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Villeroy & Boch - Christmas decoration - balance - sleigh with Santa Claus and reindeer (1) - metal

Beautiful Christmas decoration with a sled, Santa Claus and reindeer. The green sled is trimmed with gold decorations and Santa Claus has a bag with gifts and the deer are colourfully portrayed. The base is a stand which the upper part (The sled with Santa and reindeer) is


Christmas ball ornament - (2) - Inge-Magic, two gray cats in front of the Christmas tree

Two very beautiful elaborate cats in front of the Christmas tree. A must for the real cat fanatic. Faces have been worked very delicately. These Christmas ornaments are made of glass. They are 9cm high and beautifully finished. Made by Inge-Magic, Germany. Rare cat Christmas


Eenhoorn van glas/Unicorn made from glass - Christmas ball ornament - (1) - Glass

Unicorn or unicorn in English is a mythical creature. That's why it belongs on the Christmas tree! Super beautiful unicorn. The unicorn is 10cm high and 13cm wide. Made of glass. See the pictures. These are explicitly part of the description. Condition: near mint condition. Rare


Glaswerkstätten Lauscha 2x Krampus/Duivel als kerstornament, handgemaakt - Christmas ball ornament - (2) - Glass

A real curiosity and really something for the collector are these 'Krampus' Christmas ornaments. Krampus is a local demon from the folklore of Alpine regions such as Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and the Czech Republic. He is the companion of Saint Nicholas.


Erzgebergte 3 houten kerstvoorwerpen Erzgebergte - Nutcracker (3) - Wood

Three Christmas objects Erzgebirge Germany: 1. candle holder in the shape of a tin soldier, 8 cm high and 4 cm in diameter. Wood, fair condition. 2. male in uniform, German uniform, wood, reasonable condition, 9 cm high and approximately 2 cm in diameter. 3. Angel with trombone,


Vintage Christmas Balls and two Peaks (74) - Glass, Plastic

This large vintage Christmas set contains no less than 72 Christmas baubles with a large selection of colorful dent balls, and two rare vintage dent peaks. A number with "GDR" markings from the former East Germany or West Germany, supplemented with unmarked copies. The Christmas


set of 2 metal angel wings very decorative 80 cm high - metal

An attractive set with 2 large metal “Angel’s Wings”. Measurements are: Height: 80 cm and Width: 35 cm. Very decorative for either in the home or the garden. When the sun shines on these one sees a wonderful golden coloured glow. This is visible in some of the photos. Will


Inge-Glas: sneeuwwitje en de zeven dwergen set, handgemaakt. - Christmas figurine ornament Inge-Glas: sneeuwwitje en de zeven dwergen set, handgemaakt. (8) - Glass

Super rare and super beautiful handmade blown set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. A total of 8 figures / Snow White is 14 cm tall and the dwarfs are between 10-11 cm tall. Complete set including the wooden box. All figures are made and colored by hand. You can also see this


Vintage and old wooden Christmas tree hangers 1970, 52 pieces (52) - Wood

Offered: a large collection of vintage and old wooden Christmas tree hangers. Material wood. Period around 1970. Origin: Netherlands. Many different types, often painted in red and white. Santa Clauses, angels, houses, horses, snowmen, drums, bears and many miscellaneous items.


Tealight holder - (5) - Glass

Five Christmas tea light holders in the shape of toffees/candy and in the shape and colors of vintage Christmas baubles. Europe, late 20th century. Handmade, from thin glass like traditional Christmas baubles. In the colors red, green, blue and purple/pink. Dimensions


Christmas decoration (56) - Glass

55 Christmas baubles and 1 peak. dimensions variable. Condition good. Will be shipped registered and insured with TNT Post Netherlands with tracking


Julkyrka kerk met orginele verpakking, Sankyo - Music box - (1) - Sweden - 1980-1990

Music box church, Julkyrka Sweden, in good condition, see many photos for the description. Plays Silent Night, Holy Night. Electric lighting. With original packaging. Easy to assemble. Made of plastic and wood. Total size: H 40 x L 28 x W 12 cm. Will be packaged with care and


Christmas figurine ornament (4) - Composite

dangling Santa Clauses. original Santa Clauses. are in good condition. approx. 7 cm


Chalice (20) - Art Deco - Crystal

20 pieces total.. As seen in the presentation photo...diamond crystal


Lladró - Fulgencio Garcia - Figurine - 01004611 Nuns (Monjas) - (1) - Porcelain

Very beautiful Lladró statue: 01004611 Nuns (Monjas). The statue is made of porcelain. The height is 33cm, the width is 12cm and the depth is 8cm. The weight is approximately 880g. The statue has the hallmark 4611, which means that the designer is Fulgencio Garcia and that it was


Rosenthal, Selb Plössberg - Figurine - 4 Rosenthal Engel als Kerzenhalter - (4) - Porcelain

Beautiful group of Rosenthal porcelain angels 1950-1960 as candle holders in very good condition. With brass insert for the candles. The small knee shirt angels are 6 cm high, the standing one is 8 cm high and the angel with outstretched arms is 9 cm high. Very shapely.


Christmas decoration (31) - Wool

These are 31 consecutive years of the Harrods Christmas Bears: from its inception in 1986 to 2019. When the covid started and I no longer traveled to England... They are 5 large boxes: must be done with a transporter.


Christmas ball ornament (7) - Marble

beautiful lot consisting of; 1950s menu stands, or table arrangement, including original cards. all pristine 4x4 cm. marble Christmas stable; 7.3cm x 5cm. egg as a Christmas stable; 2.5 cm. 4 pieces of brass angels as candlesticks. Ships worldwide. offer from 1 euro


tiffany style - Figurine table lamp (1) - Crystal

ORIGINAL Santa Claus lamp tiffany eSkriss (photo n.2) of 28 cm. tall and almost 1 kg in weight. It is very original and exclusive for Christmas. Typical Tiffany brand crystals. Shipping with tracking


vogeltjes met knijpers voor kerstboom, Krebs Lauscha - Christmas ball ornament - glass

24 birds offered, almost, after restoration of the feathers, in new condition, including tail feathers, they are 9 cm long. Without feather tail they are 6cm long. Mounted on a peg and can be placed in the Easter tree, Christmas tree and/or decoration in the house. I also use


Jewellery box (1) - Piano musical grand modèle - Composite

Vintage jewelry box that also makes a music box. Very original with its realistic piano shape, this is the large model over 24cm x 20 cm. Lacquered wood-style composite material. Several storage spaces, and very beautiful musical melody with a dancing couple. In very good or even


Display cabinet - Caran D'Ache Geneve - Wooden Storage Box for Pens and Pencils

Beautiful wooden storage box from the renowned pencil brand Caran D'Ache Geneve. Originally it was filled with dozens of pencils. These are no longer available, but the beautiful wooden storage box, suitable for pens, pencils but also other smaller objects, is a beautiful object.


Decorative ornament (1) - Roy Cohen Elliptic Flower Kaleidoscope - Israel

hand made - Roy Cohen - Large Kaleidoscope - Brass, Glass. Israel - 2000. Roy Cohen - Roy Cohen - Kaleidoscope (1) - Brass, Glass. Israel - 2000. Wheel Brass kaleidoscope, two different shaped and colored wheels are positioned opposite the set of mirrors, and by turning the


Table/desk clock - Wood (Burrwood) - 1950-1960

Briar shield for hanging clock 12x14 cm with free clock


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