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Lighting Auction (Lamps)

Are you fond of intricate lamp designs and decorative lighting? Browse through our beautiful lamps and lighting decor to brighten up your home. Our designer lamp and lighting decor auction includes stunning fixtures to fit any style or room in the house. Many of the objects are produced by independent brands and well-known designers, such as E.K. Cole, Venini Murano, Mario Marenco, and many more. Our listings include lights and appliances of many shapes, colours, sizes, and designs, made from many extravagant materials. Discover designs dating back to the 1930s for a vintage style or browse through present-day designs for a modern look. Looking to sell your designer lamps and appliances? Each of our auctions is supervised by our experts to provide an easier, more secure selling process. We also provide a description of each object and a series of images for a visual impression. Sign up now to buy or sell your favourite designer lamps or appliances! It’s secure, quick, and the listings are abundant!