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I've paid for my object. Why haven't I received it yet?
There are a number of reasons why your order could be taking some time to arrive. For example, if the seller lives in a different country to you, shipping might take longer. As soon as the seller ships the object, we’ll send you an email which you can use to track it. You can also track it in the order details. This will give you an idea of what stage of the shipping process it’s in and whether it’s been held up at a particular stage. You can also check the estimated shipping time in your object's order details to see when you can expect it to arrive.If you can’t find the tracking information or it’s taking longer than the estimated shipping time, reach out to the seller. We recommend contacting them in English or in their own language.You can find this information on the order page under 'My won lots'.If your object has not been delivered within 20 days of arranging shipping, let us know. That way, we can make sure your payment doesn’t go through to the seller until all issues are resolved.
Catawiki and Brexit: What you need to know
Selling and buying objects to or from the UK will be affected by changes related to the UK’s recent departure from the EU. Here you’ll find everything you need to be aware of. We’ll keep this page updated if legislation changes, so check back for the latest info. FAQI’m a buyer from the UK. Can I still invoke the right of withdrawal? No, purchases made after 1st January 2021 are not eligible for the EU’s right to withdrawal scheme. If the auction you purchased the object from ended prior to this date, you may still be eligible. You’ll also still be eligible for purchases made from UK-based professional sellers. As a professional seller, what happens with the right of withdrawal after Brexit? If you’re a professional seller in the UK, nothing changes. Buyers that live in the European Economic area (EEA) as well as the UK still have the right of withdrawal. If you’re a professional seller from outside the UK, buyers that live in the UK no longer have the right of withdrawal for objects they purchase from you. Shipping between UK and EUCustoms clearance is now required for all goods moving between the UK and the EU, including return shipments. The seller will need to declare the goods they’re sending by completing a commercial invoice. This can be found on the relevant shipping company website. As a seller, do I need an EORI number now?As of 1 January 2021, you’ll need an EU Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number if your business was established in the EU and  imports from or exports to the UK, when you file an export declaration, or a service provider/customs agent files the customs declaration on your behalf.An EORI number is not required if you use a logistics provider (i.e. shipping company) to handle customs declarations. EORI numbers are provided by national authorities (full contact list is available here). Is my personal data still safeguarded in transactions involving the UK?Yes, the current setup of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) still applies to UK sellers and buyers. No related changes are expected until at least 1st May 2021. If I’m based in the UK, can I still file a claim with the European Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)?No, buyers and sellers in the UK are no longer eligible for this service. Cultural heritage goodsIf you’re selling cultural heritage goods from the UK, you’ll now need a license. You can find more detailed information on what goods fall under this category here. There aren’t any licensing requirements for importing objects of cultural interest into the UK. However, if buyers are importing items from the EU to the UK or a country outside the EU, they’ll need to comply with the individual country’s export licensing requirements. More info about these rules can be found herePlant and animal specimens on the CITES list The UK implements the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the relevant regulations still apply.Buyers and sellers will need an import or export license for the UK, and sellers will need to file a customs declaration. Additionally, species covered by CITES can only enter and leave the EU through designated customs posts.Excise goods (e.g. mineral oils, alcohol and tobacco) New rules apply for the UK when importing or exporting excise goods.Import from UK to EUExcise goods are subject to excise duty and strict controls upon entry into the EU but also inside the UK (for Northern Ireland a separate arrangement is in place). This means that excise goods shipped from the UK to the EU and inside Great Britain will incur excise duty liability.Sellers will need to submit an electronic customs export declaration. A separate regime applies for exporting excise duty-suspended goods.Detailed info Export from EU to UK Sellers from the EU exporting to the UK must complete a customs declaration and use the relevant customs procedures when they arrive at the place they enter into the UK.Detailed info WineFor the import and export of wine to and from the UK please find detailed information here. VAT and customsThe new legislation on objects being sold and purchased between the UK and the EU is very complex and varies case by case.  