Gepolijste TEKTITE armband. METEORITE Impact. - 29 g

Gepolijste TEKTITE armband. METEORITE Impact. - 29 g
Azië, China

Tektites (from Greek tektos, molten) are natural glass objects that have been formed by the impact of large meteorites on the Earth’s surface. Tektites are the driest minerals known, with an average in water content of 0.005% This is very rare, since most of the craters where the tektites were formed were underwater before the impact. Also, partially melted Zircon has been found inside some of the tektites. This, added to the water content, suggests that the tektites were formed under very high temperature and pressure conditions (similar to those necessary to form diamonds).

Bracelet made by hand with small polished textures. Adjustable size.

As members of the IMCA (International Meteorites Collectors Association), we guarantee the authenticity of all our pieces.

Greetings and good luck!

Adrián Contreras Gómez. IMCA #7412
CRATER Meteorites.

Belangrijkste mineraal / Naam meteoriet
Gepolijste TEKTITE armband.
Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
29 g
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