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Jack London -Illustrated by Philip R. Goodwin and Charles Livingstone Bull - The Call of the Wild - 1905

Book in fair condition. Some white spots to front and rear board. Spine-ends scuffed and frayed. Complete with the 18 full-page illustrations and head and tail-pieces. Free of names, inscriptions, or underlining. ¶ The Call of the Wild is a short adventure novel by Jack London,


M.B. Synge - A book of discovery, The History of the World's Exploration - 1912

I have here a book entitled A BOOK OF DISCOVERY The History of the World's Exploration, from the Earliest Times to the Finding of the South Pole by M B Synge. It is a first edition published in 1912 by T C & E C Jack. It has 9 full page colour plates and 16 b/w plates and 164


John Ireland - Hogarth Illustrated From the Original Pictures in the Shakespeare Gallery - 1791/1804

I have here for sale a 3-volume set entitled HOGARTH ILLUSTRATED From the Original Pictures in the Shakespeare Gallery by John Ireland, Vols I-III. It is a second edition, Vols I and II published in 1791 and Vol III in 1804 by J and J Boydell, London. It has a feature on Hogarth


Ovidius Nazo, P. - Herscheppinge, In Nederduitsch dicht vertaelt door J. V. Vondel. - 1703

Ovidius Nazo, P. - Herscheppinge, Translated into Dutch poetry by J. V[an]. Vondel. Enriched with the Historical, Moral and Statistical Notes of den Heere Pieter Du-Ryer, [..]. - “T’ Amsterdam, By P. and J. Blaeu, J. and G. Janssonius van Waesberge, Boom, and Goethals”, 1703. 2


Malraux / Moretti - De Gaulle avec photos et tracts. Signé pour Jean Nanterre compagnon de la libération - 1945

De Gaulle by Malraux Ill. Moretti. book club. 1980. Strong and beautiful volume in slipcase, bound in full skin illustrated with Croix de Lorraine, in 4° format excellently illustrated with 28 plates inset, including 20 in color by Raymond Moretti. Silver upper edge Numbered


Alberti L.B. - Della Architettura della Pittura e della Statua - 1782

Alberti Leon Battista. Of the Architecture of the Painting of the Statue. by Leonbatista Alberti. In Bologna - 1782 - Institute of Sciences (Petronio Dalla Volpe) (16), 341, (3)p. 69 c. of table ill. In large folio - 36 X 24.5 cm. “THE WORK OF THE HOMO UNIVERSALIS OF THE


Hesychius Alexandrinus / Joan Alberti - Hesychii Lexicon - 1746

Hesychii Lexicon, cum notis doctorum virorum integris, vel editis antehac, nunc auctis & emendatis, Hadr. Junii, Henr. Stephani, Jos. Scaligeri . etc., vel ineditis Henr. Valesii, Dan. Heinsii, Phil. Jac. Maussaci . etc., in primis Ludolphi Kusteri, Tiber. Hemsterhusii . etc.,


Pierre Champion / Guy Marchant - Le Compost et kalendrier des bergiers Reproduction en fac-simile de l'edition de 1493] - 1926

Beautiful copy of this facsimile reprint, on laid paper, of the work published by GUY MARCHANT, in Paris, in 1493. Edition of 300 copies. numbered (ex. no. 287). A work of astrology, "encyclopedia of simple people", ancestor of the Shepherds' Almanac, it explains "the way to


V. Vereshchagin, P. Hess, I. Pryanishnikov, G. Dou - Imperial Russia-Нашествiе Наполеона, Отечественная война 1812 г. - 1911

Album “Invasion of Napoleon. Patriotic War of 1812,” published in St. Petersburg in 1911, was published by a Russian historian, art critic, one of the first professional photographers in Russia - Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky, edited by I. N. Bozheryanov. The album contains


Sebastian Münster - "der Cosmography. Woman voz zeiten vnd iets zü unsern zeiten berg" - 1578

Step into the captivating world of "Cosmographia" through this exquisite antique woodcut engraving by Sebastian Münster. Originating from a work of immense significance, this woodcut is a testament to the enduring legacy of Münster's masterpiece. "Cosmographia" transcended


Verkade & Comp. - Plaatjes-Album - 1903

The very first Picture Album by Verkade, Series A-X, 1 picture is missing (series K no. 6 - Winterkoninkje). Condition: The binding is somewhat worn around the edges and somewhat broken off at the top and bottom of the spine. The book block and all pictures are in very good


Jaume Saint-Hilaire - Plantes de la France - 1822

PLANTES DE LA FRANCE, first edition MDCCCXXII (1822), by Jaume Saint-Hilaire, 112 stunning full page engravings, with antique binding in fine condition. This is the II Volume, COMPLETE FINE BOOK. French text and plant identification in Latin, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian and


