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How shipping insurance works

Should you add shipping insurance?

Sellers are responsible for any missing or damaged packages. If you don’t use insurance and something happens to the package, the buyer will be refunded but you won’t be paid, as per our Terms of Use. To take the stress out of shipping, protect your object with shipping insurance. 

What are the benefits of shipping your order with insurance?

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your object is shipped with insurance.
  • If something happens to your object when it’s insured, you won’t have to cover any of the costs if it’s lost, damaged or stolen during shipping.

What shipping insurance options are available at Catawiki?

Manual shipping insurance

Manual shipping allows you to choose your preferred shipping company and insurance. You determine the price of shipping with your preferred company before sending the object and buy your own shipping labels. 

If you arrange shipping on your own, then check with your shipping company to find out what insurance they offer. 

Learn more about insurance with manual shipping.

Smart shipping insurance

Smart shipping makes shipping quick and easy. You get a pre-filled shipping label at a discounted price (up to 35% less than if you buy a shipping label yourself) and you have the option to add insurance while submitting your object or once your object is sold.

Smart shipping insurance provides you with reliable and stress-free insurance when shipping your order. Our independent partner XCover provides this insurance.

XCover’s digital claim process is simple and hassle-free with instant payment of approved claims. You just need to select the policy you wish to make a claim for, enter some info about your package and send your claim. Once your claim is approved and you’ve provided your details, you should be paid by XCover within a few days.  

Learn more about insurance with smart shipping.

Shipping and insurance best practices

To avoid shipping and payment delays, we recommend the following:

Carefully pack your object

To prevent damage during shipping, always carefully pack your object. Unfortunately if your object is lost or damaged during shipping, we can’t refund the cost of your object. Knowing that your object is shipped with insurance can give you peace of mind.

Double check your shipping company’s coverage

Most shipping companies offer shipping methods with insurance for an extra charge. If you’re using manual shipping it’s important to find insurance that covers your object type, destinations and the full value of your object.

Take pictures of how your object was packaged before shipping to the buyer

Most shipping and insurance companies will benefit from having more info about how you packaged your object for shipping to better assess your claim. Having pictures showing the conditions the object was shipped in can significantly impact the outcome of the investigation.

For more info on smart shipping insurance coverage check XCover’s help centre and the policy wording.

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