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Christianium Lupum - Synodorum Generalium Ac Provincialium Decreta et Canones - 1673

Extremely rare copy of the second part of this work written by Christianium Lupum, a Belgian scholar and theologian of the 17th century - Published in 1673 by Francisci Foppens, this book is a complete and annotated collection of the decrees and canons of the general and


Cicero / J. G. Graevius - M. Tullii Ciceronis de Officiis libri tres. Cato Major sive de Senectute. Laelius sive de Amicitia - 1691

Frontispiece, Title page in red and black, 232 pages [only first part?] Condition; Good. Leather damaged, hinges loose/ broken. Slightly browned, Previous owner's name. See pictures. Weight is 218 grams


Marcel Thomas - Livre d’Heure Ross. 94 de la Bibliothèque Apostolique Vaticane - 1984

Ross Book of Hours. 94. Éditions d’Art Ebory, 1984. Leather binding. Illuminations


Valerius Maximus - Valerii Maximi Dictorum Factorumque Memorabilium Libri IX - 1619

Condition; Mediocre. Without binding, with paper cover. Title page heavily damaged (eaten), the same applies to the last 2 index pages. And pages 400-420 also with various damage/holes. Pages 406-408 almost completely eaten away. Several pages with minor damage. (moisture)


Monks - Graduale Sacrosancte Romane Ecclesie, Canto Gregoriano - 1580

1 original and very thick sheet (2 pages) extracted from an ancient antiphonary that belonged to a cathedral. The work from which this page is taken was printed in Venice in 1580 and unfortunately it was possible to recover only very few sheets as the others were destroyed and


Erasmo Frölich - Notitia elementaris numismatum antoquorum iilorum - 1758-1758

Unbound book, with cover cards glued to the first and last blank pages. From an Austrian Jesuit, a leading numismatist of his time (1700-1758). 247 pages + 22 plates included (27x21.5 cm) including 21 of ancient coins. All of the pages are in the condition seen in the photos.


S. A. - Concilium Tridentinum - 1582

Very rare edition of the report of the Council of Trent, the ecumenical council of the Catholic Church convened in the mid-sixteenth century to react to the spread of the Protestant reform in Europe. Concilium Tridentinum, sub Paul 3. Julius 3. and Pius 4. pont. max.


Thomas à Kempis - De Imitatioine Christi - 1758

De Imitatione Christi Libri Quatuor, (...). Published in Paris by J. Barbou in 1758. Small 8vo format (16 x 9.5 cm). Bound in the original leather binding with richly gold-stamped spine. Gold lines on boards. Marbled endpapers. Gold cut. With etched frontispiece and 4 full-page


Jacob Carl Spener - Notitia Germaniae Antiquae : Ab Ortu Reipublicae Ad Regnorum Germanicorum In Romanis Provinciis - 1717

Spener, Jacob Carl: Notitia Germaniae Antiquae: Ab Ortu Reipublicae Ad Regnorum Germanicorum In Romanis Provinciis Stabilimenta Germaniae Et Germanicarum Civitatum Statum Et Conditionem Plene Declarans. Halle: Du Serre, 1717. [14] sheet, 374, 464 p., [42] sheet 4°, half-leather


. - M.Tullii Ciceronis De Officiis Libri Tres Item De Senectute Et De Amicitia Dialogi - 1778

M.Tullii Ciceronis De Officiis Libri Tres Item De Senectute Et De Amicitia Dialogi. Interesting edition in the binding of a medieval parchment manuscript from around 1450. Edition in an impressive binding from a medieval parchment manuscript around 1450 with initials in red and


Sertorio Orsato - De notis romanorum commentarius - 1672

De notis romanorum commentarius. Sertorio Orsato. Mariae Frambotti. Patavii (Padua), 1672. 532 pages. 33 x 22cm. 1.9kg. De Notis Romanorum commentarius in quo earum interpretationes quotquot reperiri potuerunt. Collect, litterarum ordine digestsit, observationes adjective


Virgile - Bucolica Ecloga / Georgica / Aeneis - 1750

Extremely rare Latin edition of this work which brings together the three major works of the Latin poet Virgil: the Bucolics, the Georgics and the Aeneid - You will discover the beauty and diversity of Virgilian poetry, which celebrates in turn pastoral life, the art of


