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Magnus (Raviola, Roberto) - tavola originale per Vendetta Macumba

Spettacolare tavola autografata del maestro Roberto Raviola (Magnus). Vendetta Macumba è il lavoro immediatamente successivo a La Compagnia della Forca e spicca qui un tratto sempre più raffinato e deciso, tipico dei lavori più maturi di Magnus. La tavola presenta due pecette


Suske en Wiske - Borden van Suske en Wiske, Bob et Bobbette - zie beschrijving - 10 Crockery

Collection Suske and Wiske (Bob et Bobette) consisting of. 4 breakfast plates, diameter 20.5 cm, new condition. 4 dessert plates, diameter 17.5 cm, new condition. 2 candles, minor damage, see photos. photos are part of the description. Everything is carefully packed.


Telluro City - Matériel d'édition Chagor/Gordinne - Ensemble de films d'impression sur calque - 1 Printing equipment - 1948

UNIQUE. Box from Chagor editions containing all the celluloid films for the story "Telluro City" by Yves Mondet. This box contains: 15 folders containing: 1 film of the comic strips. 1 film of texts in French. 1 film of texts in Flemish. 1 monochrome film. Rare, very


Milo Manara - 2 press - Milo Manara

Size: 29 x 38.5 cm Printed in 1998. High-quality Fedrigoni cardboard. Hand signed with initials by Milo Manara Careful protective packaging, shipping via international courier.


Hergé - 1 Story Board - Cartoon “The Temple of the Sun” - Tintin

One of the rare story board pages "The Temple of the Sun" composed of sketches of scenes and original texts pasted on each panel to define the timing of the scenes in this cartoon produced by Belvision. This story board is from a folder marked "The Temple of the Sun".


Aroutcheff - Spirou et Fantasio - Véhicule Aroutcheff Turbo numéro 5

Aroutcheff Spirou and Fantasio Turbo vehicle number 5. number 172/999. Certificate. original box


Leblon Delienne - Collection Tralala - Boule & Bill - Pêchant l’os

Very pretty resin piece made by Leblond Delienne representing the famous comic book characters Boule and Bill fishing for a bone. This piece from 2002 is part of the Tralala collection licensed by the designer Jean Roba (words engraved on the base) This item in new condition will


Suske en Wiske RV-23 - De ijzeren schelvis - 1 Album - First edition - 1955

1st edition Suske and Wiske no. 23 - The iron haddock. book block reattached, as well as center page. name on the front cover. solid book block.


Spirou (magazine) - Recueil Nr 20 - 1 Album - First edition - 1946

20X29CM. Some stories are in black and white, while spirou, red rider, tarzan, are in bright colors. Magazine of a certain age, so shows some signs of wear.


Tex - La conquista del West - 1 Album - First edition - 1986

TEX THE CONQUEST OF THE WEST. Rare hardback volume by TEX WILLER. Fully colour. In excellent condition (cover and pages slightly yellowed). Shipping costs from Switzerland included in the offer.


Les Voleurs d'Empire T1 à T7 - Série complète - 7x C - 7 Album - First edition - 1993/2002

THE THIEVES OF EMPIRE: Volumes T1 to T7 in EO (1993/2002), Scenario: Dufaux Jean / Drawing: Jamar Martin, in new condition, no trace of reading, 1. Thieves of Empires 09/1993, in "First edition" and in new condition, 2. Flowers of skin 01/1995, in "First edition" and in new


Anna Marabelli, Claudia Galimberti, Ilaria Isaia - 1 Original page - Paperinik - Il Terribile Tocco - I EZP9606-1 - 1996

Second original table for the story published in 1996 and scripted by Sisti and Isaia. Pencil and ink on two cards, each 21x29.5 cm. Excellent condition.


Pixi - Asterix - 2367 - Le Gui sous la neige

One of the very beautiful creations of the Pixi workshops. Our copy has never been exhibited and is complete with its original box and certificate. Reference: 2367. Collection: UDERZO: Asterix Classic. Presentation: Red box and certificate. Case back: None. Edition: 360 copies.


