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Valencia - CG180 - Classical guitar - Spain

Standard 4/4 classical guitar. Valencia CG180. Guitar House. Series no. 6707184. Spain. Valencia since 1972. Soundboard: Spruce. Back and Sides: Mahogany. Handle: Born. Fingerboard and bridge: Rosewood. Natural color with glossy finish. Dimensions h 102 cm x 36.5 cm x 10.5 cm.


EKO/MANNE - AS Chitarra acustica - Acoustic Guitar

from private collection - great instrument and great sound - the guitar is about 15 years old and has been used very little


DEAN - Natural Series Florentine Cutaway Black - Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Natural Series FLORENTINE CUTAWAY Black - 6-string mini jumbo cutaway electrified guitar - Scale length: 25.25” - Top: solid stika spruce - Back and sides: mahogany - Binding: Herringbone - Rosette: abalone and wood - Neck: mahogany - Bridge and fingerboard: ebony - Frets:


Aria - AC70F chitarra Flamenco - Classical guitar - Spain

from a private collection - the guitar is overall in good condition but has a number of defects on the board as shown in photos 13 to 20. Brand Aria. Type 4/4 Size Classical Guitars. Series Air AC Series. Finish Natural Gloss. Body Top Solid Spruce. Body Back Sycamore. Body Sides


Höfner - Hajc03 Jumbo Cataway - Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Hajc03 Jumbo Cataway Electrified Acoustic Guitar. Guitar Type Acoustic/Electric. Body Size Jumbo. Top Wood Spruce. Back Lacewood. Sides Lacewood. Neck Wood Mahogany. Fingerboard Rosewood. Frets 20. n. of Strings 6. Scale Length 25.5" (65cm) Headstock 3+3. Bridge Under Saddle.


Framus - Panthera Supreme Burgundy Blackburst - Electric guitar

PANTHERA SUPREME - D-Series - 6 string Electric Guitar - Structure: Set-neck - Body: Mahogany with Flamed Maple Top - Neck: Mahogany - Fingerboard: Ebony - Scale: 24.75” - Radius: 12'' - 22 frets - Inlays: Dot - Pickup: 1x Framus 100 (neck) + 1x Framus 400 (bridge) - Controls: 1x


大正琴 - TAISHO KOTO - Harp - Japan

I can't play it, so I haven't tested it. Dimensions:6, 64, 14 cm (excluding the box) Weight:1070 g (excluding the box) Accessories: Specialized hard case. One well-used taishogoto pick. Two brand-new taishogoto picks. Six replacement strings (3 thin strings, 2 thin wound


Almeria - CG-390 4/4NT - - Classical guitar

4/4 Classical guitar. The Almeria CG-390 4/4NT. The Almeria CG-390 has a resonance body made of lime wood, which promises a full tone with a lively response. With a scale length of 650mm and a saddle thickness of 52mm, the Almeria CG-390 offers traditional dimensions and is


SUSPIRO - classique espagnole ancienne 1970s - - Classical guitar - Spain

SUSPIRO old Spanish classical guitar. Made in Valencia (Spain) in the 70s. Very nice warm sound, good bass, 4/4 model. Spruce top. Sapele Mahogany back and sides. Nut width: 52mm. Body width: 365mm. Scale: 657mm. Some traces of wear and small dents, but in good condition


Augustine - (24 PCS) Classical Nylon Guitar Strings - - Acoustic guitar - United States of America

Augustine - (24 PCS) Classical Nylon Guitar Strings - Medium Tension - Concert Red. Augustine Classic Red set of classical strings with three nylon (normal tension) and three silver wound (medium tension) bass strings. The Augustine Classic series trebles are sweet and lyrical,


Aria - AC-8 Concert guitar - - Classical guitar - Japan - 1980

This beautiful Aria AC-8 concert guitar from Japan has been carefully maintained and is in excellent condition. Complete with a leather carrying case. Aria guitars enjoy a well-deserved reputation for their exceptional quality, and the AC-8 is no exception. The guitar, most


Chitarra classica Georges Heynberg - 6 corde viennese - Number of items: 1 - Classical guitar

Classic guitar. Made by Georges Heynberg. 6 Viennese strings. In excellent condition. Spruce top. Rosewood sides and back. The detail of the shape of the guitar is particular, very original. The bridge also has a typically Viennese shape. Particular workmanship on the table


Chitarra artigianale Meazzi 1958 - Emanuel Carlos Alberez BARCELLONA - Guitar - Spain - 1958

Meazzi classical guitar. Handcrafted in 1958. Valencia model. Emanuel Carlos Albares. Barcelona. 6 classic strings. In excellent condition. Spruce top. Rosewood sides and back. Rosewood handle. Inner label: Meazzi. Type: Emanuel Carlos Albarez. Valencia model. Barcelona 1958.


