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Luigi da Venezia (Luigi Bellotti) - Lettera - 1928

Luigi Bellotti was an architect, chemist, physicist, draftsman, historian and painter, as well as a professor of psychology and philosophy at the Voltaire University in France. And he was a medium, very well known especially during the twenty years of fascism, so much so that the


Annibale Zucchini e altri - Corrispondenza su Fausto Pirandello - 1949

Fausto Pirandello correspondence with museums and institutions. The lot contains 5 pieces from a private collection concerning the painter Fausto Pirandello. The first is a typed letter on headed paper (A4) from 1949 in which, on the occasion of the First Exhibition of Italian


Emblema impero napoleonico - 4 lettere di cambio valuta del 1811 - 1813

4 letters of exchange from 1811-1812-1813 with emblem of the Napoleonic empire, embossed stamp, place of negotiation and the city of Terni and for payment the city of Rome, the letters have 4 different amounts from 1000 to 2000, from 3000 to 4000, from 4000 to 5000 and from 5000


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Gaetano Primavera - Atlante di microscopia clinica - 1886

Spring Gaetano. Atlas of Clinical Microscopy done entirely in chromolithography composed of sixty-eight large plates each with six circular figures for the Specialist Doctor Gaetano Primavera employed at the Clinical Hospital of Naples.Stab. Lit. V. Petruzzelli, 1886. 4th, pp.


Bastiano De' Rossi / Accademia della Crusca - Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca - 1623

Volume weight 3 kg, 950 numbered pages + 40 final pages (80 pages)


Marco Guazzo - Historie Tutti i fatti degni di memoria nel mondo successi dal MDXXIII sino a l'anno MDXLIX - 1549

Histories by M. Marco Guazzo of all the facts worthy of memory in the world that occurred from MDXXIIII up to the year MDXLIX. Good state of conservation. Internally in excellent condition. Small defects on the cover as shown in the photo. 329 numbered pages and 8 unnumbered


Vasari - Vite de' più eccellenti pittori, scultori et architetti - 1647

RENAISSANCE REVEALED: SPLENDID ILLUSTRATED EDITION OF VASARI'S "LIVES" A beautiful illustrated copy from 1647 with 152 portraits engraved on wood. The most complete edition of Giorgio Vasari's masterful work. Discover the stories, intrigues and brilliant moments of creativity


Carlo Franchi - Difesa per la fedelissima città dell' Aquila - 1752

Defense for the faithful city of L'Aquila against the claims of the castles, lands and villages, which made up the ancient L'Aquila countryside around the weight of the Buonatenenza. Carlo Franchi, 1752 Naples. In full parchment with handwritten title on the spine. 6 blank pages


Bardi Giovanni - Memorie del calcio fiorentino tratte da diverse scritture - 1688

Fourth edition of this very rare reference work on football. Very important. The previous editions are unobtainable and this one is also difficult to find and of great value. Florence, Printing House of S.A.S. alla Condotta, 1688. In 4°, 6 pp. + 106 pp. Half-title, frontispiece


Tasso / Tempesta - La Gerusalemme Liberata - 1735

ART & PASSION: JERUSALEM IS REBORN IN THE SPLENDID ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE STORM. IN FOLIO. Very elegant Urbino edition of Gerusalemme Liberata enriched by 20 splendid copper engravings by Arnold van Westerhout at the beginning of each canto. The table of the fourth canto was


Giuseppe Flajani - Osservazioni pratiche sopra l’amputazione degli articoli - 1791

Practical maintenance of the amputation of the item, the invecchiate the use of the arm, the idrocefalo, and the panareccio. In-8 period half-calf, long spine decorated with a title label and borders, 203 x 124, Roma, 1791. First edition. Rare work. Vignette with the arms [of


Poggio Bracciolini - Historia Florentina - 1476

First editions in vernacular. Poggius Florentinus (Bracciolini) and Leonardus Brunus Aretinus works in a volume containing their histories of Florence, printed in 1476 and comprising: POGGIUS BRACCIOLINI, Florentinus (1380-1459). Historia Florentina (in Italian, translated by