Unfortunately we’re not able to give you any detailed advice that covers all situations, so we strongly recommend that you contact your local tax advisor for guidance. Please also check the HMRC website.EU seller and UK buyerIf an object meets the following criteria: sold after 1 January 2021 by a professional sellershipped from outside the UK (or from inside the UK by a non-UK seller)won by a buyer with a shipping address in the UKthe highest bid was below 135 GBP (excluding VAT, custom duties, shipping costs and commission) or the equivalent amount in Euros or USD. (Note: there is no limit on the highest bid for objects shipped within the UK by a non-UK seller)not considered excise goodsThe buyer doesn’t have to pay any additional VAT when they receive the object. For professional sellers, we will calculate and deduct the VAT from their payout or by sending them a direct payment request. We’ll then pay the amount due to the HMRC (UK tax authorities). For all other objects, buyers will be responsible for paying any applicable VAT and customs fees. The VAT and custom fees depend on the type and origin of goods and only apply if the intrinsic value is more than 135 GBP. In most cases, this will be charged by the shipping company to the buyer before they can receive the package. If you’re a seller from the EU, it’s important to make sure your UK buyers are aware of these additional costs. We recommend including a note about it in your object description.  UK seller and EU buyerIf an object is shipped from the UK to the EU, the EU buyer will be responsible for paying any applicable VAT and customs. The VAT and custom fees depend on type, origin, and value of the goods. In most cases, this will be charged by the shipping company to the buyer before they can receive the package. If you’re a seller from the UK, it’s important to make sure your EU buyers are aware of these additional costs. We recommend including a note about it in your object description. 
I have a question about the details of an object
Sellers are responsible for making sure that object descriptions are complete and have the correct information, always read through the description thoroughly if you are wondering about a specific aspect of the object. In case you're wondering, specifically, about some aspect of the shipping of the object, please also have a look through our Frequently Asked Questions on that subject.If you notice any essential missing information or have specific questions about the object you want to place a bid on, that have not been answered by the provided information, please contact us by clicking on the button below. Include your question and any relevant information in your message and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can. Given the global nature of our platform, and us or our sellers not being able to answer all questions directly, please be aware that we may not be able to provide an answer before the auction closes. In addition, our expert generally cannot answer any questions you might have in relation to the shipping of a specific object, please reach out of us here if you've got questions about shipping. The sooner you send in a message to us, the higher the chance is that we'll be able to answer you in time.
I want to cancel my purchase
Notice of withdrawalTo exercise the right of withdrawal, you must give notice of withdrawal within 14 days of receiving the Lot. To make this easier for you, you can send notice to the Seller via our Online Marketplace. To do so, fill in this withdrawal form.Confirmation of withdrawal requestOnce you’ve informed the Seller or us that you want to cancel your purchase, we’ll assess your request. Once we’ve approved your request, we’ll send you the Seller’s return address as soon as possible.If cancellation under the right of withdrawal is not possible, we’ll explain why the right of withdrawal is not applicable for that particular purchase.Right of Withdrawal PolicyThe purpose of our Right of Withdrawal Policy is to explain the right of withdrawal stipulated in the EU Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83/EU) (‘the Directive’). This policy forms an integral part of our Terms of Use. We’re providing this information on behalf of all professional Catawiki Sellers who use our platform to sell to Buyers living in the European Economic Area (EEA). The Directive gives Buyers the right to cancel and return any purchase bought from a Professional Seller (indicated by the ‘Pro’ icon next to their name on a lot page), as long as (i) the Buyer doesn’t purchase Lots professionally and (ii) the Buyer lives in a country within the EEA. The right of withdrawal gives eligible Buyers (‘Consumers’) a ‘cooling-off’ period of 14 days to decide whether they want to keep their purchase. Within the cooling-off period, a Consumer can cancel the purchase without giving a reason for the cancellation. However, we do recommend giving a reason. This gives us a chance to try and solve the problem or prevent the same problem from happening in the future. If you qualify as a Consumer under the Directive, the following is applicable to your purchases:The start of the 14-day cooling-off periodThe cooling-off period starts on the day after you receive the Lot or: If the Lot is delivered in more than one shipment or is composed of multiple parts, it will start on the day of the last shipment or the day the last part is delivered.For agreements about the regular delivery of Lots during a set term, it will start on the day you received the first Lot.You can also withdraw your purchase before receiving the Lot. Your obligations during the cooling-off periodDuring the cooling-off period, you need to handle the Lot and its packaging with care. You are allowed to evaluate the Lot in a way similar to how you would evaluate it in an offline store.Handling the Lot with care is very important, because the Seller can hold you liable for any