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China, Southern Song dynasty. Collection of 32 cash coins ND (960-1127)

The Southern Cashs(32 coins)

2 cash, yuan Feng 元豐通寶 折二大錢, 28.9mm 8.8g
Chong Ning Tongbao 崇寧通寶
1 cash, Zhen He Tong Bao 政和通寶, 24.5 mm 3.3g

Huang Song皇宋通寶, Jia you 嘉祐, Xiang Fu 祥符, Yuan You 元祐, Tian Xi 天禧, yuan Feng Tongbao 元豐通寶.


Country/province China, Southern Song dynasty
Denomination Collection of 32 cash coins
Year/Period and Variation ND (960-1127)
Condition Ungraded