Korg - SQ1 step sequencer - - Musical instrument - Japan

SEQUENCER / KORG / SQ-1. The SQ-1 is a compact 2 x 8 step sequencer. It is rich in connectors allowing it to be connected to other synthesizers. Vintage analog synthesizers or the latest compact synthesizer can be controlled from this single device. It's also possible to choose


GALLAN - GALLAN Jazz Bass JB'75 black 1970s-75s japon import - - Electric bass guitar - Japan - 1970

GALLAN bass type JB’75, made in Japan. Japanese brand from the 1970s/75s, very beautiful copies of essential brands like Fender, Gibson etc. and to compete with the famous Tokai, Greco, Fernandes etc.. The violin making is excellent, the body has enormous sustain and resonance.


Roland - TR-8 - Drum machine - USA

RHYTHM PERFORMER / ROLAND / TR-8. The TR-8 is a live drum machine that combines the legendary sounds and feel of the TR-808 and TR-909 with the functions and qualities of a modern machine. Instantly recognizable sounds and classic effects. A new live game mode. Robust and


Sarangi - - Zither - India

A Sarangi string instrument. In good used condition, some wear spots around, string is missing. It will be well packaged and shipped to you by registered mail via PostNL. After payment you usually have your package: Within the Netherlands between 2 to 4 working days. Within


maestro - - Acoustic guitar - Spain - 1950

Spanish acoustic guitar MAESTRO 1950. Only 1 piece of this edition still exists. Completely solid, spruce top. Original bridge with gold-colored steel bar. Beautiful inlay work at the bottom of the sound box. Fully restored (low action) All parts are original except: -the


Aria - AG-50 Makoto Takeiri (master luthier) - - Classical guitar - Nagoya Japan - 1984

Beautiful and rare Aria AG-50 guitar, handcrafted by master luthier Makoto Takeiri at the Kohno workshop in Nagoya, Japan, in 1984. What a guitar, what a sound! When you pick up and play this guitar you will immediately be enchanted and you will not quickly get tired of playing


Jay Sounds Instrumentials - - Electric guitar - Netherlands

Hello, I hereby offer a beautiful electric guitar from the Jay Sounds brand. The electric guitar plays well, only has 1 defect, see last photo, the slider has broken off. This has no influence on the playing of the guitar and can also be repaired. The Electric Guitar still


HK - Telecaster (Spalted Maple Top) - Electric guitar - China - 2008

HK Telecaster. Electric guitar. Probably made. in China, around 2008. Serial number: unknown. Wood types: unknown. Body color: Spalted Maple (gloss); hardware color: chrome. The guitar has been tested by me and played to my satisfaction. It sounds clean and clear, like a good


Shiro - AC-30 - Acoustic Guitar - Japan - 1970

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of the 1970s with the Shiro AC-30 Vintage Guitar. Meticulously preserved, this remarkable instrument is in excellent condition, showcasing its original beauty in all its glory. With its vibrant sunburst finish and impeccable craftsmanship,


Crafter - ba400eq fl/n basso acustico elettrificato fretless - - 4-string acoustic bass guitar

from private collection - fretless electrified acoustic bass - the preamp controls are made of rubber and therefore have a particular tactility (they are slightly prone to sticking to the fingers) Body Shape: Dreadnought. Orientation: under the right hand. Number of strings: 6.


BEE & BILLY - Electro-acoustique - - Semi-acoustic guitar - 1994

Bee & Billy electro-acoustic guitar 1994 Marcel Dadi. Model BB38C/EQ. Purchased from Marcel Dadi in 1994, who distributed this brand in his Paris store, he used it for a while on stage in stereo with an additional Barcus Berry 1330 sensor (since removed, see photos), then he


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