decrease in value beyond what would be caused by this careful handling. Careful handling is defined as only handling the Lot in a way that is acceptable to establish the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the Lot. If the Seller claims your handling has decreased the value of the Lot, we will not mediate this claim. You’ll need to reach a solution directly with the Seller.Returning the LotThe Lot, including all related accessories that were delivered with it, must be returned to the Seller within 14 days of us approving your request. If possible, you should return the Lot in the original condition and packaging.If the Lot is not returned to the Seller within 14 days of us approving the withdrawal, your right of withdrawal is lost and the Seller will be paid.If the Lot is returned to the Seller within the 14 days and there are no issues relating to shipping or damage, you’ll be refunded the purchase price and the costs for delivery to you. If the Seller already received payment for that Lot, they will be obliged to reimburse you for the purchase price and the costs for delivery to you.Costs of return shippingIf you cancel and return a Lot under the right of withdrawal, you will bear the direct costs, risk, and burden of return shipping.We highly recommend packing the Lot properly and securely, and using insured shipping. This is because, if the Seller can show that the Lot is damaged or lost during return shipping, we are entitled to pay the Seller. If this happens, you will need to (i) contact the Seller directly to arrange any (partial) refund and/or (ii) contact the shipping company to claim damages.Excluded itemsThe following products and services that might be offered on our platform are excluded from the right of withdrawal, in accordance with the Directive. This list contains the most relevant products and/or services sold on Catawiki that are excluded by the Directive. You cannot withdraw from the purchase of:Products or services which have a price linked to fluctuations in the financial market, over which the Professional Seller has no control and which may occur within the withdrawal period. This includes, but is not limited to, certain gemstones and precious metals, and goods made out of them. For example, diamonds, jewellery made with value-determining diamonds, gold coins, and bullions.Products that are manufactured in accordance with your specifications, that are not prefabricated, and that are manufactured for a specific person.Products that decay quickly or have a limited shelf life. Contracts regarding leisure activities, provided the contract stipulates a specific date or period when the leisure activities need to take place.Service contracts regarding accommodation, provided that the contract stipulates a specific date or period for using the accommodation, and provided it is for uses other than residential purposes, the transport of goods, car leasing services, or catering.Sealed products that have had their seal broken and that can’t be sent back for health or hygiene reasons.Alcoholic beverages that have a value determined by fluctuations in the market over which the Professional Seller has no control, if the price was agreed when you entered into the contract of sale but the beverages can only be delivered to you after 30 days.Sealed audio recordings, video recordings, or computer software that have had their seal broken after delivery.Newspapers, journals, or magazines, with the exception of subscriptions to them.
I can't sign in. What should I do?
You can only sign in with an activated account. In order to activate your account, you will need to click on the link in the confirmation email you received from us when signing up. Please consider that your password is case sensitive. Make sure CAPS LOCK on your keyboard is turned off.
What should I do if the seller isn’t responding to my messages?
In our experience, most sellers respond within 48 hours. Since we have sellers from all over the world, it might take some time for the seller to get back to you. If after reaching out to the seller your question still hasn't been answered, please contact us by clicking on the button below. Include your question and any relevant information in your message and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can.
What should I do if my object has been delivered and does not conform to its description?
If your object has been delivered, but unfortunately does not conform to its description, or you believe that it is fake, we advise you to contact the seller directly to share your concerns with them in an effort to come to a mutual solution. In said message to the seller, please attach pictures of the object you received to support you in explaining your concerns.If the matter is not solved through direct contact with the seller, please make sure to inform us within 3 days after delivery was made (the exact date will be recorded through Track & Trace). Please be aware that once this 3 day period has expired, your payment will be released to the seller and we can no longer open a claim on your behalf or guarantee a refund. When contacting us on this topic, please include:- At least 3 photos of the object in the state you received it- At least 2 photos of the package (where the label is clearly visible)- A detailed description of the object in the state you received it, highlighting the main differences compared to the seller's description of itPlease note: If you believe that the object is fake, please send us the photos as requested above as well as a copy of all supporting documents that would support the object not being authentic.