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Dal modello di Vincenzo Cinque - Sculpture, Dea bendata - 25 cm - Bronze (patinated)

Lucked Goddess, beautiful bronze sculpture with very marked features, burnished patina. Height 25cm. Height only bronze without marble base 17 cm. Shoulder width 9.5 cm. Depth from nose to back of head 9cm. Weight 2,500 kg. Good condition as visible in the photo. I do not ship to


Jacob Petit - Paris porcelain pitcher / milk jug circa 1840 - Louis Philippe - Porcelain

Jug or milk jug in polychrome and gold Paris porcelain, with beautiful matte and shiny gilding, attributable to Jacob Petit, unsigned. Around 1840. Jacob Mordochée (known as Jacob Petit), born and died in Paris (1796-1868), is a 19th century French porcelain manufacturer.


opera non firmata - Alla maniera di Bernard Bloch - Sculpture, Coppia busti donna dama e damerino - bambino e bambina in abiti settecenteschi - 24.5 cm - Ceramic

MEASURES: Boy Bust: Height: 24.5cm; Width: 14cm; Depth: 12.5 cm. Girl Bust: Height: 22.5cm; Width: 12.5cm; Depth: 12cm. CONDITIONS: Perfect in every way. DESCRIPTION: Fabulous pair of ceramic busts modeled and decorated entirely by hand, depicting two Tyrolean boys, only one of


Armchair, Voltaire - Louis Philippe - Textiles, Wood - Late 19th century

Voltaire as a child restored in the old fashioned way as part of a 2nd year study to become a worker upholsterer.


In de stijl van Juan Clara - Figurine - Meisje op stoel - Bronze

Beautiful lovely bronze statue. 30 cm high


Table - Louis Philippe - Walnut - Circa 1900

Louis-Philippe style table. The table is in very nice condition. The table has a very nice leg that can be removed, it is secured with bolts. The table is made of walnut. The table cannot be shipped but must be picked up in Hasselt, Belgium.


Oil lamp - Sculpture with Oil lamp - Bronze, Glass, Marble

Beautiful large sculpture with the oil lamp from the early 20th century. From the appearance and the shape of the sculpture, it looks similar to the the artworks of Maruthin Moreau (1822-1912), the famous french sculptor from 19th and beginning of 20th century. It represents a


Karl Fuhrmann & Co, nach Bergmann - Sculpture, Wiener Bronze Eidechse - 2.5 cm - Bronze

Beautiful representation of a lizard in the typical shape of Viennese bronze, The sculpture is stamped, Karl Fuhrmann & Co, after Bergmann, and "Austria" Colored by hand painting. very nice characteristic. Beautiful and rare!


Alfred Dubucand (after) - Sculpture, Frans Animalier beeld in brons van een dode Fazant op houten plank - 32 cm - Bronze (patinated), Wood - 1927

Very beautiful French Animalier statue in bronze of a dead pheasant on a wooden plank. Manufactured after a model by Alfred Dubucand: (1828-1894). Donated by the Société Des Agriculteurs du Nord 1927. Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 7 cm. Weight: over 1.6 kilos!!


Auguste Moreau (1834-1917), d'après - Sculpture, "Marraine" - 31 cm - Spelter

Beautiful sculpture in regula with gilded bronze patina and entitled "Godmother", created by the artist Auguste Moreau (1834-1917). Sculpture in its own juice, authentic. Wooden base in very good condition, diameter 12.5 cm. This sculpture represents a young girl, who holds a


dal modello di A. Merente - Sculpture, Maternità - 46 cm - Bronze

Bronze signed G. Merete, from the model by A. Merente, 20th century. Dimensions: 46 x 27 x 25 cm. Height only bronze: 34 cm


Sculpture, Putto Alato Inginocchiato con Festone - 13.5 cm - Patinated bronze

Sculpture depicting a kneeling winged cherub with a golden festoon dating back to the 19th century. The putto rests on a circular base with palmettes and woven decorations with flowers. The putto is depicted in a kneeling position with his hands raised to the sky holding a


Sculpture, giullare - 27 cm - Wood

Ancient jester from the early 1900s, of Italian origin, in wood, 27 cm tall, elegantly carved from a piece of fruit wood, placed on a 10x10 cm base. The ancient statue is in good condition and has a fascinating patina.


Sculpture, Putto con uccello e fiore in mano - 26 cm - Bronze

All-round casting representing a putto with a bird in his hand in a flying position, in patinated bronze and dating back to the 19th century. The putto has a bird in his right hand and a flower in his left hand, he is depicted wearing a robe. The entire sculpture rests on a


Jules Moigniez (1835-1894) - Sculpture, Oiseau et lézard - 15 cm - Bronze

Jules Moigniez (1835-1894) bird and lizard. Bronze sculpture. Signed and with inscription (either a foundry mark or the title) Height 15 cm. Width: 10cm. Depth: 14cm. Weight: 1,150 kg. Jules Moigniez is a French animal sculptor, born May 28, 1835 in Senlis and died May 29, 1894


Sculpture, Musketier - 47 cm - Spelter

Selling a musketeer figure from around 1900. The marble base is damaged on one side. See image. The figure is in good condition.


Sculpture, Jongen met mandoline - 38 cm - Spelter

Early 20th century. Weight: 1500 grams. Shipping with Track and Trace


Bust, L’élégante à l’éventail - 19 cm - Bronze

Elegant with a fan. Bronze bust with brown patina on its onyx base. Superb details. Late 19th century


Sculpture, "Moriskentänzer", Oberammergau - 68 cm - Plaster, Wood

Period, 20th century. Generally in good condition with signs of use. For more details see photos.


Architectural ornament - 19th century - "Pair of wooden lions" - 19 cm

Pair of wooden lions. Estimated period: 19th century. Origin: Northern Italy. Dimensions: 19x15 cm Approx. They are in good general condition, considering the age, with normal and slight signs of aging. The decoration may be from a later period. Careful packaging and shipping via


Emile Guillemin (1841-1907) - Sculpture, Napoléon 1er - 23 cm - Patinated bronze

good condition


Coffee service (7) - Louis Philippe - Porcelain

EXCELLENT CONDITION for this 7 piece set: Teapot, Milk Jug, Sugar Bowl, Cup & Saucer. The Paris porcelain factory is decorated with fine gold and of remarkable quality! Sumptuous service!!


Bassorilievo ligneo - "Caccia al cervo" - Seconda metà del XIX secolo - 59 cm - Panel - Wood

Wooden bas-relief representing a deer hunting scene. Estimated period: second half of the 19th century. Origin: Northern Italy. Dimensions: 40x59 cm Approx. It is in good general condition, considering its age, with normal and slight signs of aging. Careful packaging and shipping


Étagère - Louis Philippe - Wood - 19th century

Very nice elegant antique tiered side table. As can be seen in the pictures, this is a very rare representative original tiered side table. The experts think this piece of furniture in Louis Philippe style is from ca. 1850 to 1890. You won't find a piece like this again so


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