Diamond - 0.38 ct - sercowy - Fancy Yellow , Even. GIA - SI1 (z nieznacznymi inkluzjami)

Diamond - 0.38 ct - sercowy - Fancy Yellow , Even. GIA - SI1 (z nieznacznymi inkluzjami)

Diamond comes With GIA Certificate , Unsealed

100% Natural Earth Mined Diamond .

Certificate number : 6177094355

Diamond Report

Shape and Cutting Style : Modified Heart Brilliant

Measurements : 4.67 x 4.51 x 2.41 mm

Grading Results - GIA

Carat Weight : 0.38 carat

Color Grade: Natural , Fancy Yellow , Even

Clarity Grade : SI1

Cut Grade :

Additional Grading Characteristics:

Polish : Very Good

Symmetry: Good

Girdle :

Fluorescence : Strong Blue

For more information see certificate.

**Import duties and taxes are not included in the item price.
The ​Import process is very ​simple as ​the shipping company does the entire import procedure​.
All the customer has to do is pay the VAT and customs clearance.​

In Hong Kong and the USA the VAT is 0%.

* China and Russian buyers : Please do not bid, we can not ship diamonds to your country.

*Privet buyers from Belgium : Please do not bid, Only diamond company's can buy diamonds outside from Belgium.

***** France Buyers: Please note the increased cost for shipments to France. This cost includes the handling, delivery and broker fee which is required for importing diamonds to France. This is a specialized service provided by D2D VAL Express. This fee covers all costs except any applicable Import VAT.

* if winning bidder decides to cancel / withdraw they will bear risk , cost of all shipping and return import duties of seller.

Diamond #: Sasi-36

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Masa całkowita w karatach
Kształt/ szlif
Biały kolor
Fancy Yellow , Even. GIA
SI1 (z nieznacznymi inkluzjami)
Natural (untreated)
Grawerowane laserem
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