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Door (2) - Napoleon III - Brass, Bronze - Late 19th century

Beautiful pair of French brass doors with their frames, probably from the end of the 19th or beginning of the 20th century. Even rarer, the set is equipped with a removable base for the floor which raises the whole. This is very thick solid bronze, extremely strong. Very


Vase (1) - Neoclassical - Ceramic

The vase is in good general condition, elegant, refined and with very clear colours. it was fixed on the neck. repair well highlighted in the last photo.



Very beautiful antique Umbrella parasol made of silk and lace. France Approx. 1860. The dimensions are as follows: Length: 99cm. The width of the unfolded parasol is 80 cm. Has some signs of wear, see photos, in my opinion in authentic condition. The lot will be carefully


Nested cup weights (1) - Beautiful old ‘Sluit- of pijl-gewicht/ bechergewicht / nesting weights’ (500 gram) - Brass - Brass

A closing or arrow weight, consisting of a container with 5 weights / cups that fit together. Each part is a weight and so are all parts together. The lid is stamped with: 500 G mark. All cups have stamps on the inside, see attached photos. In the Middle Ages, this form of weight


Thomas Cartier (1879-1943) - Sculpture, Lion à l'affût, Longueur 47 cm - 31 cm - Ceramic

Very beautiful ceramic animal sculpture with bronze patina. Entitled “lion on the prowl” Signed Thomas-François Cartier (1879-1943) early 20th century. in good condition, note some patina changes. Animal sculptor. Signed & titled on cartridge. Signed Thomas CARTIER. Length:


Frame - Bamboo, Wood

6 frames in real bamboo supported by a wooden profile 50x60 cm internal, band 6.5 cm wide and 5.5 cm high. Individually boxed


Writing table (4) - Wood

Antique Poor Art Desk. Of great charm and elegance, made of fine wood. Accompanied by three chairs, also Arte Povera. In good overall condition, testifying to the passage of time with signs of wear which, however, do not affect the beauty, shape and integrity of these unique


Fauteuil en cabriolet - Louis XV Style - Beech - 19th/20th century

A 19th century black painted beech wood ladies armchair, made in the 18th century Louis XV style. The armchair has an elegant shape and the woodwork is very beautifully crafted/decorated with stylized carving in curlicue & rocaille motifs. The armchair has recently been newly


Sculpture, Coppia di cimase sovraporta del ‘900 - in legno e oro (recupero architettonico) - 20 cm - Wood

Pair of 20th century cornices in carved, gilded and lacquered wood. Architectural recovery. They were originally two components of a lockable drawer cabinet from the early twentieth century. From the 1900s, painting and gilding recently carried out for conservation purposes -


Casket - box - Brass, Wood - First half 20th century

British colonial box - box with brass applications, probably British/Indian colony around 1900 - 1940!! •Colony of the British Empire. •Probably an Indian colony. •Export Good for the English market. Mighty heavy box made with hand-rolled brass sheet work... A type of redwood,


Fors Console Ornament - Verguld Acanthusblad - Console table - Gold-plated, Wood

Special and large French 19th century gilded console, decorated with large acanthus leaves. This is a gold on gesso wall table that is sculpted from "a" piece of wood. This wall ornament is an antique eye-catcher! Please look at the photos, they are an integral part of the


Vase (2) - Napoleon III Style - Porcelain

Pair of antique vases made of French porcelain 'Porcelain de Paris'; the delicate and colourful hand-painted decorations depict two rural landscapes; while on the back the vases are white with light leaf designs in pure gold; the two vases are finished at the base, handles and


Religious objects - Reliquary ''True Cross''- Ex lignum Crucis D.N.J.C. - Bronze, Crystal, Silk, Silver - 1750-1800

Ex lignum Crucis D.N.J.C. - Wood from the cross of Domini Nostri Jesus Christi (Our Lord Jesus Christ). Rare Sacred Relic True Cross of Jesus Christ in bronze Reliquary box with crystal window (9 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm.) --------------------------------------------------


Naar Charles Masse (1855-1913) - Sculpture, Fortune - 45 cm - Spelter

Spelter Sculpture - clock statue by Charles Masse (1855 - 1913) depicting fortune. Original patina. Not polished. Completely in perfect condition, so no cracks or the like. Only had a new soldering point under the screw plate (see photo), so nothing shocking! Photos were taken


Tile (1) - Antique Delft tile with rare profession - merchant in ribbons. - 1625 - 1650.

A rare image of a merchant in ribbons - lintkramer - on a Delft tile from the 2nd quarter of the 17th century. A kramer, also cremer or meersman, (merse is old Dutch for merchandise) was a retailer who went door to door with his goods. You couldn't imagine it being sold:


Wine glass (2) - Glass

2 Bohemian crystal glasses made in the 19th century. Glasses are hand-engraved with a hunting scene. Presumably with uberfang technology. Dimensions - 13.5 cm high and 9 cm in diameter. Glasses are carefully packaged and shipped with track and trace.


Sculpture, Madonna 17e - 18e eeuw - 66 cm - Oak

Wooden (solid oak) sculpture depicting "Mary with Child". Finely sculpted figure with beautiful details and dark patina. This work dates from the late 17th century - early 18th century. Origin: Germany. The height is 66 cm. Age damage and defects. The hand of the Madonna and


Frame - Wood

Glory card frame, from the second half of the 18th century. Entirely hand-carved, it has a decorated cymatium, 2 legs on the sides with oval-shaped lights and lacquered in silver. No defects, anti-worm treatment carried out and patina from the time and measures 40x38 cm.


Textile - 93 cm

Fabric from around the mid-19th century of ecclesiastical origin entirely embroidered with gold and silver threads. These types of artefacts were made by nuns in convents to decorate and embellish churches, altars, vestments and even priestly robes. The embroidery is in very good


Da grotta - Stool - Piano stool - Wood

Cave piano stool in walnut carved in the shape of a shell and adjustable in height. Venetian manufacture of the nineteenth century. The ''cave'' furnishings, often in the form of shells or sea creatures, were originally created for the artificial caves in the gardens of the noble


Tile - 1600-1650

Beautiful 17th century tile with the decor of a monkey in a squared postage stamp. Monkeys appear very rarely on 17th century tiles. No restoration, etc. size 13.3 x 13.3 x1.4 cm. corners burgundy lily. All in all a beautiful thick 17th century tile. This tile will be well


Plate - Huwelijks bord - Pewter

18 century pewter wedding plate marked twice on the back of photo 5. On the front a crown with a large rooster on it with a wide edge. Condition. Particularly beautiful quality and patin decorations, not restored and in original condition. Wold wide Shipping & secure packaged,


Clock case - Display cabinet - Bronze, Gilt, Wood

Clock case. Originating from France. In well-preserved condition. Dimensions: Height: 50.5 cm. Width: 16 cm. Length: 41 cm. Weight: 1.7 kg. Professional packaging + shipping with track & trace. #salvagecollection


Baccarat - Jug (1) - Crystal

Iridescent crackled Crystal Jug by Baccarat. Circa end XIX - early XX century. The jug for Champagne wine. A resembling model with refreshing ice pocket from Baccarat Catalog is attached, and a similar model, that was sold be me earlier are attached as an example. The carafe can


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