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Japanese Art Auction

Are you looking for special Japanese antiques to add tranquillity to your home? Are you a Japanese enthusiast or antiques collector? Catawiki’s Japanese Art auction provides a great selection of objects for all of the above. Many beautiful designs are listed at our auction, including plates, vases, and statues that are made of beautiful assorted materials. Each antique design is of Japanese descent, dating back as far as the 18th century. Our listings also include books of Japanese artifacts and other historical documentation on tradition and culture of Japan. Each listing is posted with a description and images of the object. Looking to sell Japanese items from your collection? At Catawiki, our experts supervise each listing for a safe and easy selling experience. Can’t wait to find the perfect Japanese centrepiece for your living room? Create an account with Catawiki today to easily browse through our listings and place your bids.