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Don Lawrence - Originele gouache op board - Cover Trigië deel 9 - De strijd om de macht & The Trigan Empire coll. 5 - (1995)

Don Lawrence was born in the London suburb of East Sheen. He was the third child of Nellie and Herbert Lawrence. He had a two-year older sister, Pamela, and a four-year older brother, Raymond. After military service, he attended Borough Polytechnic art school, where he received a thorough education and also met his first wife, Julia Wilson. In the last year of his education, he met Don Doug Marler, an ex-student who drew comics for a small publishing house. After this meeting, Don Lawrence immediately knew what he wanted to be: a cartoonist. He left the academy without a degree and went to work at the Gower Street Studios. In 1954, Don Lawrence married Julia Wilson. They had five children. They divorced in 1978, after which Lawrence remarried Elisabeth Clunies-Ross in 1979. After college, Lawrence worked for Mick Anglo of the Gower Street Studios, drawing the science fiction comic Marvelman with Norman Light and Dennis Gifford. From 1954 to 1958, he signed Davy Crocket, Daniel Boone and was responsible for the spin-off Marvelman Family. Ted Holmes of Amalgamated Press was surprised at the progress of Don Lawrence's artwork and offered him a job. Lawrence mainly drew western comics for Amalgamated Press. His best-known series from that time is Wells Fargo. In the late 1950s, Don Lawrence is represented by the Temple Art Agency. As a result, he worked on various projects, such as Olac the Gladiator (the adventures of a gladiator in the Roman imperial period) and Halmar the son of the Sea Wolf (the adventures of a young Viking).

Trigia; In 1965 Don Lawrence received an offer from publishing house IPC to draw on Mike Butterworth's screenplays "The Rise and Fall of the Empire of Trigia". Trigia marked the great breakthrough for Don Lawrence. For ten years he drew the adventures of Trigo, Janno and Perik fairly anonymously. At a London comics fair in 1976, however, he found out that his work was world famous. Lawrence asked his publisher for a hefty raise. This led to a serious conflict after which he resigned. In total, Don Lawrence has drawn 46 episodes of the comic.

Storm; through his agency, Don Lawrence came into contact with the comics magazine Eppo. Together with Martin Lodewijk (known from Agent 327 and then editor of Eppo), Don Lawrence was allowed to set up a new science fiction series. The first attempt was rejected by the editors of Eppo, after which Martin Lodewijk and Don Lawrence got to work again. The result - with a script by Philip Dunn - was Storm, the first episode of which can be read in number 11 of Eppo from 1977. Don Lawrence has worked on Storm for over 25 years and has drawn a total of 22 parts. The rejected part was later added to the series as part 0 (the special "Commandant Grek"). For one story ("The slumbering death") he wrote the screenplay himself. Besides Martin Lodewijk and Philip Dunn, Dick Matena and Kelvin Gosnell have also written several volumes.

After the death of Don Lawrence, the series stopped, only to be revived in 2007 with Martin . again
Lodewijk as scriptwriter and Romano Molenaar and Jorg de Vos as draughtsmen. In the intervening period a new series was published: 'Chronicles of the meantime'. This series consists of three parts. Besides comics, Don Lawrence also made illustrations for various English and Dutch magazines, including Essef, Sjors, Eppo and Kijk.
In 1995, Don Lawrence lost sight in his right eye. Despite this, he continued to work on Storm, but after "The Armageddon Traveler" he retired. Don Lawrence died on December 29, 2003 of severe pneumonia.

At first, Don Lawrence, like most British cartoonists, drew straight lines in black and white. Later he also started drawing in half-tone (the addition of shades of gray). Much later he started working in color; with Trigia, his way of working would become his trademark. He painted the pages with gouache and water on thick illustration board, directly over the pencil drawing. Although this is a time-consuming process, he managed to produce two to three pages per week. With Storm, the layout of the pages slowly changed from the British style, with a large picture dominating the page, to the European style, where the page is more evenly structured.

This now offered lot is a museum masterpiece; this concerns a large (40.5 x 51 cm) gouache on board that Don Lawrence made in 1995 for the cover of volume 9 of Trigia; "The struggle for power" (see photo 5) This painting was also used for the cover of the 2008 edition of The Trigan Empire - The Collection 5 (see photo 6) The images of the publications are not included in this lot).

It is a beautiful cover painting on which everything that Trigia stands for; tension, action, captured in beautiful colors. The painting is completely authentic, has never seen daylight and is therefore 100% as Don Lawrence made it almost 30 years ago. Don Lawrence himself is also very satisfied with this cover painting. This can be read in the 1998 published De Werelden van Trigia (see photos 7, 8 and 9). work. He himself thought this was a very good cover drawing.

The beautiful painting will be well packaged and sent by registered mail.

Object Original artwork
No. of items 1
Language Dutch
Series Don Lawrence
Issue number - Originele gouache op board
Title Cover Trigië deel 9 - De strijd om de macht & The Trigan Empire coll. 5
Year oldest item 1995
Condition Very fine
Publisher Formaat: 40,5 x 51 cm. - gesigneerd rechtsonder
Artist Don Lawrence - Gepubliceerd Trigië deel 9
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