Original PIRELLI Calendar - Numbered 3214 and 5805 - Pirelli - 1992-1993

Original PIRELLI Calendar - Numbered 3214 and 5805 - Pirelli - 1992-1993
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Pair of Pirelli calendars, years:
- 1992 art director Martyn Walsh was looking for a sensual interpretation of the twelve animals that inhabit the centenary Chinese horoscope.
Walsh had the idea after a meeting with Barry Fantoni, editor of the satirical magazine Private Eye. Clive Arrowsmith, who had already shot the photos for the edition of 1991, was chosen again as photographer.
The fact that Arrowsmith studied at Maha Janic’s school of Tibetan Buddhism and was the official photographer of the Dalai Lama made him the ideal candidate for the project.
The choice of models is particularly difficult because they must have a dance experience, have a good sense of movement, as well as a strong personality and imagination necessary to interpret different animals. Walsh entrusts the task of finding models with these characteristics to Jane Myerson, who starts the selection with 2000 models, then reduced to 100, among which Walsh and Arrowsmith make the final choice after seven weeks of studies and interviews. The chosen models were the American Julienne Davis, Judy Taylor, and the girl who had already posed for the cover of the 1991 Edition, Alison Fitzpatrick. The location is the hunting reserve near Almeria, in the arid mountains of Sierra Nevada in southern Spain, where Sergio Leone had filmed some of his Spaghetti Western. For the costumes, which should be a sensual version of those of the Beijing Opera, Walsh calls Robert Allsopp, the costume designer at the Royal Ballet in London. Allsopp creates complicated fibreglass masks, each of which takes ten days of work, and prepares decorative banners on which the horoscope animals are painted, to be used as accessories for the scenes. The photo shoot took twenty days, with ten thousand shots produced, of which the twelve most sensual and evocative are selected. Behind each image Fantoni wrote a caption that explains the meaning of the animal-sign of the horoscope, and added a list of famous people who belonged to that sign.

The calendar shows a sign on the cover (please see photos) and the absence of days of the year.

- 1993 John Claridge in the Seychelles. This edition celebrates the 30th birthday of the Pirelli Calendar. Art director Martyn Walsh wants a calendar that commemorates the first editions - beautiful women photographed in idyllic settings - but at the same time modern, fresh, exciting. Walsh also wants to be sure that the Pirelli tyre tread, which has become an integral part of the Calendar for all the time he was its art director, is present in the photos. And once again, it is a certain idea of style that gives meaning to everything that is designed. To ensure the ‘style’ different Italian designers are considered, but in the end the English Bruce Oldfield is chosen to design the swimsuits for the photos of the Calendar. The peculiarity of costumes is that the tread pattern of the tyres is no longer an external element but rather an intrinsic element of the clothing. White is the only colour used. Walsh also wanted a photographer who could capture the idea of style on film, without transforming the final images into the usual photos of a fashion show. So they called John Claridge, an English photographer who had worked for the main European fashion magazines but also published photos in art magazines, and therefore he was the ideal candidate to produce the subtle blend of style, art and nostalgic memories of past calendars Walsh was looking for. Choosing the models to achieve this perfect blend was also a rather difficult task. They needed models who had defined facial features, smoothness and subtle curves of the fashion world but still as sexy and sensual as the models of the first calendars. Walsh’s final choice was for just three: Christina Estrada, Barbara Moors and Claudie. The Seychelles were once again, as in 1974, the ideal location for the photo shoot.

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Original PIRELLI Calendar - Numbered 3214 and 5805
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