Carlo Collodi / Attilio Mussino - Le Aventure di Pinocchio [cartonnage polychrome] - 1949

Very beautiful copy preserved in a splendid polychrome cardboard box from the publisher. Blue percaline, first board decorated with a polychrome composition depicting Pinocchio, gilded title on the back, publisher's mark in the center of the last board. Charming illustrated and


Pierre Arétin, Charles Bordes, Ronsard et anonyme - Sonnets Luxurieux. Petits contes phalliques, le canapé couleur de feu, Parapilla, Folastries.‎ - 1958

Collection of 5 licentious works, masterpieces of erotic literature, in a luxurious 20th century edition, illustrated and annotated by the publisher Jacques Haumont. Copies on pure rag vellum from Johannot stationers (N° 359 / 1500). Pretty unsigned erotic illustrations except


Génia Minache / Vatsyayana - Kama Soutra. 16 miniatures [Reliure en vélin ivoire peinte] - 1960

Exceptional painted binding, executed in ivory vellum, first cover decorated with a composition inspired by Indian miniatures, well executed, the spine with the title with golden letters, painted ornaments on the spine and second cover, gilded head. Contains a beautiful limited


Thomas Ingoldsby & Arthur Rackham - The Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth & Marvels - 1912

Beautiful and early edition with the beautiful illustrations by Rackham. This (3rd?) Edition contains 24 color illustrations mounted on thick paper, 12 toned illustrations and 66 b/w illustrations in the text. Collation: xx, 549 pp. Condition: Blue linen binding with


Diderot & d'Alembert - Encyclopédie. Recueil de Planches sur les Sciences, les Arts libréaux et les Arts méchaniques, etc. - 1763

DIDEROT, D’ALEMBERT. Collection of Plates on the Sciences, the Liberal Arts and the Mechanical Arts, with their explanation. Second Delivery, Part One. Paris, Briasson, David, Le Breton, Durand, 1763. First edition of the Encyclopedia. 1 folio volume. A total of 233 plates from


[Pierre Thomas Leclerc]; Abbé de Favre - Les quatre heures de la toilette des dames. Poème érotique dédié à la princesse de Lambelle - 1883

Very beautiful new edition in quarto format reproducing very high quality the figures of the Parisian original (1779). The collection is decorated with a frontispiece title, 4 free plates outside the text, 4 vignettes after Leclerc, engraved by Leroy, Arrivet, Patas, Le Grand,


Abraham Valentyn - Alle de Werken van P. Ovidius Naso - 1697

Abraham Valentyn - All the Works of P. Ovidius Naso. - Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier 1697 - first edition in this edition - 3 parts in 4 bindings (part 1, 2a, 2b, 3) - half-leather bindings; spines with gold print and title shields - 16 x 10 cm. Condition: beautiful / excellent! -


Erizzo Sebastiano - Discorso sopra le medaglie antiche - 1559

Erizzo Sebastiano. Speech by M. Sebastiano Erizzo on ancient medals. In Venice - 1559 - Valgrisiana workshop. (24), 469 p. Sign: a8b4 A-2F8 2G4. 17 x 11.5 cm. Roman, Greek italics. Rare EDITION PRINCEPS Valgrisi of one of the first numismatic treatises composed in the Italian


Boëtius à Bolswert - Pieux Desirs Imites - 1627

Pieux Desirs Imites Des latins du R.P. De la Compe. the Iesus Par P. I. Iurisc. Mis en lumiere pas Boëce a Bolswert. Originally published in 1627. Here in the Paris edition of Pierre Landry (1640-1701). Published in the second half of the 17th century. The booklet consists of a


Buffon - Oeuvres complètes de Buffon : Les oiseaux, les singes, les mammifères, la théorie de la terre .... - 1847

Complete collection of Buffon's works with 500 engravings (see photos). A total of 500 out-of-text engravings: engravings on birds + engravings on animals (monkeys, lions, dogs...etc), minerals and earth theory (see attached photos). Contemporary cardboard bindings, large


Johann Zeman & Dr. Ferd. Fischer - Dingler's polytechnisches journal : 6 volumes - 1878/1882

Johann Zeman & Dr. Ferd. Fischer - Dingler's polytechnisches journal : 6 volumes - Published between 1878:1882. - Marbled front and rear boards to each volume. - 248 total double-page plates highlighting the inner workings of various industrial machines used in the late 19th


Anoniem - [Nederlands] Manuscript sheet from a Book of Hours - 14th century - 1380

Original large manuscript - 14th century - parchment - 19 x 14 cm. Condition: although more than 600 years old, the condition is good, the parchment is still beautifully white. Elements that determine the value: rarity, quality, age and attractiveness... a masterpiece in any


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