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Blake & Mortimer - Intégrale Les 3 formules du professeur Sato + ex-libris - 2x C + coffret - TL - (2015)

Blake & Mortimer box set contains: The complete 2 albums The 3 formulas of Professor Sato (Volume 1 and 2 with unpublished sketches and photos. The limited edition is 1500 copies only. + The exceptional album cutting of the album. + A numbered bookplate. + The rigid cardboard box


Capitan America - . - Stapled - First edition - (1973/1975)

Captain America 10 issues and precisely: numbers 2-8-9-13-17-21-22-51-56-57. First Editorial Edition Horn in excellent condition with normal wear over time as shown in the attached photos. They will be sent well packaged and with tracked shipping


Fumetti n. 1 Tutto Bonelli - 52 albi assortiti varie testate - Softcover - (1975/2023)

Lot of 52 comics, all number 1, from different Bonelli publications... the books are described by the photos, in excellent general condition, from the 70s onwards. The characters are Tex, Dylan Dog, Zagor, Akim, Dampyr, Mister No, Martin Mystere, Nathan Never, Magico Vento, Legs,


Collana Audace Kociss 3 - Il Dio Verde - Softcover - First edition - (1959)

Supplement to the Audace Series. Rare collection. Year 1959. N°3 The Green God (Kociss) I report a small stamp on the front cover and on the first page of the cartoon. No restoration. Delivery within 24/48 hours from notification of payment by Catawiki.


American Indian Writer, Ken Parker Collection - Ken Parker Magazine etc. - Softcover - (1992/2014)

Ken Parker, albums in good condition, with normal wear over time. No. 1 to 18 Ken Parker Magazine (with no. 11 still packaged and poster attached) No. 1 to 4, Ken Parker Collection. Panini Comics. N° 1 to 5 Ken Parker American Indian Writer. Mondadori Editions. Ken Parker


Dylan Dog n. 1 - "L'alba dei morti viventi" - Softcover - First edition - (1986)

Original Dylan Dog number 1 from 1986, in excellent condition, always kept in an envelope


Dylan Dog 2 - Jack lo squartatore - Softcover - First edition - (1986)

Number 2 from my private DYD collection. No pen or pencil marks, surcharge sticker. In good condition.


Capitan America - Marvel-Corno 80/117 - Stapled - First edition - (1976/1977)

Captain America 12xalbi and precisely: nn 80-81-85-93-95-99-100-107-111-112-114-117. First Edition Editorial Horn in good condition as per attached photos, many are also packaged. They will be sent well packaged and with tracked shipping


Il Mitico Thor 10/12-19-30-32-55-58-63-64 - 10x Albi - Stapled - First edition - (1971/1972)

The Mythical Thor no. 10Xalbi of the Historic Marvel Edition - Horn. Numbers 10-11-12-19-30-32-55-58-63-64. First Edition 1971-1972 in excellent condition, 10 stapled albums. There are no torn pages, or tape or anything else (see attached photos). They will be carefully packaged


Hulk e i Difensori novembre 19 x albi Corno assortiti - del 1975 - Stapled

the lot offers 19 assorted horn comics from 1975- and they are the following numbers. Hulk and the Defenders new horn series 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10- 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-20-26-27-total 19 albums from the 70s. No. used with signs of aging, some are to be returned. the others in good -


Blake & Mortimer T7 - L’Énigme de l’Atlantique - C + emboitage - TL - (1988)

Luxury print Bordeaux canvas collection limited edition of 1500 copies from Dargaud. Blake & Mortimer. The Enigma of the Atlantic. Published in 1988 - Numbered. In its Bordeaux box. A visible stain at the bottom left of the box and a little worn by 2cm. The album is in excellent


Magnus - Raccolta stampe Dedicato a Magnus

Folder containing 10 Magnus prints, as shown in the photo. Cartellina, Florence 11-12 May 1996, limited edition 172/200. Excellent condition, slight wear on the folder, prints in excellent condition. The photos are an integral part of the description.


Milo Manara - Verano Indio de Milo Manara nun 1,2,3,Messalina,Astrosex - Softcover - First edition (1999)

Complete Indian summer series collection by Milo Manara, first edition, 1999, in paperback, Editorial standard. Comic Ostrasex, a graphic story for adults. First edition, 1984. J sources editions. Spanish comic Messalina, 1977 editions Miguel Vidal Galán. Original figure of Milo


Adam Wild nn. 1/26 - Collezione Completa - Softcover - First edition - (2014/2016)

Adam Wild - Complete collection Adam Wild 1/26 Bonelli - Paperback - First edition - (2014/2016) Excellent general conditions


Super Almanacco Paperino 3/66 - Vari titoli - (1980/1985)

Donald Duck's Super Almanac. Series composed of 52 numbers in excellent condition which are: 3/25-27/31-34/36-40-43-44-46-48-50/54-56/66.


Diabolik - La morte di Eva - (1967)

Iconic album. Key number. Difficult to find in these conditions. With sticker. With very small crease on back cover, see photo. For demanding collectors.


Dylan Dog nn. 300/399 - 100x albi in sequenza completa - Softcover - First edition - (2011/2019)

Original Dylan dogs from number 300 to 399, enjoy reading


Tex, Almanacco del West nn. 1/22 - sequenza completa - Softcover - First edition - (1994/2015)

First 22 issues in like new condition. Always kept in the library.


Dylan Dog nn. 1/22 - Albo Gigante - Softcover - First edition - (1993/2013)

Complete series of giant Dylan Dogs. The first 3 numbers are slightly worn from reading and age. The others read once and placed in the library. The 21st and 22nd are rare. See photos.


Topolino 2001/2100 completa - Vari titoli - Softcover - First edition - (1994/1996)

Mickey Mouse sequence booklet 2001/2100 complete in mixed condition: good/very good/excellent.


Devil, Fantastici Quattro, Uomo Ragno prima serie - (tutti edizione gigante) Fantastici Quattro n.1 e 2 - Uomo Ragno n. 35 e 38 - Devil dal n. 1 al 25 - Stapled - First edition - (1977/1979)

Fantastic Four, Devil, Spider-Man first series - (all giant edition) Fantastic Four n.1 and 2 - Spider-Man n. 35 and 38 - Devil from n. 1 to 25. (no. 18 is missing) - Stapled - First edition - (1977/1979)


Thor prima serie - Il Mitico Thor n.17,33 e 40 - Thor e I Vendicatori/Capitan America n. 114,149,152,153,155,156,168... - Stapled - First edition - (1971/1979)

Thor first series - The Mythical Thor n.17,33 and 40 - Thor and The Avengers/Captain America n. 114,149,152,153,155,156,168, from 170 to 205, from 215 to 220.


Topolino 2101/2200 completa - Vari titoli - Softcover - First edition - (1996/1998)

Mickey Mouse sequence booklet 2101/2200 complete in mixed condition: good/very good/excellent.


ワンピース (One Piece) - Part 1 EP1 BOX/East Sea Special Storage BOX Volumes 1-12 Set - Softcover - Reprint

[Product condition] ★Unopened item. ★Comes with a shipping box/There is some damage to the shipping box. ★The special storage box containing volumes 1 to 12 is unopened and comes with a shrink box. ★There may be damage, scratches, or stains that are not shown in the images, so


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