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Jean Marie Camus (1877-1955) - Sculpture, buste d'enfant - 13 cm - Bronze

Jean Marie CAMUS. (1877-1955) Bronze child bust. height 13 cm weight 1059. Jean Marie CAMUS is an artist born in France in 1877 and died in 1955. His works have been sold at public auction 68 times, mainly in the Sculpture-Volume category. The oldest sale listed on our site


Table mirror - Crystal, Wood

Elizabethan dressing mirror. XIX century. With legs. Mahogany wood. Measurements: total height 94 cm: measurements from base: 75 x 33 cm. Some damage.


frame - wood and metal - Second half 19th century

Carved frame in wood and metal, gilded in fine gold, 19th century, velvet cloth, ideal for ivory Christ or similar. Measurements 60x40


Frame (3) - Brass, Wood

Beautiful set of Cartaglorie. End of the 19th century. Recently rearranged and small papers changed


Relic - Ormolu - 1930-1940

Ancient relic enclosed in a frame containing a piece of cloth (indumentis) that belonged to San Giovanni Bosco. Inside the frame there are also two Ex Votos (for grace received) depicting Two children. All in gilded bronze. The relic can be dated to the first half of the 20th


Frame (1) - Patinated bronze

Beautiful bronze frame with a painted devout lady. Frame decorated with three angel faces. Praying lady painted on mica. Dimensions 12x7cm. In good condition with traces of use. Not restored.


Holy water font (1) - Napoleon III - late 19th century

Napoleon III cloisonné enamel stoup (19th century). Green onyx marble support with white and brown veins fixed on a brass plate. Enamelled floral motif fixed on bronze. Hand-painted porcelain medallion representing the heart of Jesus. Dimensions: H 19cm by W 11.5cm. Depth 4.5cm.


Cross (1) - Wood - 1910-1920

Cross with Jesus Christ. In good condition with signs of aging. 1900-1920. It is 80 cm


Relief, Altorilievo in marmo - San Michele Arcangelo ed il Drago - 87 cm - Marble

Exceptional high relief in Carrara marble depicting Saint Michael the Archangel and the Dragon, worked and sculpted by hand. Origin Venice, private collection. The work captures the moment in which the Saint is about to pierce the demon, the dragon, metaphorically Lucifer, with


Reliquary - rolled metal - 1800-1850

Ancient relic from the 19th century. Spectacular work of embossing and chiselling of silver foil with the holy thorn of Our Lord Jesus, in excellent condition. Measurements listed in the data. Intact, very well preserved. Shipped worldwide. All data is listed.


Goebel - Goebel West Germany - Figurine - Mooie zittende Goebel Maria met Jezuskind - (1) - Porcelain

Offered: A beautiful statue of Mary with baby Jesus on her lap. Marked on the bottom with Goebel mark and Western Germany and number Hx249A and the original sticker Sacrart. Completely intact and in very good condition with virtually no signs of use. Height 13 cm. Wide 9 cm. and


Large nativity scene with glass bell - Coral, - Contemporary

Large nativity scene With natural Mediterranean coral, wooden base, cork structure, ceramic characters, decorated with branches and pieces of natural coral, all made by hand. Inside there are the lights with the power cable in perfect working order. The glass bell is removable.


Crucifix - Alloy, Brass, Gilt, Glass, Ormolu, Paper, Silverplate, Softwood, Textiles - 1850-1900

Table crucifix with relic of Saint Francis of Assisi, the relic contains the Saint's fabric, in alloy with fabric and golden paper, the relic with seal in sealing wax and silk threads, as shown in the photo, the Christ in gilded Bonzo, late 1800s


Michelangelo's Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican (1) - Double glass positive photographic plate (Very rare) - Late 19th century

Very rare, unobtainable double glass positive photographic plate. Michelangelo's Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Antique, original, circa 1880-1890. With handwritten label in French: "Vatican - Le Jugement dernier da Michel-Ange" Total dimensions: 10x8 cm. In


Frame - Wood

I am selling a very refined hand-carved and gilded wooden frame. The frame is from the 20th century. It is very well preserved. It shows minimal signs of the time. External measurements: 40.5 × 50.5 cm. Internal measurements: 40 x 30 cm. It was made from wood carving. beautiful


Reliquary (1) - Patinated bronze, Cartagloria - 1800-1850

Bronze frame for cartagloria, from the second half of the 19th century, with a non-coeval mirror. Without Reserve. Dimensions: cm.28x36x2. trackable shipping.


Chalice - Gold galvanized metal

Set consisting of: Eucharistic chalice in gold galvanized metal, simple line, with satin effect on the cup and stem, shiny effect on the edge and on the internal part of the cup; the stem is decorated with ears in relief while on the circular base there is a Greek cross. Under


Chalice - Metal

Set consisting of: Mass chalice in nickel silver, gold galvanized inside the cup, height 18 cm. The glass is two-tone, with cherubs on the stem and foot. Used very little, it has an engraving with a dedication on the bottom of the foot. The name of the recipient of the


Crucifix, Christ lacquered in wood crucified - Wood - Second half 19th century

Magnificent wooden Christ of beautiful dimensions, early 19th century in lacquered carved wood, beautiful original patina!!! small signs of wear over time. the arms are just detached, as per detailed photos!! Christ measures 36 by 26 cm. crucifix measures 36 by 98 cm. for further


Maritime Object - Gravure, Litho (1) - Lebreton / Gosselin - Paper

Le Napoleon vaisseau de 2e rang... Rare lithography in original colors and in good condition showing the interesting transition from sail ships to steam ships, with the French navy building ´hybrid´ ships that were both steam and wind powered. On the image are two ships shown,


maestri napoletani del 700/800 - Sculpture, Coppia di puttini Napoletani in legno su nuvoletta in terracotta dipinta - 23 cm - Terracotta, Wood

Beautiful pair of antique Neapolitan cherubs from the 18th century. Made of polychrome wood with crystal eyes, they rest on a painted terracotta cloud, also ancient. The cherubs are approximately 13 cm, see the photos carefully. They present themselves in the original patina of


Frame (2) - Bronze, Gilt, Gilded bronze frames

Splendid gilded bronze frames dating back over a century (mid 19th century) with images of Christ and the Blessed Virgin on silk. In excellent general condition as shown in the photos. Weight of both frames 3,800 kg. dimensions: height 21x32 cm. trackable shipping.


S. Alfonso Maria de Liguori - Manuale per i sacerdoti - 1848

Manual for priests. Operettes by Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori. Naples 1848. 256 complete pages. Some normal signs of aging visible from the photos. In good condition.


Reliquary (1) - Alloy - 1850-1900

Conventual reliquary of the Wood of the Cross and the robes of the Apostles on a burgundy base with gold thread and burgundy silk embroidery. 20th century with glass and seal intact. It will be carefully packaged and shipped via Italian post office.


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