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Painting - Wood - 20th century

Copy from Bramantino - Ecce homo - oil on panel - first half of the 20th century. Length 40cm, width 27cm. Has a small flaw on the top right corner visible in the photos.


Icon Of The Fiery Ascent Of The Prophet Elijah - Gold-plated, Wood, Tempera - Late 18th century

Painted in egg tempera and gold on wood; the upper part of the icon is dominated by Elijah in his fiery chariot ascending to heaven. In the upper left-hand corner is God Sabaoth, and in the top right, the Archangel Gabriel. In the lower register Elijah is depicted in the desert


Calendar icon - Wood - Mid 19th century

Magnificent calendar icon. 19th century, from Russia. The background is gold. High quality of the faces of the characters. Multitude of characters.


Icon - Wood, Metal - Late 19th century

Icon in good condition. The painted part of the icon was probably made later. Dim: 22.5cm / 27.5cm. Family heirloom. Shielded and secure shipping


Icon, Archangel Michael Voyevoda - Wood - 19th century

Antique Russian wooden orthodox Icon of the Archangel Michael Voyevoda, Arkhistrategos, Chief Commander of the Heavenly Army. Minimal restoration


Icon, Christ Pantocrator - Wood - Early 19th century

Large format icon with Christ Pantocrator. Russia, around 1800. Egg tempera on chalk ground, gold ground. Combination of two hardwood boards with two Sponki on the back. Kowtscheg, Color bulges, partially restored. The large one: approx. 53.2 x 42.3 cm.


Icon, Mandylion - Wood - Early 19th century

The face of Christ not painted by human hands. Silver leaf in the nimbus slightly rubbed. The icon was cleaned and then varnished, some still have the original patina. the style of the face is based on icons from the 16th century


Icon, Saint icon, large format - Wood - around 1800

Above, between two representations of the Mother of God (on the right the Vladimirskaya), the cloth with the Mandylion of Jesus is held by an angel. the saints on the left: St. Joseph, St. Paraskewa and St. Church Father Gregory. the saints on the right: St. Catherine, Prince


Sculpture, Angel with trumpet (50 cm.) - Baroque style - Wood - Circa 1900

Wooden sculpture of a putti/angel with flute. Detailed woodcarving. Sold with stand.


Sculpture, Neapolitan shepherd depicting a beggar - Ceramic, Glass, Textiles, Wood - XXI

Neapolitan shepherd depicting a beggar, with terracotta head and hands, glass eyes and wooden feet, handmade and manufactured by Neapolitan craftsmanship. - Will be shipped including wooden base. height with base is 21 cm


Angels chandeliers in suspension (2) - Gilt, Wood - 19th century

Angels chandeliers in suspension. Pair of gilded wood sculptures. Portuguese School. XIX century. Height measurements approx. of each - 41 cm. Some faults in the gilding, small defects and some restoration.


Madonna and child, Sculpture - Wood - 19th century

wooden sculpture depicting the Madonna with child datable to the early 19th century, however I think it is older but it is the opinion of the expert that I do not agree with. Look at the base below. overall size 31 x 9 cm, sculpture only cm. 24 x 5. In good condition. Shipping


Crucifix (1) - Wood - 19th century

Very beautifully decorated wooden crucifix.


Sculpture, Angel/Putto - 50 cm - Gilt, Wood - Late 18th century

Extraordinary Angel/Putto in carved and gilded wood of large dimensions and exceptional quality. Venetian area with small defects highlighted in the photos, which however do not affect the overall work. Measurement height cm. 50. Maximum width cm. 40.


Sculpture, angel head - Wood - Second half 19th century

beautiful antique wooden polychrome angel head. On the back, the remnant of a piece of paper can be seen , this could indicate that this is a decorative piece from the period 1880. Or it could be even older and be a documentation label from a collection. On the left side a small


Icon, Appearance of Mary to Sergiy Radonezh - Wood - Second half 16th century

Antique Russian wooden orthodox icon of the Appearance of the mother of God to the Venerable Sergiy Radonezh. With kovcheg


Icon, The All Seeing Eye of God - Wood - Dated 1873

Antique Russian wooden orthodox icon if the All Seeing eye of God. Dated 1873


Large Altar Christ -95cm - Baroque style - Wood - 20th century

Large carving of Christ from the 20th century. It is a large altar Christ preserved in good condition with some minor defects from the passage of time on two fingers as can be seen in the photographs. An ancient Church Christ from the French school. Certified shipping and good


Anatole J. Guillot (1865-1911) - Fabrication Française Paris - Sculpture, "Blacksmith of Peace" - 47.5 cm (1) - Spelter, Wood, Bronze patinated regula - Late 19th century

Sculpture, statue in regula entitled "Blacksmith of Peace". It is signed in hollow J. Guillot with an additional detailed plaque for Anatole J. Guillot (1865-1911). Authentic original sculpture with “French manufacturing, Made in France, Paris” stamp, a label which has existed


Sculpture, Pair of cherubs (2) - Wood - 18th century

Pair of cherubs. Made of wood. Coming from a private chapel, they have original lacquering. Anti-woodworm treatment was carried out. Origin Italy. 18th century. Height 37cm. Length 17cm. Width 11cm. Shipping includes professional packing and streetside delivery, NOT flat. In


Icon, Mother of God of the sign - Wood - 19th century

the icon has been professionally redesigned. Background and border have been renewed


Icon, The temple corridor of the Mother of God - Wood - 19th century

19th century Russian icon with Basma. The temple corridor of the Mother of God. Egg tempera on a chalk ground on a wooden panel (linden wood), partial gilding. Metal basma Restorations. The size is approx.: 20 x 17 x 2 cm.


Icon, Mother of God of Smolensk - Wood - 19th century

small attunements in the right hand of the Mother of God and the golden nimbe. The Church Slavonic title is written on the left at shoulder height of the Mother of God


Icon, Dormition of the Mother of God - Wood - around 1800

expertly restored icon with attunements in the edge of the icon. Gold leaf background rubbed in places. figure-rich representation


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