Dutch Language Comics Auction (Series)

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Dutch Language Comics Auction

Do you own an impressive collection of comics? Do you enjoy reading many comics, or a select series? At Catawiki’s Dutch Comics auction, an array of collectable comics and related objects are listed online. Among the many well-known comics of Belgium and the Netherlands, such as Nero, Tintin, Storm and more. There are also many other fascinating novelty objects available. These select comic books come in all sizes and prints, occasionally as a collector’s item or limited edition of the late 19th century. Original prints and copies are listed with a variety of conditions, depending on their edition and status. Browse through the beautiful works of Willy Vandersteen, André Franquin and other distinguished NL cartoonists. Are you looking to sell your NL comics online? Our selling platform allows you to sell comics and collectables as individual sets or bundled series. Register on our website now and start conveniently cruising through our lots. Signing up is simple, secure and makes it easy to browse through our website.