Vortex - 8 Albums - 8x C - 8 Album - First edition - 1993/2003

Mythical and rare series in this condition. Condition: Album 7. Tess Wood & Campbell - 7 (one corner tapped + slight depression at the bottom of the back) the photos were taken in close-up. 1. Tess Wood, prisoner of the future - 1 DL 10/93. 2. Tess Wood, prisoner of the


Frejo, Emilio - 1 Original colour page - Judge Dredd - Exterminator VI -Page 6 - 1994

Fantastic original Judge Dredd page, painted in watercolour and inks by Emilio Frejo. This is the original art painted for page 6 of 2000ad Prog 924. The story follows Judge Dredd travelling back in time to 2001 to kill people carrying an alien virus. The page still has its


Noir - lotto 4x noir assortiti n.1 Racconti polizieschi - Os 117 - Dany Coler - Tenente Krabb - 4 Comic - First edition - 1966

lot of 4x assorted noirs all n.1. Detective Stories - Os 117 - Dany Coler - Lieutenant Krabb. Good condition, light signs of aging. Os 117 of return


Savage Sword of Conan # 4, 5 & 8 Bronze Age Gems! - Painted cover art by Boris Vallejo and Frank Brunner. - Stapled - First edition - (1974/1975)

Savage Sword of Conan #4, 5 & 8. #4. Grade: 6.0 Fine. Price tag on cover. #5. Grade: 6.0 Fine. Price tag on cover. #8. Grade: 6.0 Fine. Story by Roy Thomas, Gil Kane & Bruce Jones. rt by John Buscema, Neal Adams, Rich Corben, Gil Kane & Bruce Jones. Please see photos, as they


Captain America Golden Age Captain America Comics Omnibus Hardcover - (2014 Marvel) 1st Print. SEALED! Jack Kirby art! - Hardcover - First edition - (2014)

Captain America Golden Age Captain America Comics Omnibus Hardcover - (2014 Marvel) 1st Print. SEALED! Lee Weeks Cover. 1st Edition - Volume 1 - 1st printing. Collects Captain America Comics (1941-1954 Golden Age) #1-12. Cover by Lee Weeks and Dean White. Steve Rogers might


Masbou, Jean-Luc - 1 Colour pencil drawing - Baron de Munchausen

Very beautiful original direct color illustration, A5 format, signed Masbou and produced on very thick drawing paper. ..who better than Jean -Luc Masbou, the designer of “Cape et de Crocs”, to depict Baron de Münchausen, album published by DELCOURT on October 28, 2020.


Finkel T1 à T4 + 2x ex-libris - 4x C - 4 Album - First edition - 1994/1997

The first four volumes of Finkel in Original Edition with two beautiful numbered and signed bookplates. In very good condition, friction on the plates, see photo.


Suske en Wiske BR-06 - De gezanten van Mars - 1 Album - First edition - 1957

Blue series - Suske and Wiske, The envoys from Mars. 1st edition. back somewhat repaired. book block reattached. top left corner of back cover. beautiful book block


De Moor, Bob - 1 Original page - Oorlog in het heelal - 1950

Original page (page 20) of the story 'War in the Universe' that appeared in 'Ons Volkske' in the period 1949-1950. The page measures 25 by 32.5 cm. This story first appeared in the Science Fiction issue of Ciso in 1971. View the photos, they are part of the description.


Tony Fernandez - Donald Duck Inspired By Pablo Picasso's "La Demoiselle" (1929) - Original Painting

✦ Hand signed by Tony Fernandez. ✦ Ready to frame. ✦ CoA included. This magnificent painting of Donald Duck is inspired by Pablo Picasso's oil painting "La Demoiselle [Tête]" completed in 1929 while the artist lived in Cannes. This original artwork was created by Disney artist


Moulinsart - Tintin - Figurine Moulinsart 46246 - Haddock et le Bourgogne vieux - Collection Rêves et Cauchemars

Haddock and old Burgundy. Dream and nightmare series. Year 2010. 1000ex. Ref 46246. Metal figurine. Pixi for Moulinsart. Box and certificate


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