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Livonia, Order. Wennemar von Brüggenei (1389-1401). Artig no Date Reval - Two Varitiations

Livonian Order Wennemar von Brüggenei 1389-1401
Artig mint Reval ( two varieties)
Obv/ MAGISTRI · LIVONIE · Hollow cross in shield surrounded by legend with symbol at bottom.
Rev/ MONETA REVALIE Four sets of three dots around a cross, all surrounded by legend with symbol at bottom.
Reference: Haljak# 23.
Silver Size mm. 18 Weight g. 1,10 and mm. 17,5 and 1,06
Grade:almost Very Fine both -see picture details-
The coins are authentic

Country/province Livonia, Order
Ruler Wennemar von Brüggenei (1389-1401)
Denomination Artig no Date
Year/Period and Variation Reval - Two Varitiations
Precious metal Silver
Condition Ungraded