Topèng mask - Hardwood - Bali, Indonesia

Topèng mask - Hardwood - Bali, Indonesia
2nd half 20th century - Kiváló

Balinese mask that has never been used, however, it was made to be used. The hair comes from the hair of the carver’s daughter. Women often have the long haired cut off after their marriage, after which it is used for - among other things - masks. The official name of this Balinese dance mask is "Patih Pangerancab" (1st minister). The previous owner, a man in Bali, had written the meaning for me on the inside of the mask: "Lucu Masuakat", which means something like "funny government person" (see photo) Both meanings are true. In Topeng dances, everyday reality is often portrayed in a funny way. And the mask is made to look funny: thick lips and a ferocious look. The mask will be packed with care and sent by registered mail.

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Topèng maszk
Bali, Indonézia
2nd half 20th century
Sold with stand
10×13×19 cm
153 g
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