100% len ręcznie haftowany obrus - 265 x 180 cm - Len - połowa XX wieku

100% len ręcznie haftowany obrus - 265 x 180 cm - Len - połowa XX wieku

12-seater rectangular tablecloth from the 1950s. Hand-embroidered with cordonnet processing and satin stitch. 100% raw natural linen with crochet edge.
This amazing tablecloth was exceptionally made with twisted thread embroideries and dense thread embroidery. A harmonious piece of excellent taste. A truly unique frame embroidery
Made with the best linen of the time.
Dimensions: 265 x 180 cm, with 12 napkins 40x40 cm.

The tablecloth may have slight yellowing marks, which are completely natural
This is a vintage piece, as such it is recommended to clean and wash it, in order to remove any odours or stains. Needless to say, the cleaning of the item is the responsibility of the buyer.
The item might show some signs of oxidation, dust, mending or old rips.

Linen is the oldest and most fascinating fibre, it was widely grown by Egyptians, Babylonians, Phoenicians and other peoples of the Middle East. The production, processing and use of linen are widely documented in tombs, pyramids, and other Egyptian monuments. White linen was a symbol of divine purity. To this day, the techniques of growing, harvesting and processing are still the subject of a continuous evolution that makes linen a modern and unique fabric.

Linen is grown both to harvest seeds and to produce a very precious, soft, flexible and strong fibre. Since it is a natural fibre, it has hypoallergenic characteristics and promotes the well-being of the body. Its main features are its softness, the immediate absorption and evaporation of liquids, as well as the fast elimination of heat and moisture.

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100% len ręcznie haftowany obrus - 265 x 180 cm
Szacowany okres
połowa XX wieku
Kraj pochodzenia
Jak nowy - nieużywany
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