Rond bas-reliëf "Madonna met Kind" - 37 cm - Brons, Hout - Begin 20e eeuw

Rond bas-reliëf "Madonna met Kind" - 37 cm - Brons, Hout - Begin 20e eeuw

The oldest models of the iconography of the Mother with her young child in her arms date back to prehistoric civilizations, such as the Nuragic one (Sardinia), but they became common in the Roman world, mainly in the form of votive statuettes, and had to serve as an example for the first Alexandrian and Byzantine artists who created the new Christian iconography.

Our Lady represented the Church, and Jesus, dressed as a small ancient philosopher, was its founder. The various relationships between mother and son were therefore not meant to represent a realistic scene, but a symbolic one.

This round bas-relief, of excellent sculptural workmanship, is a great example of such representations. In excellent condition.

Large-sized piece, diameter 37 cm.

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Rond bas-reliëf "Madonna met Kind" - 37 cm
Brons, Hout
Geschatte periode
Begin 20e eeuw
Land van herkomst
In goede staat - gebruikt met geringe sporen van ouderdom.
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