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Ewer - Renaissance Style - Silver-plated, Cut glass

Total height : approx. 24,5 cm. Minor signs of use in the bottom of the carafe (please view pictures), otherwise very good condition.


Alois Mayer (1855-1939) - Sculpture, Musician - Copper electrotype - Early 20th century

Large antique figure of oriental musician by Alois Mayer Copper Electrotype signed and with date on the underside of the base 1914 Alois Mayer was a German sculptor known for his work from the 19th and early 20th centuries. He was born on January 16, 1855 in Munich, Germany,


Brendel Conium botanical model - Wood, paper mache, metal - Late 19th century

Rare and wonderful specimen of Conium maculatum N.60 (Hemlock) from the ancient R.Brendel factory, winner of numerous awards at the Paris universal exhibition for the quality of the models made with natural materials, paper, plaster, gelatin, animal hair and vegetable, wood. The


Carl Krister, Waldenburg - Figure (2) - Porcelain

The woman's figure is missing her little finger, although it is barely noticeable. Since they have a hole at the back and bottom, we think they were formerly used as lamps.


Meissen - Figurine (1) - Porcelain

VERY rare Meissen porcelain figural group from the series of Russian peasant. 19th century. About 4" high. Several parts are missing, see photo.


Diptych sundial, Stockert (1) - Paper, Wood - Late 18th century

Solar diptych "of Nuremberg" (clock) similar to those by David Berenger, signed in the center under the compass by his contemporary Bavarian maker Stockert, active in Bavaria around 1750. In the eighteenth century very few people could afford a mechanical pocket watch, and the


Coin scale set Johann Caspar, Mittelstenscheid - wood and metal - around 1800

Johann Caspar Mittelstenscheid, Lennep, *1764, †30.8.1819. Münzwaage 18// (before 1806). Rectangular cabinets from the Ahornholz with a punched brass insert. Size: 13/6.5/2cm. The Meisterlabelt fulfills the joint Deckelinnere and also carries out the same rights with the brand


Painting - painted glass - Early 19th century

Reverse glass painting of Santa Barbara. - Southern Germany - 19th century - The back is covered with a biography of St. Barbara in German. Dimensions: 32.5 x 26 cm; frame. included. In fairly. good condition; St. Barbara is protector against fire, lightning and sudden death;


Microscope (1) - Brass - Late 19th century

Microscopes, W.&H Seibert Wetzlar, Brass around 1880-1919. century. Germany. 125x175x335:mm. Weight: 4kg. Everything can be seen in the photo. DHL post with insurance.


Bookcase - Ebonized wood - Late 19th century

Ancient bookcase from the late 19th century in ebonized wood. This piece of furniture is a true jewel of the era, with its ebonized wood adding a touch of mystery and refinement. Ample shelving provides space to display and organize your books and treasures, while the classic


Figure, Jesus H.H. - Colored biscuit - 23 cm - Biscuit - 19th century

This antique German statue shows the Sacred Heart of Jesus in beautiful blue, cream and white porcelain/bisque. The intricate design and handcrafted craftsmanship make it a unique religious piece, perfect for collectors of Christianity-related objects. The statue is unchanged and


Meissen - Carafe - Porcelain

Meissen-made jug dating back to 1756-1775 decorated with floral designs and characterized by bright colours. It is in excellent condition, height 14 cm. Fast Shipping.


Whisky glass (7) - Olives - Crystal

Lot of 7 whiskey glasses from common production for Montcenis / Vôneche rare crystal glasses. Adorned with olive cut on sides and pointed diamond cut on the base. Not signed. In excellent condition, has some micro-chips on the rim of base. Dimensions: weight — 2615 g. height —


Ship's barometer, Ship's clock (2) - Brass, Glass - Late 20th century

VERY beautiful and rare set, consisting of a Schatz (Royal Mariner) ship's clock and barometer (incl. thermometer with both Celcius and Fahrenheit). Barometer, thermometer and movement (the clock uses a standard AA battery, see last picture). Good condition with minor signs


Ferdinand Liebermann (1883–1941) - Sculpture, female nude with pheasant - Jugendstil - Bronze, Granite - Early 20th century

Important bronze sculpture crafted by Ferdinand Liebermann in the early 20th century, in full Jugendstil style. Bronze in very good condition, small losses to the marble base (see pictures). Dimensions: length 33 cm; height 21 cm; width 13 cm. Marked and numbered (# 77) on


Franz Iffland (1862-1935) - Sculpture, "The Sower" - Bronze (patinated) - Early 20th century

In good condition, see photos.


Ancient marble column with rock crystal - Brass, Marble, Quartz - Early 20th century and later

An antique marble column enriched with brass elements and a beautiful rock crystal tip. An object with the old-world charm, dating from the Belle Epoque period, circa 1915, perfect for decorating a living room or enriching a beautiful Wunderkammer. The contrasting colours and the


Meissen - white and blue Meissen soup tureen - Porcelain

Large Meissen tureen from the first part of the 19th century, made in Germany. In white body porcelain with a blue decoration. The brand is on the bottom. In good condition, there are flaws on the handles, they have already started with a small, unfinished restoration, flaws on


Modèle Victor Acier - Meissen - Figurine (2) - Porcelain

Meissen porcelain couple after a model by Victor Acier. Germany. Meissen. Mark two swords in blue. Height: 15 cm. Base 8.5 x 9.5 cm approx. In very good state of conservation. Note a young lady's glued arm and a young man's poorly restored hand, possible micro accidents on flower


Crucifix (1) - Wood - 19th century

Very beautifully decorated wooden crucifix.


Mortar - Bronze - 16th century

North German mortar, bronze, with alphabet edge in Gothic letters (presumably no text or dating), high 12.3 cm, top diameter 13.8 cm, base diameter 9.4 cm. Weight 1700 grams. Possibly available, matching but not original bronze pestle of 800 grams.


Nested cup weights, Andreas Zickengeist (Ziegengeist); 1681 - 1721, Nuremberg (1) - Bronze - Early 18th century

Becherweight / nesting weights. Closing weight, 10-piece and heavy 2 Cologne Marks, bronze, Nuremberg, outside decorated with stamped edges. Marked on the top of the lid: arrow and key crossed between A Z: Pfeil + Schlüssel Kreuzt mit "A Z", the foundry mark of Andreas


Johann Joachim Kändler - Meissen - Figurine(s) (1) - Porcelain

From our collection. Wonderfully decorated bust “De Bourbon Kinder” from the Meissen State Porcelain Manufactory. Design by “J. J. Kaendler”. Around 1880. Unfortunately the flower at the front is missing. Otherwise the figure is in perfect condition. Condition


Helena Wolfsohn - Dish (1) - Victorian Style - Porcelain

Porcelain plate with polychrome decorations in Victorian style, with alternating panels of gallant scenes and bunches of beautiful flowers on a black background, bordered by golden friezes. The plate was made in Germany, decorated in the studio of Helena Wolfsohn cca. in 1900.


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