Cristina Messora - Entrando nell'ultima stanza

Cristina Messora - Entrando nell'ultima stanza
olieverf op gegraveerd papier - gemengde techniek en collage - Handgesigneerd - 2021

The work is provided of certificate of authenticity with artist's signature on photo.
The work is shipped mounted on ppt with cardboard on the back as closing, wrapped in protective cellophane.

Cristina Messora lives and carries out her activity in Ancona. She was born in Modena
in 1965 where she obtained the diploma of Fashion Designer and Designer.
After a work experience in the fashion industry, she enrolled at
the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, attending the Decoration course.
She then embarks on a research path where she experiments with different languages:
from the engraving with marked etching plates to the tactile use of
industrial amalgams and glass, without abandoning the representation of
the landscape of an impressionist nature. She then discovers the beauty and charm of
oil color on engraved paper, developing a personal technique that
allows her to express human interiority with abstract lyrical
forms. She has exhibited in numerous public and private spaces in Italy and abroad.

“Entrando nell’ultima stanza”

“Entrando nell’ultima stanza” is a metaphor for an inner space of
deep lightness in which you enter not by chance but by preparing yourself to
savour that part of you that knows no obstacles of the mind.
“L’ultima stanza” is such that it is only reached after attempting to
countless strategies, even if there are no boundaries there and you are open-air.

Cristina Messora
Titel van kunstwerk
Entrando nell'ultima stanza
olieverf op gegraveerd papier - gemengde techniek en collage
In uitstekende staat
Totale afmetingen
50×0,1×50 cm
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