensions: 23.8 x 37.7 cm. Condition: See photos for details. Jean-de-Dieu Soult, 1st Duke of Dalmatia, born March 29, 1769


[NASA] - Photographie signée par Peggy Whitson - 2000

Peggy Whitson signed this photo, appraised by Beckett accompanied by her certificate of authenticity, her unique number which is affixed to the signed photo, and which is listed on the Beckett website. Peggy Whitson is a biochemistry researcher and NASA Astronaut. First woman to


Lucebert - Van de afgrond en de luchtmens [+ 13 andere boeken] - 1953

Lot of 14 publications by or about Lucebert. 1. Of the Abyss and the Sky Man; Stols 1953, 1st edition; copy with 2 extra blank pages; 19.7 x 12.3 cm; 61p.; beautiful. 2. Fall for fly god; The Busy Bee 1959; 18 x 10.8 cm; 80p.; very good. 3. Triangle in the jungle; collection


Henri IV - Document manuscrit signé par Henri IV - 1582

Manuscript document under Henri IV, King of Navarre, signed by his hand, in 1582. Countersigned by his secretary, Odet de Mazelières. "By the King of Navarre" Reminder dimensions: 29.6 x 21 cm. Condition: Double leaflet almost disassembled. See photos for details. Henri IV,


Willem Frederik Hermans - Zeldzaam omslag van De tranen der acacia’s - 1950

Rare cover of the second edition of The Tears of the Acacias. Professionally and expensively restored by the book restorer Hans Pieterse in 2016, invoice attached. Including a second edition from 1950 in fair condition.


Marie-Joseph Chénier - Billet autographe signé concernant un de ses ouvrages - 1800

"Here is the note that Mr Arnaud promised me to insert at the bottom of the page where my work begins. It in no way contradicts the class order; since there is only one editor who signs everything the report; it only states an incontestable fact; it is that my work is My work. My


Albert Dorrington - De Radium-Duivel - 1912

Albert Dorrington - The Radium Devil. From English by C. Moresco-Brants - The Hague, Johannes Morks, n.d. (circa 1912) - 2 volumes in 1 volume. decorated linen with gold lettering and decoration. Condition: good to yellow good. *Translation of The Radium Terrors (1911) by the


Russische Bibliotheek; Tsjechow, Gogol, Gontsjarow, Pisemski en Saltykow - Lot met dertien delen uit de reeks - 1953

Thirteen volumes from the famous Russian library, published by G.A. van Oorschot in Amsterdam. All volumes are bound in linen, have dust jackets and are printed on thin-print paper. 1. Anton P. Chekhov, Collected works. 1953 - 1956. Part 1. Stories 1882 -1886. 674 p. Part 2.


Adolf Gantzert - Schets en Teekenboek - 1930

Rare children's book, cloth spine, spine loose, pages sometimes reinforced with tape, front cover decorated, publisher and date unknown (but probably sometime during the 1930s), printed on one side with drawing examples for children, some sketches present. "Adolf Carl Eduard


Charles Pinot Duclos - Philosophe - Secrétaire perpétuel de l'Académie Française - Lettre autographe signée à Mr Ducarel - Doctors Commons à Londres - 1763

"'...One cannot be more SATISFIED than I was WITH THE ENGLISH..." Paris, July 6, 1763. Letter to Monsieur Ducarel Doctor of Laws at Doctors Commons. with note on the back in English. "Mr Duclos thanks from L'Académie Française to Dr for his present of his Anglo-Norman


J.H. Speenhoff - Liedjes, Wijzen en Prentjes [+ originele brief in envelop] - 1916

8 oblong books with verses and drawings by Koos Speenhoff, published 1916 - 1921. Jacobus Hendrikus Speenhoff was a Dutch poet-singer, illustrator and painter. He played a pioneering role in Dutch cabaret. This concerns 4 hardcover books, parts 1 to 4, 1916. 1 hardcover


Nicolò Paganini - Autograph statement - 1825

Rare autograph statement, unsigned, one page, oblong 12mo, n.p., n.d. (1834), in Italian. On a partially printed page removed from a diary and bearing dates 23rd & 24th January, Paganini has boldly written, translated from the Italian in full: "With the Cross and with the Sword -


Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy - Letter opener made from the yew tree in Mendelssohn's Berlin garden - 1821

Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix] Letter opener made from the yew tree in Mendelssohn's Berlin garden. finely carved in yew, with foliage ornamentation to hilt, length 25.5cm, manuscript note to small piece of card tied with red thread to the centre of the opener ("Vom Taxusbaum


Hendrik van Heijningen - Handboek der bijbelsche geschiedenis - 1820

Hendrik van Heijningen - Handbook of Biblical History - The Hague and Rotterdam, S. de Visser and J. van Baalen, 1820 - first edition - (4) + 334 pp. - original leather binding with blind stamping (including large rectangular medallions) and gold print (also on the edges);


Boekenweek; J. Tersteeg - De uitgever en zijn bedrijf - 1930

Predecessor of the Book Week Gift, circulation 35,000 copies. Rare. Booklet in very good condition for its age. Cover discolored and slightly stained. Edges of cover slightly frayed with small tears. Top edge with rust spots. Interior very good and tight with a rust spot here


Paul Valery - Manuscrit autographe signé. Celle qui sort de l'onde [Naissance de Vénus] - 1

Signed poetic manuscript. "Celle qui sort de l'onde" (This is the primitive version of his poem: "Naissance de Vénus") "La voici ! fleur antique et d'écume fumante. La nymphe magnifique et joyeuse, la chair. Que parfume l'esprit vagabond de la mer. Celle qu'une eau légère


Le Corbusier [Charles Édouard Jeanneret-Gris] - Lettre autographe signée à Mr. Stefan Osusky - 1929

1 page, 4to, on Jeanneret Architecte letterhead. Le Corbusier sends the influential Czechoslovak ambassador to France photographs (not present) for two projects linked to the architectural competition organized in the 1920s to choose a project for the complex intended to house


Evangelische Gezangen (...) - 'Hervormd kerkgenootschap - Sneek 1863' - 1849

N.N. - Evangelical Hymns, to be used alongside the book of Psalms in public religion in the Dutch Reformed Churches (...) - Amsterdam, J. Brandt and son / Haarlem, Johannes Enschede and Sons / Groningen, inherit R.J. Schierbeek & Heyningen Bosch, 1849 - (8) + 155 pp. -


Victor Considérant - Philosophe - Lettre autographe signée à Lamartine - 1845

Autograph letter signed by the philosopher Victor Considerant dated September 22, 1845 and addressed to Alphonse de Lamartine in which he asks him to receive proofs of Lamartine's journal, "Le Bien public", in time to be able to insert the articles from it in his own newspaper


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