UTOPIA - Girl with balloons ops!!! bubbles

UTOPIA - Girl with balloons ops!!! bubbles
Technika mieszana - z odręcznym podpisem - 1 - 2020

My version of the famous artworks of BANKSY, GIRL WITH BALLOONS ....ops!!!!! BUBBLES ....
Special serie rereading of great artists that I admire and who inspire me.....
..art in canvas artwork collection

" Important -sold with frame 2 canvas size 54 x 44,5 cm, canvas together 108 x 44,5 cm "

Special Serie rereading of great artist.
Utopia x Banksy
- Girl with Balloons ops!!! Bubbles -

- With certificate of authenticity
- Original Graffiti artwork made with spray cans, mixed media and a secret element on cotton.
- MASK and GLOVES are used during all painting and shipping process.
- This is NOT a print, it is one time created original work of art, started from a blank canvas
- Sent BOX.
- FAST and safe shipping by DHL EXPRESS
- Genuine article edition of one

Each artwork by the artist are all unique.
The with great recognition of the streets for the galleries and diverse collectors around the world, with traits and unique expressions his characters gain prominence by the look and style, in this art the artist brings his art from the street walls and sculptures to the canvas with a mixture of spray and acrylic paint.
The work as its own textures, drips, pulverized effects, so that can be special and unique each time is made.
Each painting is hand signed on the front and back along with the date by the artist.

Sorry for the quality of the photos much more beautiful work in real life with all the nuance of colors.

"With a unique and original work the artist
Oliveiros Junior aka Utopia was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, self-taught. Starting graffiti in 1996 at age 13 through the hip hop movement, pichação and graffiti SP.
His work gained recognition outside Brazil in 2008, he was invited to a street art festival in Europe.
Lisbon where he currently lives his works in murals all over and develops his creativity and art in his studio.
Participating in various art festivals, exhibitions and events.
His art is appreciated by collectors, galleries as an original style and investment , for children and adults with delicate, harmonious art and love.
His artwork can be found in several countries of Europe, North America, South America and Asia,
He is an visual artist, besides spray and paint he works with a lot of materials such as tiles, glass, mirrors, wood, mosaic and others "

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Tytuł dzieła
Girl with balloons ops!!! bubbles
Technika mieszana
z odręcznym podpisem
Całkowite wymiary
108×4×44.5 cm
1 kg
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