Samplerman - Breakup

Samplerman - Breakup
Zeefdruk/serigrafie - Handgesigneerd, Postzegel van de uitgever - 50 - 2019

Samplerman (Yvan Guillo)
“Beakup,” 2019

Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm
Technique: Silkscreen printing
Signature: Publisher’s stamp
Number of copies published: 50 copies
In very good condition
Sold without a frame

Active in alternative publishing since the 1990s, Yvan Guillo has since become Samplerman. Using digital tools like others use scissors and glue, he creates comics from 1950s comics. His strange images earned him a prize from the École européenne supérieure de l'image, which offered him an exhibition for the occasion.

Although he now favours digital tools, Yvan Guillo - Samplerman's real name, who also signs Yvang - started out with "traditional" drawing. He participated in various fanzines in the 1990s and 2000s: La Monstrueuse, Hôpital Brut, Jade... He also founded his own publication in 1992, entitled ‘Crachoir,’ and it was in the magazine ‘Gorgonzola,’ published by ‘L'Égouttoir,’ that he published his first montage. Albert the Foot Thumb is his hero, rather different from those he now duplicates.

In the early 2010s, Yvan Guillo embarked on a project that would finally keep him busy for a long time. He continues to do this: reinventing comics from old, classic and iconic material. Drawing cheerfully from the mainstream American comics of the 1950s, a large part of which is free of rights, he takes samples - the famous samples - which he reuses for his own creations.

Cutting, copying, multiplying and pasting raw images of pop culture is nothing new. Samplerman is certainly a continuator of pop art artists, but his playground remains exclusively comics, or almost since he does not disdain video. From one comic book to another: the process is complex, but the aesthetic coherence is unmistakable.

Samplerman plays with the codes of his medium. Repetition of motifs, mirror effects, classical compositions or exploded plates, integration of bubbles and onomatopoeia, archetypal characters manhandled, work on rhythm... He assembles all the previously recorded elements to build pseudo-narratives as abstruse as their ancestors were predictable. The absence of linear narration paradoxically makes his works very accessible. No need to decipher, decipher or translate: any reader can let his gaze wander and his mind twist.

The comic scans gradually fade away, giving way to an atypical work, a kind of meta-comic that hides its true identity behind a series of masks. As if comics were ultimately a virtual art form. Only printing gives the image a materiality: from the image bank to editing and distribution, everything in Samplerman's work is digital.

Very nice engraving of a major artist of the avant-garde comic strip! A work that goes beyond pop art to join the Dada spirit, the fusion of Marcel Duchamp and Tristan Tzara with Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein!

Titel van kunstwerk
Handgesigneerd, Postzegel van de uitgever
Zo goed als nieuw
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100×70×0,1 cm
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