Jan Kwiatkiewicz - Fax Ascetica Peregrino terrestri - 1733

Fax ascetica peregrino terrestri per exercitia spiritualia Aeternis intento, in via triplici, purgativa, illuminativa et unitiva (...). Published in Ingolstadt in 1733. 8vo format (16.5 x 10.5 cm). Bound in the original leather binding with gold-stamped spine. Pagination: (22),


Carolus Scribani (1561-1629) - Amor Divinus - 1616

Caroli Scribani E Societate Iesu Amor Divinus. Published in "Moguntiae" [=Mainz], "apud Joannem Albinum" [=J. Weiss]. 12mo format (14.5 x 8.5 cm). Bound in the original parchment binding. Pagination: (16), 627 pp. With engraved title page. Reasonable condition. Binding with


Johannes Politus - Reverendissimi ac serenissimi principis Ernesti, vtrivsqve Bavariae Ducis, in Leodiensium principem - 1583

Reverendissimi ac serenissimi principis Ernesti, vtrivsqve Bavariae Ducis, in Leodiensium principem cheirotonia, illiusque in suam civitatem, ac reliquas Leodinae patriae urbes, solennis inauguratio ... : his accesit tractatus de Boiorum origine, rebus gestis, & Bavariae


Chrysostomus Hanthaler - Exercitationes faciles de numis veterum pro tyronibus. (3 Teile in 2 Bänden) - 1756

Hanthaler, Chrysostom: Exercitationes faciles de numis veterum per tyronibus, in quibus laconica quiritum sapientia. [Here]: Exercitatio prooemalis, Pars I [and] Pars II (= everything published in this edition). Vienna, Prague: Trattner, 1756. 4°, cardboard volumes of the time.


Lucrèce / Jean Chièze - De rerum natura - De la Nature - 1958

Luxurious bilingual French-Latin edition of the great poem of Lucretius, translated by Mario Meunier, printed on the Draeger Frères presses and nicely illustrated by Jean Chièze. The Latin text is located at the bottom of the page, printed in small characters and tinted yellow.


R.D.Jacobo Marchantio - Resolutiones Pastorales De Praeceptis Vitilis Capitalibus Et De Sacramentis - 1700

Pastoral Resolutions De Praeceptis Vitilis Capitalibus Et De Sacramentis. By R.D. Jacobo Marchantio. Bound in a period blind-embossed pigskin binding over a wooden cover with 2 original book clasps. Collation: 8 sheets, 536 pages. CONDITION: Good and beautiful copy, slightly


Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso) / Heinsius - P. Ovidii Nasonis Tristium libri V. - 1681

Condition; Reasonable. Leather damaged, especially the spine. Some old (ink) spots on several pages. Paper a bit brown. See pictures. Weight is 92 grams


J.B. Gail - Histoire grecque de Thucydide - 1807

Very beautiful, very rare collection contains 6 magnificent French, Latin, Greek books, in very good condition for their ages, perfect interior, exterior seen in the photos, some damage... golden leaves on the edges of the leaves. accompanied by the Latin version, variants of the


Casparo Habermanno, Adamo Koppen - Dissertationen juridica de operis novi nunciatione - 1674

From legal inheritance


Willem Surenhuys - Theologorum Hebraeorum formulas allegandi et modos interpretandi conciliantur loca ex V. in N.T. - 1713

ספר הבשותsive Βιβλοϛ χαταλλαγηϛ in quo secundum veterum theologorum Hebraeorum formulas allegandi et modos interpretandi conciliantur loca ex V. in N.T. allegata - Amsterdam, Johannes Boom, 1713 - (24) 712 pp - blind-stamped leather binding of 2 types, fleurons on outer frame and


Jacobus Amersfoordt - Novus Catalogus Bibliothecae Publicae Franequeranae - 1842

Novus Catalogus Bibliothecae Publicae Franequeranae (...). Catalog of the Franeker library. Prepared by Jacobus and Henricus Amersfoordt. Published in Leeuwarden by J.W. Brouwer in 1842. Folio size (34 x 21 cm). Bound in half-linen binding with marbled boards. Pagination: (8),


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