Alberti L.B. - Della Architettura della Pittura e della Statua - 1782

Alberti Leon Battista. Of the Architecture of the Painting of the Statue. by Leonbatista Alberti. In Bologna - 1782 - Institute of Sciences (Petronio Dalla Volpe) (16), 341, (3)p. 69 c. of table ill. In large folio - 36 X 24.5 cm. “THE WORK OF THE HOMO UNIVERSALIS OF THE


Vincenzo Flauti - I libri undecimo e duodecimo degli elementi di Euclide - 1821

Vincenzo Flauti (Naples, 4 April 1782 – Naples, 20 June 1863) was an Italian mathematician. A student of the mathematician Nicola Fergola, in 1801, with Felice Giannattasio, he took over the direction of the school founded by Fergola around 1770. In 1803 he obtained the chair of


Jean le Laboureur - Histoire du maréchal de Guébriant, contenant le récit de ce qui s'est passé en Allemagne dans les - 1657

1 large volume in folio. title: History of Marshal de Guébriant, containing the story. of what happened in Germany in the Crown Wars. of France & Sweden, & the States Ally against the House of Austria. by: John the Plowman. full flat calfskin binding mounted on the two


Niccolò Carteromaco - Ricciardetto di Niccolò Carteromaco. Tom. I. In Milano dalla Società Tipografica de' Classici Italia - 1813

Ricciardetto di Niccolò Carteromaco. In Milano dalla Società Tipografica de' Classici Italiani e dallo Stampatore Gio. Bernardoni. Anno 1813. Bound in bluish half-leather, spine decorated with morocco titles, plates with marbled paper in bluish hues; Slight wear to corners and


Dante Alighieri - La divina Commedia. Purgatorio / Paradiso - 1837

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. by Del P. Pompeo Venturi. Ed. G. Formigli 1837. Two volumes available: Purgatory and Paradise


Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan - Traicté de la sphère et de ses parties - 1631

LE Vasseur de Beauplan (Guillaume): Treaty of the sphere and its parts, or are declared the Names and Offices of the Circles, as well large as small, § their significance § utility. Plus the Universal Planisphere. Or explanation of the Flat Sphere, Work pleasant to the Curious,


Saint Augustin - Les Confessions De S. Augustin - 1660

Beautiful copy of this work by Saint-Augustin philosopher and Christian theologian of late antiquity, bishop of Hippo and Latin writer - The work of the Confessions is an autobiographical masterpiece by Augustine of Hippo where he recounts his quest for God. He is one of the


Jean de La Bruyère - Les Caractères de Théophraste, Traduits du Grec avec Les Caractères ou Les Moeurs de ce siècle - 1692

La Bruyère (Jean de): The Characters of Theophrastus, Translated from the Greek with The Characters or Morals of this Century. 7th edition, Revüe § corrected. In Paris, Chez Estiennne Michallet, first Printer of the King, rue S. Jacques, with the Image S. Paul 1692. XV, 685 pp.,


Vittorio Mussolini - Mussolini dall'Impero alla Repubblica Sociale - 1996

Edition printed on Modigliani paper. Volume 86/2999. Embossed in silver leaf. Hand binding. Moire silk case. The contents of this lot are intended exclusively for collectors of historical-military objects. The owner of this site has no political and/or other motive other than


Corrado Tedeschi - Il Giornale dei Misteri - 1975

Monthly periodical from the 70s, parapsychology mysteries, testimonies, ufology, magic etc. “Il Giornale dei Misteri” was born in 1971 from an idea of the Florentine publisher Corrado Tedeschi. His intuition to create a magazine that dealt with topics such as parapsychology,


Corrado Tedeschi - Il Giornale dei Misteri - 1976/1978

Monthly periodical from the 70s, parapsychology mysteries, testimonies, ufology, magic etc. “Il Giornale dei Misteri” was born in 1971 from an idea of the Florentine publisher Corrado Tedeschi. His intuition to create a magazine that dealt with topics such as parapsychology,


Remigio De Grosso - I nuovi pianeti. Carme di R.D.G. - 1863

Del Grosso, Remigio. I nuovi pianeti. Carme di R.D.G., professore di meccanica celeste nella R. Università di Napoli. Napoli, Stamperia della Real Università, 1863. 16mo (cm 19 x 13), pp. 18 n. 20th-century full parchment binding. Rare. The author was born in 1813 in Colle

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