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Unique whisky auction

The term ‘whisky’ derives originally from the Gaelic ‘uisge beatha’, meaning ‘water of life’. We’d have to agree.

Whisky connoisseurs need to look no further than our online whisky auctions for their next bottle of the water of life. Whether you’re looking for a whisky from a particular country or collecting bottles that have a vintage from the year you were born, you can find a tipple to suit you in our whisky auctions.

Discover so much more than your usual Scotches on our Catawiki auction pages. From unique, one-of-a-kind blends from Japan, to 30 year old extremely rare Islay malt whisky bottled before the turn of the millennium, you will surely find a bottle missing from your collection.

Are you a Collector or a Taster? 

There are a multitude of ways to appreciate and enjoy whisky. Initially, the enjoyment we get is purely visual; the design and details of the bottle draw us in, the label piques our interest and we notice the vintage, the year of bottling. The anticipation increases as we read how the whisky will taste. Then the bottle is opened, we inhale the aroma, and finally, savour the flavour.

Or for some, opening the bottle is never an option. For collectors, the thrill is in the hunt, searching out that missing bottle from their favourite distillery. Collectors the world over turn to our whisky auctions online to find that extra special addition to their collection.  

Whisky in auction

Looking for that elusive dram? Hunting that unique Yamazaki? Before booking a plane ticket, look at our online whisky auctions.

Building a collection requires significant commitment, and you want to be reassured that you are bidding on the real thing. Our trusted team of whisky experts oversee all our whisky auctions. Find the authentic peaty tones you crave, experiment with new and old favourites, and keep coming back to the bottles you love right here in our dedicated auctions.

In our online whisky auction, browse big name distillers and iconic creations. Hunt for cask-strength or enjoy a milder tipple. Explore a pungent Islay malt, indulge in a 21-year old Hibiki Suntory whisky from the founding house of Japanese whisky , or welcome a vintage 1950s WhiteHorse Cellar whisky to your collection. Whether you are buying to drink, or buying to collect, you can be sure to find the perfect bottle in our auctions.

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