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From gold to silver, ceramics to glass. From exclusive furniture to works of art. Finding a beautiful antique has never been easier than with our online antique auctions. 

Buying antiques is more than just a hobby. Collectors of antiques strive to find that unique piece of history—both tangible and beautiful—to hold in their hands. One of the draws of antiques is the age of the items. Owning objects that are hundreds of years old allows us to gain an insight into the past and collecting objects from our favourite periods in history is a thrill unlike any other. 

And the craftsmanship of antique items is something else. Pre-industrial pieces crafted over years of careful labour, beautiful materials and soft, supple designs. Owning a piece of history and knowing the hours of craftsmanship put into a piece is incredible. 

The Thrill of the Find

We’re drawn to collecting antiques for the thrill of the find. Scouring auctions, antique shops, hidden market stalls for that unique piece of history to add to your collection. When we find that perfect piece, it can feel as if all those who have owned it before us are calling through the centuries to us, beckoning us to take home a prize. 

Antiques whisper stories from the past to us in the present. Collecting antiques allows us to listen to those stories in the modern day, to fill our homes with unique and historical items, to create an elegant and refined style of our own. Inspired by the fashions and exceptionally crafted items of the past, we write our own chapter. 

Beyond the historical, antiques are a valuable investment. Materials such as silver, jewellery, furniture, handmade lace and linens increase in value over time. Their delicate intricacies become rarer and more obscure through time. 

Our online antique auctions are the perfect place to start your antique collection. Discover something valuable and a legacy worth preserving.

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